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A guide to play against Murky

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - A guide to play against Murky

After doing a poll yesterday that showed a fair bit of interest, I have decided to go ahead and make a short guide detailing some tips and tricks to play against a high level Murky in various stages of the game. Obviously this isn't a catch all but more of a "things to help swing the tide" guide. Lets begin!

Level 1-4 – I would say in nearly every game you play against Murkys you'll be seeing Bribe at level 1. Since this is pretty standard, from 1-4 make sure someone is IMMEDIATELY in Murkys lane keeping tabs on him. He is 100% reliant on getting a few seconds of room early to grab some quick bribe stacks and potentially proxy your waves and 1-2 early bribe stacks can be killer early. This is NOT the time to play for kills, get your solo laner in the lane and play smart!

Level 4-10 – Be VERY wary of what Murky takes at level 4 as it very heavily shapes a lot of the playstyle from 4-20. Not often you will see Living the dream here anymore, but it can be a strong sign of March at 10.

Tufferfish at 4 locks Murky into the pufferfish build in most circumstances. If you haven't already, get an AA in Murky's lane as the 50 bonus spell armor to Pufferfish can be tough to deal with. This also means at 16 Murky will likely take Fish Oil, which casts a slime on the puffer Location. This allows Murky to open with Slime > Puffer with Slime > Octo > Slime. This combo will kill pretty much anything in the game if they are caught alone.

Slime Time at 4 means Murky is committing to a slime heavy build, likely taking AA slime at 16 and Slime CD at 20. This build is a bit less burst oriented in the Octo combo pre 20, but allows Murky to be a more threatening force in the midgame. This talent also means Murky will start caring a lot less about bribe stacks for a while and focus on being in your face stacking slimes. If you notice a Murky with Slime Time in your face going deep into towers to grab stacks, get a ranged carry there ASAP to get some distance.

The level 7 talents are all very viable, however Slime Murky will likely grab slime radius to make the stacking faster. Nothing much to add here as Murky doesn't get much here to get advantage. Depending on the Map, Murky will likely be nowhere near objective here or anytime from 1-10. It is VERY important you keep a body on Murky at all times. Thing's can get really out of hand here and Murky can rack up bribe stacks at a foolish pace. Early objectives are NOT worth leaving a Murky. Ever. EVER. EVER. A Murky left in a lane can take a keep wall 5 minutes into the game. Don't let this happen.

Level 10 – I am not even going to try to expand on March as I never take this talent. It has uses but I always find the CD to be too long. As for Octograb, it pretty much speaks for itself. 3 Second stun where Murky in Unstoppable. Its painful, but someone needs to be very aware of the CD of Octo at all times. This is a 45 second delete button in the right hands in most situations. There is always going to be a puffer under the Octo, so you need to make sure the Puffer and Murky die in this 3 seconds. Octo has the bitter downside of Murky not being able to bubble, so he should never get away if this happens in a team fight scenario. After 10, a very bulky body needs to be in lane against Murky so that the Octo combo can't be effective. Murky 1v1 against most Lower health assassins post-10 is exactly what Murky wants. At this point, if you are facing a slime Murky, try to stall out his stacks as long as possible. Murky only cares for 10/20 stacks for the bonus damage, as 20/20 only adds a bit of extra slow that Murky really doesn't need normally.


Level 13 – You are only going to really see Bubble Heal or Damage Healing here. A bubble heal Murky is VERY deadly in the solo lane, which a Fish Tank Murky is very deadly in the team fight.

Level 16 – It is very important to note the state of the game at level 16. If you are going to be the first to 16, press your advantage through the midgame. If you are trailing going into 16, you need to focus on playing catch up ASAP. a first to 20 Murky is all but a win condition in most games as it is very difficult to deal with the harassment and damage Murky brings at 20. While I explained the 16 talents a bit above, I will note that a Slime Murky at 16 is going to change things up a bit, focusing very heavily on 1 target, weaving auto attacks for extra slows and slime stacks on 1 target. If you see a Murky getting deep into the backline, start focusing Murky down on CD. You want to keep him away from the teamfight at 16 onwards. While Murky can setup a lot for his teammates with slows and Octo, he is a serious DPS threat after 16 and especially 20.

Level 20 – Lets hope you aren't reading this. Murky at level 20 gets a more substantial buff than most heroes and gets really out of control. Big Tuna means you now have a full hero on your hands. You will definitely see this more on builds not based around slime. Big Tuna means Murky has a harder time being killed, and it means he can harass more often. While this comes with the downside of a longer death timer, this means focusing Murky becomes more important than ever. Look at him as any other melee assassin and punish it. Murky is useless if he's not in your face, and he's especially useless in the grave. If you're up against a slime Murky, it means Murky can blow up ANY target with ease 1v1. While this shouldn't need to be said at this point, DON'T GET CAUGHT ALONE AGAINST MURKY. Murky endgame thrives off 1 person making 1 mistake. Move as 5. A single pick with Octo at 20 likely means its game over.

Misc tips and tricks:

Murky relies a lot on mind games, don't get frustrated.

Be HYPER aggressive capping your own camps. You need to forget timings vs Murky and cap on CD or you will never have your camps.

ALWAYS be aware of Murky's position on the map and have someone glued to him until 10.

Don't get baited by taking Butcher vs Murky ever. Its one of the Butcher's worst matchups contrary to popular belief. Octo>Blood 150% of the time.


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DVA, Leoric, Muradin, KT, KTZ, Qhira, Butcher

If anyone has anything else to add or questions I am open to adding to this and answering away! Feel free to look me up on HeroesProfile as well or add me in game (NameDoesntFi#12512) to see some of my Murky stats or play some games!

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