Heroes of the Storm

A review of Anduin from a casual perspective and some suggestions for future balance

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - A review of Anduin from a casual perspective and some suggestions for future balance

So to preface this review, I only play QM. I believe its serves as a valuable test place for how well a hero can work in any environment thrown at them. While balancing heroes around normally serves for great data in how balance should be done it also shows only results from a near perfect testing environment. QM is a great test bed for what people would consider the chaos of matchmaking.

Now lets talk about Anduin and what I think are his pros and cons.


1) Great mana efficiency. His early game spell use is very easy to play around and I never feel like I get low unless I am spamming Divine Star off cooldown.

2) Very effective team fight potential. I never feel like its a struggle to keep teammates alive if play semi smart.

3) Nice balance of talents that dont feel like a mandatory choice (except level 1)


1) Range on Leap of Faith is too short. It requires you to be too close to the fighting to effectively use the spell to proper use.

2) There is no choice in level 1 talents. Bold Strategy is far too strong of a choice for the penalty it brings.

3) Basic Attack range is far too small for a ranged healer to use effectively, especially since a lot of hits talents work for Basics.


1) His level 1 talents need to be balanced so that Bold Strategy isnt the only choice. Either make the penalty to Flash Heal larger or reduce to effects of the talents when you choose Bold Strategy.


2) Pursued by Grace (Level 1 talent) is too weak. Either allow it to work on any enemy or increase the amount healed. Also increase the range that people can receive the heal.

3) Leap of Faith needs a range increase. As it stands right now it barely goes over most walls. Also a reduced CD would help make the ability feel like a bigger part of his kit. 80 secs is insane for something that doesnt even guarantee that the target will reach you.

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4) Lightbomb needs a level 20 talent. Maybe an increased radius or decrease the CD.

5) Lightwell needs more charges and a biggest area.

6) Blessed Recovery (Level 7 talent) needs more work in how it works. Make the heal instant. Instead of it being when he takes 8% health damage in a single instance make it so that when he receives fatal damage he gains 20% health on a 30 sec CD.

These are just initial impressions from someone who has gotten Anduin to level 7 in the last week. He is an amazing hero and with a few changes he could be one of the best heroes design wise in the game. I would love any feedback or any additional thoughts anyone else might have on Anduin.

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