Heroes of the Storm

A quick list of Map things you might not know/notice for newer players

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - A quick list of Map things you might not know/notice for newer players

Seeing new people posts, we're all stuck at home, free heroes… so here's a battleground specific list of things that might help you out a bit in your matches:

  • On Sky Temple the big shrine guy spawns a regen globe. You might miss it because it spawns right inside his body and before it despawns the globe might go as well so I always run through his body after he dies.
    The order for the first 2 temple spawns is always mid and top, then bot. The 3rd is bot + either top or mid.
    Also, the towers will fire in their respective lanes first, fort to keep – top goes top, mid goes mid etc. , so if a shrine spawns mid and top and mid keep is already low while top is healthy it's in your interest to capture mid first.
    The shrine guardians don't affect the progress of the shots you just have to deal with them while sitting on the point.
  • On Towers of Doom the Sapper minions will launch themselves at the core and do additional damage if you escort them past the keeps to the safety line. So you might want to clear them if you're behind.
    Additionally, controlling all 6 Towers will launch a missile at regular intervals at the core until the game ends or a tower is reclaimed by the enemy.

  • On both Diablo maps (Infernal Shrines and Battlefield of Eternity) the Bruisers aka Shaman can make their way all the way to the core if you just leave them unattended as they won't stop spawning hound adds until they're dead.
    The Immortal will always go to the lane with the most structures left.

  • The first Treasure chests on Blackheart's Bay spawn at 1:30 Word is there's treasure on the docks!, they're always in the same 2 spots, mid close to the water and bot upper half near the crates, unlike other maps like Garden or Cursed Hollow with multiple points to memorize.
    Cannonball order is : mid, top, bot, keep mid, keep top, keep bot, core

  • Volskaya's Triglav pads always activate in this order ABC with A being mid, B top, C bot so many will take out the Healing Fountain in toplane with the first Protector.

  • Cursed Hollow, during your curse it's a good idea to still go into the other lanes at first since the minions die in 1 hit it's very much free xp so many people throw away by not being there.

  • Garden of Terror and Alterac, you don't have to kill the minions to cap the objective, simply have someone tank the adds and someone else channel.

  • Hanamura, again this objective will attack the lane with the least amount of dmg taken first. The path of the payload cycles through 3 different ones.

  • Tomb of the Spider Queen, the spiders will manifest at the first enemy minion wave they encounter.

  • Warhead Junction, the nuke locations are random but the # is fixed, spawn 1 has 2, spawn 2 has 4, spawn 3 has 2, spawn 4 has 4, etc.
    If someone is mad at you for not hitting the fort/keep with the center of the nuke "because it does more dmg" they need to go read patch notes because that's been removed for a while now. Still try to hit as many structures as possible with it. Try to save the nukes for top and bot lane as they are the ones with the bosses.
    Nukes hit heroes for 30% of max hp.
    Use the nuke if you have it and are about to die, as the enemy can pick it up.

Feel free to add onto this list.

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