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A terrible hero idea: Zergling

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - A terrible hero idea: Zergling

Im terrible at balance, honestly if it was up to me Rag would be a core replacer

this hero is like cho'gal but with a twist. its playable in solo queues but in a party you can have 2 selected when this is done all the zergs stats are increased by 50%. whole idea of this hero is to embody the meaning of the zerg, a powerful beast capable of taking down pretty much anything with enough time and effort.

Tenacity:Every minion slain permanently reduces re-spawn timer by 1 second of a max of 30

Collect 15 globes to gain Zerg-Rush

after 15 take downs apply a bleed on basic attacks doing 20 DPS over 4 seconds

This hero has no mount but instead has Zerg-Rush (as much as i would love to see one riding a pony)

Zerg Rush: 110% base movement speed. increase this by 5% for 3 seconds when taking damage of any type

Q- latch: pounce onto an enemy dealing 30 DPS and slowing them by 20% channelled for 5 seconds can be cancelled < this will hook you onto the target

W- Shred: forward raking AOE causing 40 damage and a small 10 DPS bleed for 4 seconds

E- Ransack: tear into a target doing 100 phyiscal damage and 200 damage to structures/armoured targets

R- FOR THE SWARM: summons 10 smaller Zergling to charge and swarm a target dealing 10 damage each lasting 30 seconds- bonus if trait is complete they gain the bleed effect from the trait

R2- Adapt.improvise: killing a hero increases your attack speed by .5% and increases damage against minions/mercs/boss/structures by 10%

Level 20:

R1- waisted potential: Zerglings now explode on death dealing 2% of the heroes health, doubled if bleeding


R2- Overcome: now grants a leech 1% for each bleed active no longer re-spawns in core, now can choose an allied fort/keep to spawn on even if destroyed

Ventricle wings: throw your self in a targeted direction

Stalk: Gain stealth when not attacking grants invisibility when not moving 30s CD

i'v got all sorts of weird hero ideas but this one is rather unusual compared to the rest, i mean we already have a probe so why not?

-EDIT- This has some amazing responses that i didn't expect at all, so looking at the comments heres some things that could change

  • Change the hero to be a multi playable character as
    grimskin - A terrible hero idea: Zergling
    u/grimskin has suggested. start with 1 zerg then more and more scaling by level, possibly every talent level gain +1 Zergboi.
  • Waisted-potential name change because zergs shouldn't be on diets, is now Maximum-Effort.
  • add some form of synergy with Zags creep with the capability of placing its own. would be neat to see it as a button-1 spell, rather than change the kit.
  • Carbot Zerg rise up.
  • Change the cho'gall style to better suite the top-comment here and instead have that in at smaller % but the more zergs you have up you gain + X power/damage/HP?
  • Change Ransack for Burrow or add it as a talent. this little guy is a counter to everything and its starting to become a boss and i'm loving it more

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