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A possible solution to Feeders, AFKers, Skewed matching, premades, QM comps, lack of pusnihments…

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - A possible solution to Feeders, AFKers, Skewed matching, premades, QM comps, lack of pusnihments...

A proper surrender option.

Not a "show your frustration repeatedly and tilt the team for free" option, not a "ruin game experiences for teammates" option, not a "agree with me or I threaten to kill you" option. A proper surrender option. One that is more likely to be used by most of the sensible playerbase to improve their game experience, and less likely to be used by the trolls and tilted individuals.

I think it solves a lot of options in one go. First, players who are sensible are more likely to be tilted by being FORCED to play with a terrible teammate for 20~30 minutes, suffering all sorts of abusive chat, intentional dying, AFK/nonparticipation, Spam etc. In fact, I'd rather take the quick L and move on with my next game, and if the rager brings up the surrender option, I'll be enticed to agree just to avoid seeing him feed into towers.

For the ragers and tilted, I think it'll be better for their health as well, while also keeping their toxicity away from other players.

We know the smaller dev team means less bans, less silences, less punishments. So give the players some degree of power (not all, some, better than none) to control the game experience.

Showing premades on loading screen encourages preemptive quitting? I agree. But premades of way too good players stomping 5 poor sacrificed solo players? That is not preemptive quitting, for if that isn't the right time to quit, when is? The premade gets to play enough of the game where the enemy team tries, and don't have to try and extend the game to avoid waiting another queue, at the expense of the enemy team.


Yes, there will need to be some precautions to make this work. Such options may include

  • Not surrender option for anyone 5~10 minutes into the game.
  • Auto surrender option if teammate has been kicked out the game for being AFK 2 minutes 33 seconds since the start of the game.
  • One player can suggest a surrender only once every 5 minutes etc.
  • One player who shows abusive surrender behavior can be reported and detected by the system, suggesting breaks or punishing when need be.
  • Ranked point changes remain the same.
  • A surrendered game takes priority for review when it comes to looking for bad behavior (i.e. reports from teammates)
  • Every surrendered match will require the team that surrendered to fill out a questionnaire on why they decided to surrender, to better understand how the game experience can be improved.
  • Silenced players cannot suggest a surrender.
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I don't know, I'm sure there are many better ways to improve this. I was originally enticed by this game for the lack of a surrender option, but after 3 years at this point, I think it is time to really discuss whether if we should be so blatantly against this option.

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