Heroes of the Storm

A Valeera rebuild, for your consideration.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - A Valeera rebuild, for your consideration.

Hi all. Just thought I'd share an idea for a Valeera rebuild. I don't expect it to be totally balanced or anything. I don't realistically expect any of these changes to be implemented either. I just enjoy theory crafting like this and hope it will encourage some interesting discussion. Apologies, but it's a long read.

  • Attack Type Melee
  • Health 2047>2000
  • Health Regen 4.2656
  • Resource 100 Energy
  • Energy Regeneration 10/Second
  • Unit Radius 0.625
  • Attack Speed 2.00
  • Attack Range 1.25
  • Attack Damage 79>70

The Health and damage nerfs are hopefully enough to justify some the buffs elsewhere. Ideally she'll have a power curve that starts weak and then ramps up, similar to Zeratul.

Permanent Cloak / Vanish

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Gain Stealth when out of combat for 4 Seconds, granting 20% Movement Speed and access to new Abilities. Taking damage, attacking, Mounting, or Channeling ends Stealth. Manually dismounting immidiately activates Stealth. After 3 seconds enter Deep Shadows, improving some of Valeera's Abilities. Remaining stationary for at least 1.5 seconds grants Invisible.

Activate to immediately enter Stealth. For the first second, Valeera is Unrevealable and can pass through other units.

The idea behind this change is to give Valeera a second charge of Stealth to use as emergency escape, or to regroup. In conjunction with the longer cooldown on her abilities and stealth activating automatically similar to Zeratul and Nova, the changes are designed to make using vanish a more weighted decision than just using it to reset and start with another opener. The mounting exclusion is to discourage opening from mounts and balance the range from opening with Deep Shadows.

Sinister Strike

30>20 Energy

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Dash forward, hitting all enemies in a line for 110>100 damage. If Sinister Strike hits a Hero, Valeera stops dashing immediately and the cooldown is reduced to 1 second.

Refreshes the armor debuff from Ambush.

Awards 1 Combo Point.

As with other abilities, the Energy cost has been adjusted to allow for more sustained damage during team fights. The armor debuff refresh is also intended to help in extended combat situations.

Ambush (Stealth)

10>15 Energy

Cooldown: 1>6 seconds

Ambush an enemy dealing 130>120 damage and reducing their Armor by 10 for 5 seconds. Ambush has 100% increased range and causes Valeera to teleport to the target when used while under the effect of Deep Shadows.

Awards 1 Combo Point.

Can now be used on structures and other targets.

With the removal of Cheap Shot and Garrote, Ambush becomes the de-facto choice for opening combat from Stealth. The Energy cost has been increased to account for the added power elsewhere in the kit. The cooldown increase is to help dissuade players from using Vanish primarily to stack Ambush attacks, and push them to use it more for an escape or reset.

Blade Flurry

40>20 Energy

Cooldown: 4 seconds

Deal 130>90 damage in an area around Valeera. Non-heroic targets take 100% bonus damage.

Awards 1 Combo Point per enemy Hero hit.

In the original Valeera design, Blade Flurry is often a large sink on Energy and tends to cause trouble for extended fights when misused. To help curve that, the damage output for Heroes has been lowered, but the cost has been reduced significantly. On the other hand, the bonus to non-Heroes is to reduce Valeera's abysmal effectiveness in clearing lanes and camps.

Sap (Stealth)

25 Energy

Cooldown 20 seconds

Incapacitates a target rendering them unable to act for 3 seconds. Sap's effects ends instantly if the target takes damage after the first 0.5 seconds. After being Stealthed for 3 seconds, Sap has 100% increased range and causes Valeera to teleport to the target when used. Does not break Stealth, but resets the timer for Deep Shadows.

  • Type: Crowd control
  • Affects: Enemies
  • Targeting: Unit target
  • Properties: Sleep
  • Cast time: Instant
  • Range: 2.5

The idea behind this ability is to allow Valeera to bring different types of crowd control to team fights and other situations.


