Heroes of the Storm

A list of gameplay and general improvements to HOTS that should take priority over hero reworks

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - A list of gameplay and general improvements to HOTS that should take priority over hero reworks

I'm not sure if my opinion will be well-received, possibly not. But I think with the limited resources the HOTS team has now, devoting the resources to these changes rather than having more hero reworks (that sometimes achieve very little) might be good:

  1. Overhaul the report system. I don't know exactly how but for starters, stop penalising players who play often (and therefore rack up reports faster. Possibly by changing algorithm from getting banned when you receive X number of reports, to getting banned when you receive reports in X% of your games)
  2. Draft disconnect penalty from -600 points to -200 points. Way overdue change.
  3. Give a small grace window for player to reconnect when there is a draft disconnect (it takes longer for the other 9 players to find another game anyway)
  4. When a team has an AI player from the start of the game, (in game modes besides AI games), after X number of minutes, if the player has not reconnected, the game becomes safe to leave and is not counted towards rank points or win/loss record.
  5. Loss forgiveness feature: When your team has an AI player for X number of minutes in total in ranked games, when you lose, you lose less ranked points than normal.
  6. Ability to select talents ahead of time before you reach that talent tier (but you can still change the pre-selected talents before you reach that level)
  7. Allow us to see the cooldowns of allied abilities and talents when we select them (I created a long thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/bhi1m2/feature_request_can_we_please_be_able_to_see_the/
  8. Allow us the option of choosing whether we want to clamp cast an ability or not (See the thread created here: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/7t4g8q/can_we_have_an_option_whether_we_want_to_clamp/ )
  9. Allow us to have an option of TOTALLY FREE camera. That means, your camera NEVER gets locked, not when you get bumped by dragonknight, not when you use concussive mine to throw yourself, not when you get taunted, not when you die as uther, not when you use nydus as zagara, not when you get gorged by stitches, not when you use abathur's hat. Just free camera control for experienced players who don't have problems finding their hero.


I also hope to have the ban phase take less time in draft modes (but I think this is an unpopular opinion so I haven't included it in the list above).

While I would love to see a Lost Vikings, Chen or Dva rework (just like anyone else, and I agree those reworks are also way overdue), but I still do feel that the changes outlined above are way overdue and should have been a feature of HOTS a long time ago. They should be a far greater priority for the HOTS team. A Vikings rework would make some players happy (including me), but those changes would make MANY players happy.

I would have included matchmaking improvements, but honestly, on my part at least, I have no suggestions or any idea how blizz could fix matchmaking (it's pretty hard to give balanced matches when parties can queue with solos and when there are smurfs that blizzard doesn't know are smurfs. Hard to stop smurfs in a free-to-play game). Perhaps someone who knows better could give some insight?

Anyone else got anything to add to the list or any thoughts?

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