Heroes of the Storm

A love letter to HeroesHearth and pro HotS

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - A love letter to HeroesHearth and pro HotS

I just want to say thank you to HeroesHearth for a great start to the CCL initiative. Hopefully this the rebirth of the competitive scene of the most underrated esports there is. Man, I remember absolutely loving HGC and Open Division.

Some thoughts about CCL and the draft. The production quality in the draft as well as the exhibition matches has been a HUGE surprise. I did not expect such high quality. It was extremely smooth moving from casters to orgs. You can definitely tell DoA and shocking Grubby did not know much about a lot of these players. Thankfully Bahamut was there. He shows great enthusiasm and knowledge about the players. Really surprised with Grubby though since I’m a huge fan of his old HGC casting days. I do wish there was some sort of player interaction though. It felt a little weird not seeing a picture of them or even their social media posted. If anything, interviews with the first round picks after the draft should have been a priority. It’s a great way to get fans and players involved in making stories from the beginning.

The draft itself went pretty much expected. SSK is absolutely bonkers. They have four of the most successful ex HGC pros in this entire tournament on their team. Arguably the best support/tank combo in NA HGC, a legendary Korean support player, and KyoCha is literally the most decorated player in HotS history. I would be shocked if they did not handily win this tournament.


I love the mix of old and new blood. I’m know some egos are probably hurt but it is great for the scene. Although, I’m surprised Nurok did not get picked up. He was part of the long-standing Team Liquid roster.

Ultimately, I’m hyped as can be for this season. This has rekindled my old love for HotS and I have even started playing the game again! Keep up the great work HeroesHearth. I am confident you will treat this amazing community and pro scene with respect and bring it the love that Blizzard sadly didn’t. We need to see player/org/caster interviews, content, fun tournaments, etc.

Some suggestions and comments from a longtime HGC fan. I am really hoping for news of a new “Open Division” format for undrafted players and hopefuls to take a crack at CCL. I thought this was one of the most exciting parts of HGC. I would love to see Bahamut cast something like that, he clearly loves HotS and the grassroots scene. Plaster your links to how fans can contribute to the prize pool! want to succeed! I would personally love to listen to a CCL podcast. You can host weekly content about the matches, news, interviews, drama, etc. I would definitely listen to that each week.

Thank you to HeroesHearth and everyone involved and congrats to all the players that were drafted!

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