Heroes of the Storm

A post regarding the “ez win” Morales tactic

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - A post regarding the "ez win" Morales tactic

So, I have encountered this a bunch of times already. And it sickens me that people are doing this in both ranked and quick match (not sure about unranked).

It is infuriating when I lose points in ranked because of this. Each time after the first match against this setup, I have tried my hardest to counter them. But as it turns out, many people I team up with don't know about this strategy.

So incase you are unfamiliar with this, let me explain. In order for this setup to work, it is necessary to have Morales in the team. In addition to Morales I have seen Tyrael and the rest are just specialists or other heroes capable of melting structures.

So the plan is that at the very start they go for either the bot or top fort. They completely ignore the fact whether they will all die or not. After they have done this, they will attempt to level up as fast as they can, in order to get to 10. They accomplish this leveling by either intense ganking or taking mercenary camps and soaking. As soon as they reach level 10, they will start bombarding one of your keeps. They use the medivac to get there and destroy it, and to prevent them from taking too much damage, Tyrael uses the ult that makes them invincible for a short time. Usually they always take the keep on their first try, though there was one time I managed to fend them off with my team. After the keep is gone, they will repeat the process but instead go for the core. It usually takes them more attempts to get the core down, so you will have a chance to win, though the odds are very slim.


Each time I encountered this setup I lost, because of obvious reasons. First of all, you have to predict when they will attack. If you start going back when they are already there, you are too late, consider the keep or core gone. Secondly, you have to inform your team of this, and how they should react. Usually they don't believe me until the first few attacks, and it is too late to do anything then. I have never blamed my team because of the losses, I can't blame them since I can't do anything about it either.

My personal opinion is that this is not acceptable as this setup ruins the point of the game. There are supposed to be tough fights and intense struggles at the objective. Not just a one sided rush to the core, that strips the opposing team of having any fun.

So please let me know if any of you have encountered this, and what have been your attempts to counter this. And do give your opinion on this as well

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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