Heroes of the Storm

A really long insight letter for community and devs on how to make best moba even better. Goodbye, it was fun!

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - A really long insight letter for community and devs on how to make best moba even better. Goodbye, it was fun!

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To start with, yesterday I had and idea of summing the points/buffs/nerfs/ideas for each hero – map – mode in HOTS. This is the best moba on the market and people often bash it for no reason, mostly they are affraid of change of their moba "rules". Over the years it was fun grind and tryharding, maybe I sometimes spent too much time playin. Why am I making this post you might think now? Well the days of playin games and hots specifically are over for me lately and I just wanted to drop some ideas and comments on current state of game and "fun" involved.

Below ideas and facts are based on tryharding in masters for years (support main) as well as smurfing across all the other rank brackets with various friends and community coaching. If you don't want to read all of that, as it took some time to write, briefly look at Tyrael, Tyrande and game modes. What I hope for the game is to last long enought, get some competitive ranked mode for tryhards and keep the spirit of having fun in first place. At least everytime for one team on the map, when others dont pick broken fun stuff.

Please make at least some of this happen, I will keep an eye open on this game and hopefully in the future, see ya in Nexus!

Feel free to discuss. Cheers.


Abathur – Remove mule, allow abathur vs abathur in quickmatches

Alarak – Deadly Charge unstoppable while “flyin”

Alexstrasza – Make Life Unbound 13 soft cleanse or hard cleanse

Ana – Baseline 75% healing reduction as Cain, Anti-Healer 7 buffs it to 100%

Anduin – Lightwell increase the movement speed a bit?

Anubarak – Hmm Locust Swarm, hmmm add a slow or damage reduction?

Artanis – Give Purifier Beam 10 movement speed from 20 due to global movement speed change back in time?

Arthas – I like the Arthas rework (Mei release n buffs) but could Arthas see Eternal Hunger 1 baseline or Icebound Fortitude 7 soft self cleanse?

Auriel – Ressurect 20 global range, coz anythin can happen in nexus if you survive with Auriel picking ressurect to 20

Azmodan – incredibly strong and eazy to get value across ranks, but in certain way. Wrath 1 doesnt see a lot of plays. 75% -> 100% Annihilation bonus

Blaze – How about New Habits 1 baseline with 20 globes

Brightwing – Revert the Polymorph 1 rework-nerf so people dont insta lock Hyper Shift over and over

Cassia – really still 30 armor? enought said – or give Surge of Light cooldown

Chen – Remember having both Elusive Brawler and Brewmasters Balance on Chen? It is balanced now prolly, but make keg 20 reset cd with kill, coz why not, its 20 and lot of 20s are broken, make one more

Cho – Frenzied Fists 16 75% still? Huh luckily not a lot of ppl abuse ChoGall

Chromie – Slowing Sands was always OP, ppl just found out how much the buff added to the OP state. Here and There 13 global again, why not?

D.Va – Good rework but get rid of Full Metal 20% self heal, disgusting too much across ranks

Deathwing – Skyfall is crazy to stall channeling objective vs teams that are unable to channel as two together. Prolly keep it like that, for fun.

Deckard – Another main. Ancient Blessings, how about giving this second uti baseline to all Cains so they find the value in lower league over their insta lock big potions? But it would prolly make him broken, but why not. Lorenado first time hits stuns for really small duration?

Dehaka – Wehaka is fun, buff Lurker Strain that it stuns, which could be fun n broken in good way

Diablo – mmm just buff the slow of Lighting Breath

ETC – Let him suicide with 20 Death Metal as active, coz why not?

Falstad – such a great removal of Q build from game entirely, why?

Fenix – Target Acquired is too good to pass on 4, buff the Inhibiting Energy more

Gall – Leaden Orb is 20 tier, for real, luckily not a lot of duos abuse that 2v8 stun chain synergy with Cho Hammer of Twilight. And Twilight Frenzy with Leaden Orb combined into never ending chain stun itself just smashing keyboard buttons? Yea another broken 20.

Garrosh – lets make him OP, Into the Fray baseline, as it is insta pick (same as Indomitable)

Gazlowe – great rework into busted state, what could help in not being bannable or broken is the eazy sustain?

