Heroes of the Storm

A list of why I hate every hero in qm as an illidan. A-J

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - A list of why I hate every hero in qm as an illidan. A-J

Abather: Less people that can be hut with sweeping strike, and no way to destroy mines without taking damage myself.

Alarak: Discord strike is impossible to dodge without sweeping strike and screw lighting surge.

Alexstraza: It's tough to say why healers are bs but for this one I will go with can way outheal my damage with tanks, which makes me have to avoid them if I want to live.

Ana: Sleep is annoying and she makes the strategy of getting a freind to pocket heal more fair, which is really unfair for me.

Anduin: f*ck salvation.

Anuberak: Cocoon ruins metamorphosis and stimpack, and makes running away really hard.

Artanis: Suppression pulse can't be dodged without metamorphosis, and also he killed zeratul.

Arthas: Best illidan counter, and always good at getting to me and icing my soul, no matter what I do.

Auriel: String snipe always hits me into walls, and I don't know how to deal with it.

Azmodan: All shall lose 1/3 hp every 15 seconds is impossible to deal with, and his army from Mordor on a budget is incredibly annoying.

Blaze: I still don't know how I'm supposed to kill this guy. Also mauraders or however you spell them were a way more fun unit. How about they make a hero out of one and call him Dent.

Brightwing: You ever have that moment when you are in a really close battle but then a magical fart cloud appears and you're turned into a squirl?

The Butcher: First if all he should be in the T catagory, but for real I hate how he 1v1s, I hate how lamb silences, I hate how furnace blast can be combined, and I hate how he is a version of the minataur that ate too much hambergers, so he just glued them to himself for when he got hungry.

Cassia: Blind and too much DMG for me to deal with in fights.

Chen: Everybody is kung fu fighting. (hoo! huh!) Your mind becomes fast as lightning. Although the future is a little bit frightening. (little bit frightening) It's the book of your life that you're writing. (life that you're writing)

Chogall: That range on gall is too much for me man.

Chromie: If you are paying attention while in a fight you can dodge the first attack using sweeping strike, but unless you wanna spend a full second just walking, you gotta take 500 DMG.

Deathwing: This guy is like chogall in a single hero or a varian that got all level 4 talents.

Deckard: Really I just hate his ults, and how they always manage to ruin everything.

Dehaka: Just the grab is bad, but getting hit mean I'm dead unless someone stuns him.

Diablo: he can knock out half my hp and stun me for 3 seconds unless I somehow know exactly where he is in every fight.

D.Va: mech is fine, but pilot is just free poke for her unless she overextends, which is too easy for her to avoid.


Etc: I've gotten solo moshed a lot and I've never had a game where my team had good stuns for him.

Falstad: One of the most annoying 1v1, is great at the strat of attack and run away when illidumb tries to actually play the game.

Fenix: Same as falstad but sheild makes him easily trade attack with me untill I wear down.

Garrosh: The only experience I have with him is seeing his glowing head as he tosses me into fort after I make an amazing escape.

Gazlowe: If you spend a single second not going for the turrets you'll be locked out of the lane until the next elder scrolls game comes.

Genji: Can chance me and run away flawlessly all while finding the time to dash over to see if he can afford my skin.

Grrymane: like deckard, just the ults, with cursed bullet being the ultimate stupid ambush start and go for the throat is my least favorite way to win a close 1v1.

Gul'dan: I'm sorry I'm not good enough to have 1/10 of a second reaction times, but can you please not wipe out half my hp while I try to remember why my dad left for milk over 5 years ago?

Hanzo: It's worse than just attacking and then running away, much worse. This guy can attack while running away. Would really like advise on how to beat Hanzo while playing Illidan. I can't figure him out.

Illidan: It's not so much that I hate how they are unfair, considering how much skill it takes to have a chnac at winning a game as them, but the fact that all the players for some reason complain about how none of their losses are their fault, but say it's just a joke when people complain, meanwhile their friends are leaving them because they never hang out with them.

Impirius: Their spear ability is such a good stun for when I am doing something dangerous, and they are impossible to fight when no one helps you.

Jania: Her entire focus is kiting people into chasing her while she likes them. Nuff said.

Johanna: Just the HP, everything else is fine. I hate how impossible it is to kill one unless they just decided to jump into the middle of the team, unless they can do that and kill everyone, and hey, it's fine, I would just like to be able to do that too.

Junkrat: Best hero in the game for dealing poke damage. Doesn't hurt too many games but makes them very annoying to play.

For real I hope it's obvious that I don't every hero in the game, exept for a few, but I just wanted to jokingly say how I feel sometimes. I'm not sure if I should do the rest in case this whole post was a waste of time, and if it is, whatever.

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