25>15 Energy

Cooldown: 1>3 seconds

Consumes up to 3 Combo Points.

Eviscerate an enemy, dealing increased damage per Combo Point.

1 Point: 85>70

2 Points: 170>155

3 Points: 255>245

The main problem with Eviscerate before was that Valeera often didn't have enough Energy to use it after stacking Combo Points. The energy cost reduction and lowered damage is intended to curb that problem.

Crimson Vial (Stealth)

Cooldown 25 Seconds

15 Energy/Second

Valeera drinks and alchemical concoction, channeling to regenerate 10% of her maximum Health every second for 4 seconds. Moving while channeling or taking damage will interrupt this effect.

Does not break Stealth, but resets the timer for entering Deep Shadows or becoming invisible.

The idea behind this ability is to offer some sustain or another options after escaping a fight. Hopefully it won't be too powerful being gated behind stealth, a long cooldown, and the channel time.

Crippling Poison (Right click to activate autocasting)

Cooldown 15 seconds

Activate to make Valeera's next damaging Ability and subsequent Abilities within 4>5 seconds Slow targets by 20% for 4>5 seconds. Activating Crippling Poison does not break Stealth.

Granting this baseline as one of Valeera's methods for controlling fights in exchange for the previous power allotted in her openers as a core part of her kit. The ability can be toggled for autocast so it still gets used by lower-skilled players.


15 Energy

Cooldown 25 seconds

Gain 20% Movement Speed for 5 seconds. Reduce the duration of Slows and Roots against Valeera by 50% while active. Activating Sprint does not break Stealth. Stacks with the Movement Speed bonus from Stealth.


15 Energy

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Throw a flash bomb that Blinds enemies in the target area for 1.5 seconds.

Using Distract does not break Stealth.

  • Type: Status effect
  • Affects: Enemies
  • Targeting: Point target
  • Properties: Area of Effect, Blind
  • Cast time: 0.125 + 0 seconds
  • Range: 8.0
  • Area of Effect: Circle
  • Radius: 2.5

Another tool for Valeera to make use of in various ways. It doesn't do any damage, but allows for her to cause more trouble from stealth or when a blind would be useful. Consider this as part of the Blind broken off from Cheap Shot.

Smoke Bomb

10 Energy

Cooldown 50 seconds

Create a cloud of smoke that lasts 5 seconds. Upon activation, Valeera instantly enters Deep Stealth, removes all damage over time effects on herself, and gains Unstoppable for 1 second. While Stealthed within the smoke cloud, Valeera is Unrevealable, can pass through other units, and gains 30 Armor. Attacking or using damaging abilities breaks stealth normally, but Valeera retains the armor and unit pathing benefits.

Resets the Cooldown on Ambush.

  • Type: Status effect, Damage modifier: Armor
  • Affects: Self
  • Targeting: No target
  • Properties: Stealth, Unrevealable, Unstoppable
  • Cast time: Instant
  • Area of Effect: Circle
  • Radius: 5

If Valeera enters Stealth by any means within the cloud she gains Unreavealable.

Changes here include a slightly reduced cooldown, increased radius, and the cleanse effect from Cloak of Shadows.

These buffs are in exchange for the combat benefit of continuing to fight within the cloud. This shifts the focus of the ability to a defensive/reset ability while removing some of the frustration and lack of counter play from dealing damage while being unrevealable.

Shuriken Toss

20 Energy

Cooldown 15 seconds

Throw a Shuriken that deals 80 damage to the first enemy hit. Deals 75% bonus damage and applies Crippling Poison to targets below 25% Health.

Awards 1 Combo Point.