Genji – let those few Genji mains and OTPs have fun, dont nerf it more

Greymane – bring back the coctail explosion all the time as on release into talent, or swap the Perfect Aim 1 with Incendiary Elixir 7, he is fun that way too. Insatiable 4 baseline could happen in Nexus too.

Guldan – It is still hard not to meme about Raid of Destruction over Horrify.

Hanzo – Dragonstrike Slows? Redemption 1 buff Sharpened Arrowheads 7 somehow more? The Q range from africa is fun once Q quest done

Hogger – Power Spike 20 silence, coz why not

Illidan – dont aggro fort-keep with dmg from Immolation 1, or did that change already? Noone picks that anyway but. Small Metamorph buff 10 with selfcleanse? removed after upgrading on 20.

Imperius – here we go, the best assasin in lower leagues? Let me suggest one balance move with talents: Lvl 1 tier is 7tier+, 4 tier is 1, 7 tier is 13+ (or Flash of Anger at least), 13 is 4 tier, 16/20 are broken n fun, keep it like that.

Jaina – revert the Q build nerfs completely, one of most rewarding playstyle for her was busted because of Icy Veins being her second uti. Adjust Icy Veins not to reduce cd on Qs and revert q-nerfs for Jaina mains, balanced that way.

Johanna – Joha is fun, balanced and broken in right hands, not sure here mm.. small buff to Falling Sword 10?

Junkrat – I Hate Waiting! on mount cooldown. Meme pick but why not without cd increase? Give us talent for 2 charges of W as well.

Kael – balanced, just banned for whatever reasons below diamond. If you want it not ot be insta ban or QQ in lower leagues, put range indicator for chain bomb. That will fix the KT for your playerbase, or give them one less excuse.

Kelthuzad – mmm pretty broken when enemies dont know how to punish, chaining to building was fun, let us chain to buildings before we stacked to 30, once stacked it wouldnt work anymore.

Kerrigan – Assimilation Mastery baseline?

Kharazim – pre-nerf Air Allies 4 were more fun

Leoric – March 10 could change direction once during cast

Lili – could lower rank players get active 1 that would make Q cast automatically for rest of game while on CD?

LiMing – Merge Seeker 7 into Charged Blast 4 and move Fireflies to 7, coz why not to try that. And yes there are still orb build mings I know.

Morales – Havent played her for years, but: Medivac Dropship could have active to pull an ally hero and force the hero to enter the Medivac as escape. Coz why not?

Lucio – Up To Eleven buffs Reverse Amp?

Lunara – Make E wisp complete ability. Put Sentinel Wisp talent baseline or buff the health of wisp? Introduce talent to make Wisp soak the offlane xp coz why not.

Maiev – Maiev is fun, introduce some ultra broken 20 upgrades to utis?

Malganis – anyone else duo Divine Shield into Dark Conversion? Or Medivh for fun.

Malfurion – thanks for buffs to malf mains. Lets make Serenity broken? Full cleanse to allies in area and give them 20 armor.

Malthael – Make Meme Souls 10 worth picking outside of duo with Ana?

Medivh – Another main, another broken cheater hero, please let us two shot boss with Circle of Protection – Arcane Explosion again. Want to read some broken idea? Dust of Disappearance one charge only on lvl7, Mystic Assault merged with Force of Magic

Mei – as I said i like this Arthas rework, some fun? let us friendly Avalanche our team on 20 with active.

Mephisto – Shade Lord, anyone tried it outside of try mode?

Muradin – Thunder Strike 13, split the bonus between each heroes hit and keep it Murassin for one shots with rewind.

Murky – Living the Dream 4 baseline, coz why not? Bring back two charges of Pufferfish on 20! Egg Hunt 1 cast talented Slime and explode while in Pufferfish aoe range. Anything can happen in Nexus.

Nazeebo – does anyone play Nazeebo without broken Ice Block while getting self healed and watching enemy die from Corpse Spiders?

Nova – that hero can do siege damage, promote it to players a bit “somehow”? Anti-Armor Shells cleaves to minions only.

