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5x healer in HeroesLounge Division S

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - 5x healer in HeroesLounge Division S


A funny composition appeared in Jhow's stream of HeroesLounge Division S NA qualifiers (time 1h 53m) (Looking For Work vs Revive):

  • Uther Ana Tyrande Brightwing Rehgar vs Maiev Raynor Diablo Lili Malthael

5x healer certainly isn't a good composition, but it has unusual strengths so not everyone plays against it correctly. The red team had a lot of trouble against that joke comp.

  • 5x healer can be decent at teamfighting on the objective; even if their damage is low they might outlast a normal team. But they're never good at pushing down structures and capturing bosses, so you should put higher priority on doing that yourself. Go ahead and attack their towers or invade camps in a way that would be risky against a regular team, because the healer squad doesn't have enough damage to punish you.
  • Taking 5 healers for yourself and banning a few can help you starve the opponents of that role.
  • Since 5 healers have low damage, classic tanks are less valuable for their opponents.
  • Ana's anti-healing grenade lets her counter 5x healers, which is why it was important she was picked early.
  • The enemy tried Malthael as last pick, maybe hoping his anti-healing could counter them. But that's often a trap; only pick anti-healing if the hero was good otherwise. Malthael's damage was too slow and spread-out to threaten 5 healers, and they'd stay above the 33% threshold for ult.
  • A better tool to counter multi-healer teams is an uncapped damage quest for hitting heroes. That's mainly available on Zuljin, Sylvanas, or Raynor, although Falstad, Arthas, and Muradin have something too. Azmodan and Kelthuzad are similar. Because the enemy has lots of total health but little threat, you'll be able to stack faster and higher than normally possible. You'll be weaker early game, but eventually earn enough DPS to overwhelm their combined healing. (And their low structure DPS means little risk they'll win before lategame)
  • Unfortunately, Raynor went for the normal Ace talent instead of the damage quest. (Notice that Ace also doesn't help fight Triglavs or structures)
  • Another good counter for 5 healer is a kidnapper like Stitches- pull anyone far away and he'll die outside of the group's healing range.
  • In 5x healer, Tyrande wants to use Darnassian Archery at 16 to allow her team to solidly win teamfights. The longer she attacks heroes, the higher her DPS goes. Even if the healer team couldn't get kills before, they can now. Once Tyrande has that talent, she becomes the priority for other healers to keep alive. So it's reasonable for Tyrande to take Mark Of Mending at 1, as the normal Chosen talent doesn't protect herself.
  • To counter Tyrande Darnassian, it helps to have a summoning hero, as Tyrande can't fight the summoned creature without losing her bonus. Raynor's raider does a bit of that. (Less-skilled players will accidently attack the creature, which wasn't a factor at this level)

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