Heroes of the Storm

Abathur: How has he gotten away for so long?

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Abathur: How has he gotten away for so long?
  1. No real counter.

  2. Average of 0 to 1 death every game.

  3. Almost map-wide vision / unmounting / damage.

  4. Globally siege and soak every lane down without having to move.

  5. Boost a single hero so much it doesn't really feel like 4v5 in a proper teamfight. Not even mentioning his ultimate evolution heroic.

  6. Excellent anti-stealth tools.

  7. Only hero that can repair buildings.

  8. You will win ANY evenly numbered skirmish, automatically turning a 1v1 or 2v2 into a losing situation.

  9. Monstrosity requires time to be stopped and is like a portable Zagara. A nuisance.

  10. You can't get outplayed when you're Abathur, because you're not really there. You can't overextend or die unless you really want to. There's no getting caught, there's no focus fire, there's no "just CC him". Sure a good aba will play risky to get maximum benefits out of soaking and pushing, but they will also rarely die.

There's just nothing fun about facing this hero. It's a zero interaction, safe and forgiving hero and while he's not easy to play, that doesn't mean he's balanced around that. If you play properly there's zero chance to get caught because even if you're in plain sight, you can either teleport away or mine the field so that no one can ambush you.


When you pick abathur, you are ensuring 1/5 of your team will NOT feed or have many deaths at all, if any. It's 20% less sources of EXP through hero kills basically. Shouldn't this be huge? You're picking a hero that on average never dies, while the enemy has 5 perfectly killable characters.

I see no reason as to why he shouldn't be nerfed to oblivion. He's unique and precisely because of that he brings stuff to the table that no other hero has or will ever have. Anyone can see that he's super powerful.

I know I sound salty but it's true. He's not gamebreaking but he is extremely frustrating to play against, and brings too much to the table in terms of utility, damage, healing, soaking and pushing. Other frustrating heroes like the old stealth ones were nuked just for pubstomping, meanwhile the slug is strong at all levels of play plus having, again, no counters.

Of course I'm not asking to destroy the hero but he should be less forgiving to play. If he has so many tools, he needs drawbacks. Remove his ability to hearthstone back, increase the cooldown between symbiote switching, remove MULE, higher respawn cooldown if caught or higher EXP given, some penalty for dying with ultimate evolution… I don't know, but something is needed.

Either keep him as strong but give him real drawbacks, or nerf him in every area. He kills the fun of this game for me.

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