Heroes of the Storm

A Heroes guide

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - A Heroes guide

Hi all! I made a quick and useful guide for my little cousin joining Heroes from DotA2.

I am sharing it here and would appreciate any tips from you guys.

Exp is gold; collect them. Killing the 3 ranged and plus the mage minion will equal to 1 hero kill. Man every lane!

Pushing matters! Catapults deal a lot of damage to everything. Destroying forts and keeps give you catapults.

Destroying gates gives no exp, it is better destroying the side walls sometimes.

Merc camps give exp when capturing them and they provide bonuses.

When your team is leading in exp but the enemy gets hero kills they get bonus exp and will catch up to equal level, even if they haven't destroyed forts. So when ahead in exp, play reservedly.

Show up for obj everytime. If the enemy sees that it is 5vs4 they will be more aggressive and will capitalize on that advantage.

In HotS numbers matter more than individual heroes. And cooldowns and mana matter more than hero presence. As there are no items in this game, if your hero runs out of mana or on long cooldowns, it is better to retreat if there is no other utility that you can provide.

Know how each hero works. Try them out and read all their talents. This will help see potential combos both in your team and the enemy team. Also you will learn how to counter heroes.

Talents matter. Try to adapt your talents depending on the situation rather than your subjective preference.

In late game, not dying is more important as there is no buy back. Late game revolves around obj and team fights. Making one kill or winning the obj decides the game. Sometimes it is worth trading kills for winning obj, sometimes it is not. Know how the different maps work as they have different layouts, boss camps and obj.

Tanks make kill opportunities and they peel to protect their teammates. Use cc abilities when your team mates have their abilities ready to follow up, not on cooldown.

Healers heal the dying and deny enemy kills. When an enemy team expends their abilities without making a kill then they are on a cooldown, giving your team the chance to be aggressive. Prefer healing team mates who will survive after the heal. If you know the enemy has an ability that is ready to use that will secure them the kill, heal an ally who is more likely to survive. No point healing without saving lives.

Bruisers are good solo laners, which means they can clear minion waves fast and potentially double lane soak. They act as pseudo-tanks and utilities.


Support is a unique class that has some of the most OP heroes if you know how to play them. They also bring a lot of utility.

Assassins they do damage for the sake of doing damage. Some are sustain dps some are burst dps. They die super fast so need to stay close to tank and healer. Try to follow up on your tanks cc to make kills.

Look at the minimap. Your minimap tells you where to go next and where to be.

Think about the main combos and abilities of your's and the enemy team's. During team fights, look out for them and play accordingly. e.g., if the enemy team Hanzo has Dragon Arrow, don't clunk together; if he went for Dragon Strike watch out for bottleneck locations. Knowing how talents for each heroes work, will allow you to predict their playstyle.

A lot of the time patience will reward you well. Try to proc your enemies abilites. Then combo yours. No point doing damage without making kills.

When pushing, destroy the enemy catapults, mercs and archers in this order, then move on. Every second matters. If you show up late to a team fight you could lose the obj.

Always use quickcast. Some abilites are better on On Release. Very few are best not using quickcast e.g. Sindragosa.

Set the graphic setting to Fullscreen. If your monitor's color profile sets to default, go to your graphic card settings (nvid or intel) and set your color profile there, instead of using night mode.

Go to hotkeys and go to Advancdd and unbind the spacebar from Spotlight. You can use spacebar to center on your hero but the blue light will disapear. Speaking of which learn when to center on your hero. Obviously not all the time.

Autoattack and move, autoattack and move. To best do this, go to Hotkeys > Basic and change attack from A to Left Mouse Click.

Go to Options > Gameplay and check Smart Commands Through Minimap. Also check Attack Move Target Points, this will work well with the Left Mouse Click to attack.

In Mouse and Keyboards, check Cursor Guide and adjust Cursor size for your preference.

Set your audo quality and channel to the lowest.

Lastly, go to Options > Social and uncheck Enable Team Chat. And don't play ranked.

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