Heroes of the Storm

A Guide for Ranked games HL and TL for new players or people trying to climb rankings.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - A Guide for Ranked games HL and TL for new players or people trying to climb rankings.

Don't have the confidence feel you don't have the knowledge to queue ranked?

Recently I have seen a few posts about this question so thought I would address it before getting into actual guide. If you have always been an AI player or QM player and want to start playing ranked but don't because you feel you will let team down/play bad as you don't know what to do well don't. If you are new your MMR will be low you will be facing potentially other new players + people who have been at that rank since their placements. Even if you play bad or need to learn don't let that sole fact stop you from playing you will still be more useful than trolls or toxic people so that is a bonus. The game is also quite badly affected by queue times right now and ranks are somewhat skewed so you queuing will actually help 🙂

I have over 15,000 games but I am still the rank almost where I started?

Recently while playing in low level games when viewing profiles I have seen players with thousands of games in 1 case 16,000 and low win rates 50% or sub 50%. These players are usually first to blame and first to make mistakes or throw games. They seem to never take advice ping the map a lot with absurd calls and never listen. If you have these many games and haven't progressed you are the PROBLEM not your team. You need to learn to take advice from better players or don't complain/talk in draft at all. So many times you see a legit 80% GM/Master Smurf asking for his main hero if he thinks its good in low level for a win and a 15,000 game player will be toxic and steal it/take the spot. In game it also translates to the timeless classic of "your dps is bad you are not smurf" while playing a finisher hero/non sustained dps hero. Or the other if you go to soak a lane at the correct time and they flame saying why you not come noob whatever. Just take advice where you can and when you can it will help you improve you think a boss call at 7 minutes is the right call and one player types "no don't boss early is weak and not worth it lets soak all lanes" you ignore go boss and all die, followed by "GG noob nice help".

General tips for Ranked and how to improve/use them?

So many low level games even up till diamond I have seen a severe lack of game knowledge and general idea of what win conditions are. All be it people advise against 1 tricking heroes which I also agree with but its also wrong in some occasions. If you are a QM player or AI and you have hundreds of games on a hero you feel you have mastered then play that in ranked one tricking a hero you can carry games in is worse than taking a team pick you can't play at all. For example: The enemy team has drafted Garrosh, KaelThas, Valla, Leoric, Morales. The map is BOE. Your team has so far drafted Muradin, Cassia, Lili, Imperius. Your team has a Main Tank a Solo lane and a DPS with a Blind and a Support with a Blind. You don't have a mage and you don't have a more reliable DPS racer for Immortal such as Raynor. You have 500 Jaina games but 10 Raynor games. Take the Jaina you still have somewhat decent immortal damage and you have wave clear for Merc Camps before immortal spawn.

Some important fast points for ranked.

  1. SOAKING/WAVECLEAR/ROTATIONS Draft at least 1 waveclear mage. So many games of low level are just brawl mid or brawl everywhere. The amount of games you enter and people don't know the default setup for maps is astonishing even worse is that people do not know what 'rotating as 4 is at all'. My games at low level started by gl hf followed by for example sky temple. Sonya solo top lane the 4 man (Muradin, Jaina, Raynor, Tyrande) rotate mid and bot lane collecting globes for jaina quest and the lane soak. We have more waveclear so if we rotate and don't fight they will lose waves because they are clearing slower vs stacking heroes you don't want to stack early. The game starts and they clear 1 wave mid and from then on are engaged in an eternal slug fest leaving me to soak bot. They die mid we lose EXP from deaths and soak game starts spiraling. I sensitively explain soaking they type ok they begin rotating as 4 we gain some EXP from missed waves from enemy back and we even catch 1-2 players not looking at the MAP game is saved somewhat.
  2. WATCHING THE MAP KNOWING WHERE TO BE Its Cursed Hollow both teams have taken Siege giants correctly before first tribute. You are bot lane soaking and your team ping tribute which is top side of map you are playing Falstad/Dehaka. You see enemy solo lane Sonya clearing the giants. You don't know to take a fast 5v4 or clear enemy giants bot lane first. If the levels are even and you believe your team has a strong 4 man team clear the giants fast and watch the map the minute Sonya leaves lane you fly to tribute. If your team is smart they will not engage in a 4v4 and wait for your global as you should be faster than sonya who has to walk from top lane. Other examples include when your team is dead you are just 1-2 players enemies show on map for boss play. Do you try to defend boss? NO go to furthest lane for boss maybe push a keep if its late game or double soak if can be done safely or take mercs in opposite lane from boss that they may respond to instead of pushing with boss. Dieing late game is bad and staggering is even worse you will not stop a boss alone or 2v5 its very unlikely don't just go in to die. EDIT: Also see lots of people taking Siege giants pre 4 and pre first temples on Sky Temple which takes 2 people and absurdly long time instead of waiting for lvl 4 and getting it solo in half the time.
  3. UNDERSTANDING WIN CONDITIONS MAP CONTROL AND MACRO PLAY I explained this briefly already but if you are playing Tomb of the Spider Queen for example and you successfully secure WEEB WEAVERS don't focus bot lane. You generally want to focus top lane as that is the boss lane and any structures you remove top lane increases your win condition of a boss game ending core kill. The first WEEB WEAVERS its generally 4 top solo laner bot then he rotates top while they defend mid/bot ideally. Other maps such as Alterac valley if you secure first cavalry don't all stack 1 lane as 5. Split 3 mid 1 top 1 bot. That way early game you are soaking 3 lanes getting an EXP lane while enemies have to make a fast decision on how to defend this can relate into misplays and kills leading to more forts than normal. Only late game you stack 1 lane.

I could go into more detail but the guide is kinda long. This is the most important points I could think of from what I have seen in games at low level recently Silver-Diamond. Diamond is not high level for those who think it is. Feel free to ask advice if you are new to ranked in comments. For information I'm a GM player HL TL main Jaina and DPS but play all but support. I sit at around 75% win rate HL/TL or more with in total around 2K games played in RANKED all SEASONS playing 1 year and a few months some minor prior MOBA experience in LoL nothing great. I always shot call in HL or TL to help team be cohesive and efficient. Generally fast to learn and get good at other games high ranked in several.

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