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A love letter to Heroes of the Storm

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - A love letter to Heroes of the Storm

I wanted to share appreciation to those who made this game so wonderful, because even though the latest news are horrible, I truly had a great time with this game and still think it's one of the best games ever created:

To the Artists:

The skins, mounts and artwork you did for this game were absolutely amazing. There are so many skins I just fell in love with the moment i saw them. You didn't hesitate to also include some funny skins that quickly became community favorites. Azmodunk, Janitor Leoric or the recent toy themed skins were so much fun and really well done. I know that selling skins, maybe indirectly through the purchase of loot chests, should have been the main source of income for Blizzard, and apparently that didn't work out as well as everyone would have hopped. Rest assured that this had nothing to do with the quality of the work you did!

I loved the game, and in retrospective, maybe I should have supported it more. But if you can get any skin you want just by playing, it also isn't a huge surprise that a lot of players didn't buy anything. Personally, I bought several skins prior to 2.0, and not a single loot chest or skin after that. My only hope for future games is that people learn from this and realize that random loot doesn't always guarantee more money than just directly purchasing what you have to offer.

To the Developers:

You have one of the hardest jobs out there, because every decision you make will always make someone unhappy. But we all felt how much you loved this game and that you only wanted the best for the game. You listend about complaints, were always upfront about coming changes and we were blessed to have you. You quickly reacted to huge bugs and imbalances in the game. You were one of the most communicative developers out there and I wouldn't hesitate a second to call you one of the best development teams out there. To anyone who will be leaving the development team, you will be dearly missed.

To the Proplayers:

Your commitment to this game was an inspiration to many players. The community learned a lot about this game because you showed us how to do it. Thousands of players watched you play every week. We've watched you laugh. We've watched you cry after defeats. We've watched you celebrate victories like it meant everything to you. You've given this game everything you had. No one of you deserved the way you were treated by Blizzard in the end. I hope you find another game in which you can find success and wish you the best of luck for the future.

To everyone who made HGC happen:


It has been a pleasure. The casters brought so much energy and hype to the games, while also giving clear analysis so that we could learn from the very best. The production was great and we clearly felt that you wanted to make Heroes esport big. You did your best and got a pretty big share considering you fought against 2 very big players that were already dominating the market. Sadly, that didn't seem to be enough for the corporate branch, not even for a simple reduction in size. The HGC will be missed by thousands.

To the Content Creators and Streamers:

You've entertained thousands of players by just playing the game and showing how much fun it can be. You've tried to educate us while bringing a smile on our faces. Some made hilarious videos like Carbot, others created entire informational websites. You were one of the reasons why I fell in love with this community. Thank you for all the work you put into creating amazing content.

To everyone on this subreddit

I visit this subreddit every day, and I know a lot of you tried to make meaningful impact on the development of the game. There are so many names I recognize, even though I never talked to any of you. You tried to give advise, make informational posts, show your support for this game or just get thousands of upvotes for funny shitposts. This community means a lot to me, and I'll certainly still be here.

To everyone who enjoyed the game:

Even though a lot of you will quit now, remember how much fun you had playing this game. The funny compositions you made work, playing with friends and family, trying your best to get better at the game. To everyone who stays, the game is obviously still fantastic. Let's hope that there will at least be several balance changes to keep the experience fresh. I hope everyone can reflect on how much fun this game brought them. It's been an amazing community, and even without HGC and regular content drops, I really hope that part of that can stay alive!

To J. Allen Brack:

You don't understand what a love letter is. You don't actually care about this game or the fans of your games, because you would have done things differently if you did. I would have purchased every Blizzard game ever produced because I used to love everything your company did. Now I'll just laugh when I see your mobile games flop because you're so out of touch with your community. This game was mostly played by Hardcore Blizzard fans, and no one will forget how you managed this.

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