Heroes of the Storm

A Plat/diamond’s tier list. (Based on player behaviour) Healer edition.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - A Plat/diamond's tier list. (Based on player behaviour) Healer edition.

You know what? Let's have some fun.

This is my personal tier list on wich healers of HOTS on wich tier they are. Note… I will include what I think of their actual preformance and how good they can be on the side as well. But initial I am going to do this on how these players pick them and how they preform.

Alexstaza D tier (actual tier B)

Alex players. You got good healing potential but frigging stop drafting her early and get countered by Ana. Your W's are heavily hinted and only make us dodge KT Q's and Ana grenades. Your dragon form saves games but other times you are litterly a determent.. ooh and STOP going life binder when you see a Deathwing you can't life binder them. Also stop picking her when the enemy has alot of poke.

Ana C Tier (Actual tier S)

I can't fault you for being lower tier. You have to predict movement.. stack.. not die. It's hard being an Ana.. but why the frig are you infront of the tank?! Get back here! You are a sniper not a bruiser.

Anduin B Tier (Actual Tier B)You know I can never fault you guys for anything cept those annoying pulls that I don't want. Stop pulling me when I have the enemy trapped and interrupting my ults. It's so annoying x_X' Overall you guys are overall good.

Auriel C Tier (Actual tier B)You heavily oversell this hero… you require a good funnel for your energy, but never do I see you giving the crown to someone doing damage… even if I am 25k HD ahead of the guy you crown constantly… you still give it to them… even when dead. Quit that. Also quit using Crystal Aegis on me during my ultimates… and whipping enemies away that I am about to kill…infact quit interfereing with my combat style.

Brightwing A Tier (Actual tier A)

You know what Brightwing players? The only thing I hate of you are your misstimed emerald winds but even then.. I ain't that mad. You might teleport wrong sometimes but overall I can never fault you for anytihng.

Deckard Kain A Tier (Actual Tier S)

You know I can't be mad at this old man. Their only annoyance they give me is the fact they sometimes use lorenado to knock enemies away… and even then.. that's super rare. Keep up the good work and uuh.. stop picking some talents that make no sense. Like that Scroll reduction talent? It's silly.

Kharazim D tier (actual tier B)

We get it.. you picked this hero cause you didn't feel like playing support/healer. But can you stop diving. I don't care if you are kharazim.. that's an Uther with Muradin. They shut you down… but that murky kill was so important I guess?


Lili C Tier (Actual Tier S)

Lili you are such a wild card. You either go damage, good healing and such. But sometimes you just go Water Dragon over Jugs for no reason. Why is that damage so important as the only healer? Overall… I guess I can't complain about you much. You do your job.. you can actually CLEANSE and you blind on time.. and if you don't.. you are atleast not getting caught by Stuns.

Lucio E tier (actual tier A)

To no surprise of any I hate Lucio. I hate them on my team why? They always pick them in split teams. They never use speed up or healing on the right times. They always are super aggresive and get caught alot before I can respond. They always miss their ult timing unless it's the super rare high five Lucio's (Fyi you guys are amazing! I can't even get it to work). But most of the time I am mostly rolling my eyes saying: "Ooh boy what trouble is Lucio in today?" I feel like I am Mario saving Peach from bowser every time 😐

Lt. Morales A Tier (Actual Tier A)

Always thank your healer. And you guys do you… minus the sometimes knocking away my target with a grenade.. you guys dont cause issues at all.

Malfurion B tier (Actual Tier B)

You guys are alright. I cannot complain in the slightest about you. It's not hard or easy. It's just right.

Rehgar B tier (Actual Tier A)

You guys are great. Except the rare.. Suicidal Rehgar who wants to kil only.. you guys pretty much are nailing the plays.

Stukov C Tier (Actual Tier C)

You guys… I don't know… I can't really think of a problem you guys cause minus shoving targets away and the lack of healing. But other wise you guys never do something out of the ordinary. I feel like Stukov may need a buff.. but other wise you are fine.

Tyrande E Tier (Actual Tier C)

I don;'t get you guys…. you never pick the right ultimate for the job. You miss all your shots you barely heal as it is and you think you are smarter then the average guy while you require alot of talent to make her work. Just… stop…

Uther B Tier (Actual Tier B)
You know.. I haven't seen a bad uther in ages.. the worst Uther I seen in weeks was myself playing uther….so…what can I say?

Whitemane C Tier (actual tier B)
Just stop using that beam so stupidly… that's it…you do you.

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