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A rant

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - A rant

I'll probably delete this later but I'm frustrated and need to vent.

I just had a quick match with me solo, paired with a four-man stack. Normally, this would be good news, because if they're stacked they're usually more coordinated than the average QM randos. Not in this case. This 4-man comp came in with Guldan, ETC, Anubarak, and Deathwing. Not especially terrible, but weird picks for a pre-made team. I was playing Lucio and we were versus a relatively balanced comp.

Even in this case, you might expect that they were good players who had some trick or strategy for picking two tanks and Deathwing on the same team, without a healer in their 4-man stack. Nope.

They proceeded to ARAM and ignore the lanes entirely, opting instead to run around seemingly randomly until the enemy had a three level lead from SOAK ALONE. We were tied for hero exp. I pinged a few times and eventually sent a couple quick notes to ask anyone to go get the lanes. And was explicitly told "no". Not that they didn't respond, but they said NO. Lucio has no laning power at all, so I had no way to make up the difference myself. After literally two chat messages about how we needed to be soaking, after losing a teamfight at the objective 3 levels down, the Deathwing told me to shut up and play.


This can be pretty standard in QM. Bad players and weird matchmaking abound, as well as toxic people, but what really got me was the player levels. The Deathwing was over level 350, while the others were about 80, 30, and 15. The lowest level was the Guldan, who was apparently playing their first non-ai game ever, according to their profile.

I mean, it seems like the Deathwing was coaching some friends and introducing them to the game. Great. Then why the weird comp? Why queue as a four-stack with no healer, and a brand new Guldan as your only damage? Why proceed to teach terrible gameplay to new players by ARAMing the entire game, and actively discouraging soaking?

Look, I get it. New players are going to be bad, that's how it is. QM is going to have bad comps when you have random allies, I get it! But if you're playing a four-man stack, don't actively try to make things worse!

Please, if anyone out there is playing four-man stacks, don't ruin the game for your fifth. It's not fun to play with people who refuse to communicate or try to do well. I understand if you're new and learning the game, and I won't expect you to be the best. What I do expect is for experienced players to know what they're doing and pass on good habits and non-toxic attitudes.

I'm just so tired of playing with people who really should know the basics, at level 300. Rant over, thanks for reading if you made it this far.

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