Heroes of the Storm

Abathur 2021 – Advanced Tips and Tricks

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Abathur 2021 - Advanced Tips and Tricks

Last week, I learned from a random Reddit comment that Abathur can send his Monstrosity back to base to heal with Z. As a level 141 Abathur, this was possibly my greatest HotS-related shame of all time.

This made me realize there's probably more niche tricks like this that I still don't know about. So I'd like to share some of the cheeky little Abathur strats I've accumulated over the years so nobody else experiences this great shame, and hopefully learn some more strategies from other players.

Just to be clear, most of these tricks will not be used in every game, or even in most games, but they can be very useful in niche circumstances. So here are my cheeky Abathur tricks and tips, vaguely organized:


  • do camps with mines/locust and/or AOE shield
  • hat summons (azmodan demons, gazlowe turrets)
  • place mines NEAR walking paths but not ON walking paths if you want to provide constant vision
  • drop MULE in the backline to use it as a turret for hats (great for interrupting objective channels)
  • drop MULE behind core so its harder for the enemy to see and attack
  • if you don't expect to need to tunnel within the first 60 seconds of a game, you can stack 2 locusts at the start of a game by digging from the gates straight into lane when the game begins
  • you can't body soak from inside a bush


  • you can hat allied vision camps on Hanamura
  • drop a mine behind a pushing Samurai camp to make it waste its cleave spec
  • AOE shield your cursed minion waves on Cursed Hollow
  • use hat while on Volskaya conveyor belts to move while hatting
  • if not able to body soak, sit at the end of conveyor belts to send your locusts into lane quickly from a safe distance


  • Qhira's DOT is bugged with Qhira clone; attacking a hero with 2 Qhiras can cause 10 stacks of Qhira's DOT instantly but either Qhira or the clone will be unable to activate Qhira's W (usually worth though)
  • Malthael DOT/mark can be used by both Malthaels. Clone can teleport to enemy's marked by the original Malthael and vice versa.
  • Jaina's Chill can be applied and utilized both Jainas
  • Creep placed by an Zagara clone will last for the full 240 seconds and provide both Zagaras with attack range/movement speed
  • Kharazim clone DOES gets his level 1 talent
  • Varian clone DOES NOT get his level 4 talents
  • Falstad clone can use Z (which is an insane semi-global engage for clone)
  • Brightwing and Dehaka clones can also Z but are much less useful
  • Cho'Gall clone only gives Cho but is still a really solid clone
  • cloning The Lost Vikings only gives the one viking you use it on
  • Sylvanas clone can use her trait to disable buildings/minions


  • Kharazim can dash to mines and locusts so give your homie an escape if he needs it
  • make Monstrosity walk into waves/allied heroes to AOE shield
  • send Monstrosity to base with Z to heal it

I don't have a lot of advice for using Monstrosity. I mostly play clone but have been trying to improve my Monstrosity play over the last few weeks. So I'd really love to hear about any other tricks people have for playing Abathur, monstrosity-related or not.

Post your Abathur tips below!

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