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Abathur Jail-Breaker Skin + Locust Talent & ‘Near Team’ Build Idea

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Abathur Jail-Breaker Skin + Locust Talent & 'Near Team' Build Idea

Here's the skin! This thread was an opportunity to sketch a redemption-seeking Abathur.

Refining & sharing some Abathur notes due to his rework. Feedback and creative input is appreciated!

Here's Abathur statistics after and before rework for reference.

Locusts So Far

Locust talents were and are poor, and mere buffs won't fix their design issues. Passive, spammable, they give Abathur more of a reason for risks and mindgames, but barely add to his gameplay as he can already move around etc. First two are just buffs. As for Locust Brood, spamming it is often the best choice, same's true even for Locust Nest sometimes.

This isn't about PvE vs PvP, as despite being PvE-inclided, Monstrosity needs repeated engagement and enriches Abathur's gameplay more than its counterpart. This about adding impact and interest to Locusts.

Improving the Locust Build

Condense, make more engaging, add a bit more PvP-wise to make Locusts less one-dimensional. Suggestions follow.

Lvl1: Locust Brood (Trait) – Merged with Survival Instincts

· Activate to spawn three Locusts. 180 second cooldown (starts on cooldown).

· Hitting heroes with Stab, Spike Burst and Toxic Nests reduces the cooldown of Locust Brood by 1 second.

· Passive: Increases Locust Health and Damage by 40%.

The idea is for your pushing to benefit from active PvP interaction and even synergize with non-Locust talents.

New Lvl13 Talent: Multi-Strain (Trait), Replaces Bombard Strain

· Grants bonuses to future Locusts. Activate D to switch.

· Bombard Strain: Locusts last 50% longer and gain a long-range siege attack.

· Assault Strain: Locusts gain 25% Movement Speed and explode for 120 damage on death.

Being able to switch makes this more engaging and fits Aba's adaptive design. PvE-wise, explosive frontliner vs backline sieging. PvP-wise, explosive hunter vs zoning poke. Versatility counts as a buff.

Locust Nest

· Now lasts for 60 seconds.

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· Added Functionality: The last spawn creates three Locusts.

·Passive: Locusts gain 20 Armor against Heroes.

The triple spawn gives more value to well-placed nests and punishes indifferent enemies more, while needing 15 more seconds than the cd discourages spamming. Armor is more of a PvP bonus. Which leads to the next topic…

Exploring PvP Locust and 'Near Team' Gameplay (Just Experimental)

Things are about to get theoretical and situational. But this can sort of work already and mindgames are part of Abathur's identity, neither memey or cheesy. Think of Murky placing his egg near a fight. Risk vs reward. You risk your life, enemies risk wasting abilities or going too deep. I find it interesting to explore these aspects of Abathur.

This can work by 1) making it easier for Locusts to intervene in a fight, 2) give a couple talents that are somewhat stronger when Abathur is near the Symbiote host.

Near a lane, post-20 or in a really crucial fight, Abathur could opt to add Locust pressure in a fight. This adds more of a PvP potential for Locusts, making them a more versatile and multi-dimensional tool. Note the potential part. I am not suggesting Abathur and his bugs should hug his teammates the whole game. Just something he could do!

Notably, such builds can alleviate Aba's soaking or Locust build weakness on his worse maps maps like Braxxis and Spider Tomb. Hence more map diversity, and more build diversity on these maps.

Biggest issues with this idea, imo, 1: The matter of body soaking 2: Confusing new players.


New Ability – Locust Command (E)

· Set a point for nearby Locusts to travel towards for up to 5 seconds after spawning. Reactivating cancels the last point.

· OR – Can toggle D during Symbiote to cause Locusts to move toward the host.

Helps Locusts intervene in a fight or target your preferred lane if you're deep in the battlefield. Can nerf by having Locusts leave a trail (for a while after spawning), same that Abathur does, helping enemies locate him.

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Symbiote (Q)

· Now grants Abathur 20 Spell Armor while active.

Shield is there visually. This would protect Abathur against specific threats that could scare him into hiding in base all the time, like Mephisto’s Consume Souls with the lvl20 upgrade. And if he wants to get closer, they add a bit more survivability against long-ranged nukes. Getting close & global movement still as effective.

New Level 4 Talent: Metabolic Boost (Q)

· The Symbiote’s host gains 8% Spell Power and Symbiote 4% Spell Power over 4 seconds. If the host isn’t farther from Abathur than 250% of his vision range, these bonuses apply instantly.

Hard to tell the balance but Adrenal Overload + Auriel’s level 16 helps.

New Level 7: Biotic Leech

· Symbiote’s host Hero or Monstrosity is healed for 75% of the damage dealt to Enemy Heroes by Toxic Nests and Locusts.

Offers new ways of healing dependent on planning ahead, Locust and Toxic Nest build synergy.

New Level 7 Talent: Symbiotic Link (Q)

·Carapace grants 20 Armor for 2 Seconds and heals the host for 100% more. Within 250% of Abathur’s vision range, this increases to 150% and Carapace also applies to Abathur.

Fixed duration Armor makes timing more crucial, aka spam less effective, and doesn’t synergize with Carapace talents.

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