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Abathur kit discussion

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Abathur kit discussion

As title says. Yes, I am going to rant as playing solo vs duos or teams that are using Abathur in any mode is taking away my will to play more and I believe that this topic is not covered enough for devs to understand how frustrating experience it is.

I've played many in many metas and a survived a lot of weird and annoying comps during my nearly 5 years of HotS adventure. But this one is driving me crazy and make me literally stop playing this game for extended amounts of time.

I am talking about playing vs Abathur in QM or solo queue. I am not aginst Abathur concept in general. I am talking about too high level of free damage, protection and utility that some parts of his kit offer to the team without any serious disadvantage or risk.

First of all, his healing. His basic heal is 22 health per s as long as shield (in amount of 150 base) is active. This gives 132 health + 150 shielding every 6 s, untalented, as long as the shield is active. Brightwing heals for 106 health every 4 s, Kharazim heals for 285 every 10 s, Li Li heals for 175 every 4 s. Every hero mentioned is a HEALER but Abathur is not – this number shouldn't be that high, comparable to what default healers do. Not to mention, Abathur doesn't need to travel to toplane to heal offlaner. To be fair, I prefer to fight solo vs Sonya + