Heroes of the Storm

AA Lucio with my insights and a replay on YouTube

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - AA Lucio with my insights and a replay on YouTube

AA Lucio Replay I uploaded to YouTube

I'm sure that someone has made this build popular already. I'm a Diamond Player and I've been playing Lucio for the past week. I also did a one trick Lucio in Storm League and managed to climb from Silver 1 to Plat 5 with 80+ games with this build, maintain a 70-75% winrate with this specific build.

This is a different build that doesn't make you a backline support.

For me, this is a aggressive playstyle for support players. This build relies on auto-attacking more to reduce Amp It Up's cooldown. Another combo is using Push Off to get behind an enemy and using your Q to push them back.

Anyone else want to try it, I can leave talent guide and try to explain.

1 – Smooth Moves – gives you extra sustain and increases your wallride duration effect by 1 second (works well when you get level 16. Can explain later on)

4 – Supersonic – Push Off recharges 100% faster while wallriding. With this playstyle, you use your trait more whether initiating, getting out of sticky situation or just traversing through the map.

7 – Reverse Amp – While 'Amp It Up' (E) is active, enemies within affected area receive the negative effect.

10 – Sound Barrier – After 1 second delay, you give a big shield (that also decays) for 6 seconds. I prefer this than the High Five because it can block a lot of damage, even bigger than the single target heal/cleanse of High Five.

13 – Slip – You get 20 armor while Wallride is active and you get a sudden boost in movespeed whenever you pass by an enemy hero. Extra toughness, letting you play more aggressively. Also whenever you chase down Heroes, passing by them will give you movespeed to eventually push them back into your team.

16 – Up The Frequency – While Wallride is active, your attack range is increased by 2.2 units. Also hitting Heroes with basic attack reduces the cooldown of Amp It Up by 0.4 seconds. Note that Lucio's normal attack is not 1 attack at a time but 4 small damage balls at a time.

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20 – Bossa Nova – Reduces the cooldown of Sound Barrier to 30 seconds but the shield now decays for 4 seconds. I take this so I can spam it more often. Still big amount of shield to mitigate damage in an area.


Level 16 is a great powerspike and previous talents work well with this talent.

Taking Smooth Moves at level 1, you increase wallride duration after getting away from wall. I think 2 seconds if you take Smooth Moves at level 1. You're gonna have a longer range and having that longer range, you'll do basic attacks safer and significally reduce Amp It Up's cooldown.

Taking Amp It Up, you can you do healing to your allies and damage to your enemies. Or you enable your teammates to move faster while you slow enemies.

Lucio's auto attacks aren't strong but this talent combination enable him to frequently use Amp It Up in teamfights.

Other things that I've learned while practicing this build is don't just rely on Crossfade's heal. Sometimes it is more effective to save a teammate with Crossfade on speedboost and using Amp It Up to save a teammate. Or if Amp It Up is not available, 20 hp per second won't be able to save a teammate if they are getting burst down.

And when chasing an enemy team that is falling back, there are times that using Crossfade on movement speed and Amp It Up greatly slows them for your team to capitalize.

Now the cons of this build.

-You can play carelessly with this playstyle, you can be punished easily.

-You don't have burst healing unlike other support heroes

-At level 20, Genji with level 20 Deflect Quest Reward can exterminate your team if he manage to deflect your Reverse Amp.

-You cannot 1v1 heroes, esp assassins in the early game. You can endure more because you have heals, extra healing from basic attacks and 20 armor when you wallride.

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-Using Push Off aggressively in an attempt to push an enemy is very punishing to Lucio. You can get stunned immediately and die.

And last, I am not an expert in making guides. But I love this game and would like to share what I think is good, and maybe other people may like it. If you have any comment, I'd like to hear some critic or comment on this.

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