  • Scaling: 4.00%
  • Affects: Enemies
  • Targeting: Point target
  • Cast time: 0.125 + 0 seconds
  • Range: 10
  • Hitbox:0.6×1.25
  • Missile speed: 20

Breaks Stealth

This ability is an option to help Valeera when she has trouble being kited or finishing low health enemies. And an alternative to the old setup wherein Smoke Bomb and Cloak of Shadows occupied a somewhat similar use case.



Combat Readiness

For Every 5 seconds in Stealth, and for every Combo Point spent, gain 50 Physical Armor against the next enemy Hero Basic Attack and all other Heroic Basic Attacks within 0.5 seconds.

Stores up to 3 charges.


Retain the Movement Speed bonus from Stealth for 3 seconds after leaving it.

Ambush awards 2 Combo Points.

Deadly Poison

Crippling Poison also deals 20 Damage per second for the duration.

Relentless Strikes

Sinister Strike's Cooldown is reduced by 2 second and deals an additional 100% bonus damage to non-heroic targets.

This doesn't effect the cooldown when successfully hitting an enemy Hero. It is more intended to be a mobility and PvE tool.


Cheap Shot

Ambush Stuns the target for .75 seconds.


Ambush Silences the target for 2 seconds.

Death From Above

Increases the Armor reduction from Ambush to 20.


Fan of Knives

Blade Flurry strikes a second time in an ring outside of the initial attack radius 0.5 seconds later, dealing 50% damage. Heroes can only grant 1 Combo Point each per cast of Blade Flurry.

  • Area of Effect: Ring
  • Radius: 3 to 4 (4 to 5 with Long Knives)

Preparation Increase the maximum number of combo points Valeera can store by 2, and the duration of Combo Points by 5 seconds. Generate 1 Combo Point upon entering Stealth that does not begin to expire until exiting Stealth.

Eviscerate still only consumes a maximum of 3 Combo Points.

Mind-Numbing Poison

Crippling Poison also reduces the Attack Speed and Spell Power of enemy Heroes by 20% for the duration.


Heroics, see above


Crimson Tempest

Eviscerate now strikes all nearby enemies for 75% damage.

  • Radius: 3 (4 with Long Knives)


Eviscerate deals an additional 10 damage a second per Combo Point for 6 seconds.


Eviscerate deals 30% Bonus damage per Combo Point to enemies below 25% Health.


Long Knives

Increases the range of Sinister Strike and the Radius of Blade Flurry by 1.

Cheat Death

Gain 15 Armor for 5 seconds after losing Stealth.

Upon taking damage below 25% Health, gain 35 Armor for 5 seconds. This effect has a 60 second cooldown.

Fleet Footed

Increase the Movement Speed bonus of Sprint to 25% and reduce the cooldown by 5 seconds.

While under the effects of Deep Shadow Stealth, gain an additional 20% Movement Speed. This does not stack with the bonus from Sprint.

Poison Bomb

Reduces the cooldown of Distract by 5 seconds, and it now applies Crippling Poison to enemies hit.


Thick as Thieves

Reduce the cooldown of Smoke Bomb by 10 seconds. Allies now benefit from the effects of the Smoke Bomb. Enemies inside the Smoke Bomb have reduced visibility of environment outside of the effect, and enemies outside have reduced visibility inside of it.

This grants allies the armor and pathing buff and also causes some team fight disruption.

Nothing Personal, Kid

Shuriken Toss now pierces all enemies hit and applies Crippling Poison to all targets. Upon hitting a hero below 25% Health, Sinister Strike's Cooldown is refreshed, and your next casting of the Ability within 5 seconds will be a Deep Shadow Stealth Ambush.

Master Poisoner

Lowers the Cooldown of Crippling Poison by 5 seconds, Increases the duration by 1 second, and the Slow to 25% Movement Speed.

Crippling Poison also reduces enemy healing received by 50% for the duration.

Cloak of Shadows

Reduces the Cooldown of Vanish by 5 seconds.

Activating Vanish now immediately activated Deep Shadows, removes all damage over time effects from Valeera, and grants Unstoppable for 1 second.

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