Orphea – okay, lets face it, real 1v9 and most fun mage below diamond, you can do anything without tank or healer with this jaina+ming combined in trait build. Keep it like that, its fun to be this broken as Nexus hero.

Probius – Turbo Charged 4 buff to make Probius Z speed imunne to damage same way TLV have. Even this small buff might make him less niche. Or make it baseline in the end.

Qhira – aight another 1v9 below diamond, really fun what you can do with melee assasin and bit unbalanced Maximum Effort even tho people dont pick it that often. Its nuts for her kit. Wanna run? Nope!


Ragnaros – thinking, mmm how about Molten Core being imunne to heroic dmg? Coz why not! Macro is OP anyway in lower lava ranks/qm.

Raynor – do people still enjoy this pew pew PEW gameplay?

Rehgar – Healing Totem imunne to dmg?

Rexxar – Flare hehe

Samuro – busted and skill rewarding, keep it like that, unique and fun.

Hammer – Shrapnel Mines 20 mmm silencing enemies?

Sonya – Meh numbers, Leap cast time would nerf her too much

Stitches – Okay if anything inspires you from this list, make Gorge friendly target with active too. Please.

Stukov – merge it Hungers 13 with Lingering Spines 13 to compete with root.

Sylvanas – last of my mains over years, sick rework into busted state, not sure what to change now that Mind Control is pickable as well. Possession strong af across all modes.

Tassadar – limit the duration of 20 Archon, or maybe not, its busted and fun

The Butcher – reduce the reward from 200 stacks numbers wise, buff baseline a bit, let people never become vegan again once they reach 100stacks as checkpoint? Friendly deaths drops meat?!?!

TLV – Viking Bribery baseline, coz why not? Longboat Raid rework or slight buff somehow, its 2021.

Thrall – Feral Resilience granting 30armor over physical one only? Worldbreaker increase the distance for fun

Tracer – nice buffs that wasnt needed at all xD

Tychus – hmmm we focus tank oke?

Tyrael – last think I hope anyone can inspire from this list and implement: please readjust the mana costs of Tyrael to be similar like Yrel spamming abilities 24/7 and not getting oomed after one longer fight. Tyrael is insanely fun with various builds, lately loved the tank support with Swift Retribution 7 for teammates. Tyrael suffers greatly from mana costs, push him into 2021 brawling balance as well, or remove the mana costs at all?! Thank you, your offmeta pickers.

Tyrande – Last of my mains for years, few points here. I could see why would the most sucesfull rework become broken with multiple cleanses on early tiers, but why to throw that playstyle completely into bin and move it to late game only? Give her hard cleanse on lvl7 tier or bring Celestial Attunement back with it only affecting every second charge? There are lot of options, please, other supps laught at her if her team isnt leading and stomping on kills hard. Secondly, she lacks waveclear a lot, even more now when you removed-reworked her only niche talent for waveclear Huntress Fury on 7, while the value out of its current state now is hard to get. Yes she isnt in team for waveclear, but it was great to help that gap in quickmatches or lower leagues for someone who wants to play her. Bring the spread to all targets back again? And regarding 16 tier again, how about giving Empower to pierce one more hero? Starfall cdr on Q OP btw.

Uther – am I main tank or supphealer? Wuther is fun too.

Valeera – hmm Hemorrhage build sticks to E opener, buff it to work on poisoned targets as well? Thistle Tea could reset cd on vanish for more busted fun.

Valla – Strafe unstoppable if pressed again?!

Varian – incredibly broken “skillshot” assasin with smash/taunt in lower leagues. And winblades for QM heroes! Keep it like that.

Whitemane – hmmm specific support, morales on steroids with sick mage dmg uti plays n root, buff trait a bit?

Xul – seems people got bored of Xul meta back few months, buff Reapers Toll with some healing reduction baseline on first Q?

Yrel – she likes to jump around with 0 mana costs spells, keep it like that for those few Yrel mains. Sacred Ground 10 get buff from 20 moving with E landing location but removing 10armor after each jump? Give it a try.

