Heroes of the Storm

A Plat/Diamond’s tier list (Tanks)

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - A Plat/Diamond's tier list (Tanks)

Well my support list wasn't well recieved so let's move on to tanks.

I have again… the player behaviour and my own opinion of tiers. Do note that I am not a pro and it's for fun.

Anub'Arak Tier B (Actual Tier A)

Love you guys. You can be amazing but also too dive happy, but this rarely happens. But stop cocooning targets that are near death already… I don't want my 5% HP target to be cocoon'd then saved thank you.

Arthas Tier C (Actual Tier B)

A mixed bag of a tank. Sometimes high damage, sometimes high cc, sometimes high …nothing… I always look at you guys and think…is this the right choice or not? Most of the time you prove me on the side of: "Yes this was the good side." But when it's wrong.. ooh boy.. I am so wrong you guys become suicidal.

Blaze Tier C (Actual Tier C)

I feel bad for you Blaze players. He's a great tank with great tricks and great CC and rarely gets into the trouble, but you always go combustion… those who go bunker? No one ever uses it. Poor thing. Maybe it's time you guys get a buff huh?

Cho (Cho'Gath) Tier ???:

Why is this a tank?! He's more bruiser… you only use him as a tank never. You always take a tanky bruiser or a bruising tank with him. I don't get this one at all. Do you fail as a tank? Kinda… but that's not your fault at all. It's just how the beast is made. I can rate you as bruiser and it's a Nice A.

Diablo Tier D (actual tier S):

Diablo players….you guys need to get a grip. Stop using your Q randomly… stop using your E to pull enemies out of traps, attacks, CC or the good ole, putting an enemy infront of me. And for the love of god stop trying to murder that murky. You look so silly doing your things. But when you are good.. you are gods… but most of the time I always see you knocking enemies away from damage…

ETC Tier B (Actual Tier A):

How do I describe this one? Idenity crisis most of the time. You think you can kill but you can't. You think you can dive but you can't. Your moshpits are unpredictable wich is good I guess. Your stage dives are clever… but for the love of kot… look at your team for one moment and figure out we don't need someone diving we need someone peeling us. To be fair… this doens't happen too much.

Garrosh Tier D (Actual Tier A):

Garrosh… please stop throwing me away from kills, throwing that etc into your back line so he can mosh. Stop running around taking free pog shots and just.. try to do more then THROWING AN ENEMY INTO YOUR BACKLINE! Sincerly: Every player who's been killed by an ally Garrosh doing something with his throw.


Johanna Tier A (Actual Tier A):

You would think I would complain about Johanna? Not really… sure there is the super rare Johanna that has no idea what to do but kill but thats like in every complaint chart now? But mostly.. no.. you guys think before you fight. You don't dive randomly.. you don't do anything to endanger your team. You just do your job.

Mal'Ganis Tier A (actual Tier A):

You know it's hard to find a bad mal'ganis these days. What can I say about him? You know what he does… same tank downsides apply here but other wise… no.. you guys have nothing I would say is terrible.

Muradin Tier D (Actual Tier B):

They say you can't go wrong with a muradin… ooh boy… you can go SO WRONG. Haymakering the wrong enemy into the backline. Haymakering enemies away that were about to die. Haymaker, Haymaker.

But when they go Avatar they just dive into the backline and stay there.. demanding their team to help them while that one cheeky ETC is busy Moshpitting them. Also STOP DEMANDING MORALES TO STIM YOU! It's ridiclous! Be a tank 1st.

Stiches Tier F (Actual Tier C):

My least favorite tank to play with… why? Cause they always pick it with no follow up and always use that DUMB GORGE to save enemies. When they go bile they are good.. but even then… they are tank that lacks any good peel.. and thus Stitches litterly fails in the draft cause… ooh look double mage and lucio.. stitches CLEARLY is the one to pick here. And don't let me do the peeling as the bruiser again.

I litterly never seen a stitches turn around a game ever. The only way I seen a stitches win is when the team got ahead. But other wise.. no epic comebacks for this tank. Even with the perfect hooks and gorges. My advice? Only pick him if you have a support that can peel/cleanse or can help you.

Tyrael Tier C (Actual Tier B):

Tyrael players…. you guys…well you guys are alright. Yes you got the infiamous I BRUISE ONLY TYRAELS. But other wise… you guys do well. Your peeling is attricious though but you never pick Tyrael just to kill. Most tyraels pick it cause they know they can get away and secure kills. No you guys are good. It's just rare to see you succeseed though.

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