Heroes of the Storm

A post of appreciation to the developers

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - A post of appreciation to the developers

TL;DR: Awesome game, awesome developers, I love you!

Hello! I am a long time player of MOBA genre, begun with DotA back in 2006, switched to LoL in 2014 and since early 2017 I'm playing HotS. Due to time constrains and all kinds of responsibilities, I'm just a casual gamer with only a few different games that I play every now and then. I mostly play HotS and up until recently a specific Star Wars mobile collection game which I won't name.

First of all, I'd like to thank you for creating such an awesome game that is so similar yet so very different from others in it's genre. You simply removed all the non-fun parts of those games and made a far more chill atmosphere where I can come to relax at the end of a long day instead of raising my blood pressure trying to last-hit creeps for 30 minutes so I can have one big teamfight that's over in 3 seconds. I can never imagine going back to any other MOBA even if I spent more than 10 years of my life on them.

Thank you for making all the heroes feel unique AND useful at any stage in the game! No waiting for 40 minutes to become powerful, no dominating in the first 10 minutes only to become useless later on and rely exclusively on others to carry. It's just 20 minutes of pure bliss, and even if you finally figure out how to play the hero in the late game, you are still useful.


Secondly, the specific collection Star Wars game I mentioned earlier is an example of everything I hate in games. It had a terrible year of no new content with utmost disregard for players, turned into money milking machine trying to squeeze the last drop of money from the dying game with every new "content" being locked behind 100$ paywall. I understand that might best way to move forward from business perspective since that dev team is making another game at the moment, but abusing your playerbase is just wrong. You guys on the other hand are the polar opposite – ever since they "pulled the plug" you weren't so reliant on balancing exclusively for high-end players on tournaments but decided to give people what they want, and I can finally play Chen without feeling like I'm weighing my team down. So many reworks while keeping the theme and most of gameplay intact unlike other MOBAs that change things for the sake of change.

You communicate with your players so well, make jokes, and actively work on making your game fun to play. Chromie was such unfun hero to play against, so you changed her very slightly and now I love both playing her and playing against her! Same goes for a lot of other heroes and maps. And now we are getting our highly requested Deathwing.

Thank you so much for everything you are doing! You guys are really awesome, and so is this entire community. I hope to play this game for many more years to come!

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