Zagara – Corrosive Saliva sleeper OP n fun to watch.

Zarya – Feel the Heat baseline?

Zeratul – let us solo core once again with Warp Skirmisher 7 and Darkness Descends 4 build

Zuljin – Recklessnessed steroids for Raynor, but lacking the knockback. Who needs it anyway on ZJ?



QM – enable abathur vs abathur rule, anyone found QM lately before “expanding search” status in order to give you some rainbow teams?

Unranked draft – havent been there since move of Team League into Storm League.

Storm League – solo que diamond+, smurfs will stay smurfing in platinum anyway forever, while you can help dia+ quality games. Want to duo or trio as dia? Go unranked or QM – or log your smurf you already have nowadays from SmurfLeague. Draft order from Team League back in time is sorted now in Hero League 2.0.

Arams – remember the most fun maps and modes in brawls? Why dont ya add those one lane maps with objectives into aram pool? Bring back arenas and Trial Grounds at least for custom games, please! The argument for them being put into bin due to unavailable servers for brawls was kind of meh to read after all that work developers done on them and the most fun memories from those brawl weeks that I barely touched any other mode with friends. Lastly for brawls, please at least enable 5v5 same heroes on aram maps lately. Shouldnt be hard to do iirc.



Alterac Pass – scripted a lot to take camp on cooldown, however pretty nice addition with armor on core, hope you will never add this to other maps in order to be “semi-forced” to destroy all keeps.

BOE – nothing much, if you want to win eazier, draft the sylvanas and splitpush opposite lane as full team after winning the objective. Repeat.

Blackhearts Bay – disable the map objectives-camps-etc once one team turns in the coins, map fixed for you, no problemm

Braxis Holdout – mm pretty meh and unique map that you can play few ways due to camps and rotations, why 4man bot? just race push pssssst

Cursed Hollow – core map of hots and one of best, nothing to say tbf

Dragon Shire – second out of best maps from my point of view in hots, lot of plays for drafts, rotations, objective value. Even tho the bridge of love is meh.

Garden of Terror – better version of Alterac Valley, sick macro map

Hanamura – remember why you removed-reworked Haunted Mines coz boss was unbalanced and pushing one lane only? Reminds me of value of Samurai over whellchair payload. Why is that in ranked pool?

Haunted Mines – incredibly fun QM map with gang spots and rotations to mines entrances, bugged lately coz of new heroes, but great map in 3v3 5v5 custom games

Infernal Shrines – Punishers are good, some macro tradeoffs can be done too, pretty broken if you splitpush after winning the objective as Sylvanas drafts.

Sky Temple – Can be big coin flip in how your teammates play the map and if you lose to macro and objective or comeback win wipe and boss win.

Tomb of Spider Queen – good rotation map and brawl for turnins, bot camp is new boss lately

Towers of Doom – some people hate this map, others love for the way it can be played for win or comebacks. You can brawl, you can macro, you can tradeoff, you can win on 6minute, you can throw your 36-2. One of best maps for sure.

Volskaya Foundry – lately people start to realize it is better to bring the objective into fort range and get out to be 4+1. Could you devs finally randomize the order of objective spawns on this map? Incredibly scripted and booring. Good backdoors tho lategame.

Warhead Junction – LoL/dota attempt map for hots to reward 1v1 on lanes? Unfortunatelly it is hots so you play it for toplane forever because of boss win on core. Rest of lanes are for control, soak and botlane deff/push pressure with camp. Tunnels are great addition, but removal of bot boss straight up put the map on toplane priority. Bring back botlane boss and spawn less objectives, but more powerfull ones? From what I get as points in those few quickmatches on that map.


To sum it up,

See ya in nexus maybe in future and..


PS: Classic Heroes Of The Storm map when? Ammo, no aggro, xp from siege, positioning, haunted mines version 1.

TL:DR – Hots is best moba. Lot of stuff for each hero, find your main and think about it. Noticable: Tyrael needs mana removed or adjusted costs to spam abilities in 2021, Tyrande needs cleanse back earlier, Storm League solo que diamond+, Aram brawls comeback of fun maps or 5v5 same heroes on aram.

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