Heroes of the Storm

A little insight to help people who can’t decide to stay or leave

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - A little insight to help people who can't decide to stay or leave

Disclaimer: this is not a post of "you should leave" or "you should stay". My only purpose is to make you realize what's probably going to happen to the game, so you can decide if those points bother you or rather not. Also, the decision of a player shouldn't affect other player's decision at all, that's something that every player should consider by themselves.

Let's just go to the point:


Points you should consider

  • The game won't change as how it is right now. There won't be any big gameplay updates. No changes to HL/TL. No new additions like hero swapping, etc. The dev team is now way smaller and won't have as much resources as they used to have to introduce changes in the game. Ask yourself: "do I enjoy the current game's state?", if the answer is "no" you should consider if you really want to keep playing. If the answer is "yes" instead, it means that doesn't affect you at all.
  • No new player influx. Actiblizzard lost the interest in HotS, so obviously they won't spend a cent in game promotions anymore. Additionally, people is unlikely to give a try to a game that isn't maintained as much as other games on the market. The obvious result is in the playerbase not growing at all, and if people eventually get tired of the game and there aren't new players to compensate it, the playerbase is going to slowly decrease. You may ask, "how does the number of players affect me at all?". Well, the playerbase directly affects matchmaking and queue times, less players means larger queues and worse compositions. You should ask yourself if you're okay with that.
  • If you are a serious HL/TL player, you should ask yourself what's your motivation to play. If your goal was to try becoming a pro or a streamer, sorry but all that is gone now. But if you play to improve for the sake of improving, go ahead.
  • Giving money to the game won't help it anymore. If you're the kind of person who eventually purchased something to support the game and helping it to improve rather than because you wanted to buy a certain product, think that this isn't going to happen anymore for the reasons I stated in my first point. If you spend money in the game, remember that its only purpose now is for you to get a product, and that's it.
  • Activision-Blizzard's behavior. This is more oriented towards "spending money or not", but it affects every player as well. Does the way they treated the players bother you to the point that you don't want to play the game anymore? Or you don't care about it at all if you have fun with the game anyways?
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I guess that's all. Ask yourself all those questions, and think if you want to keep playing or rather not.

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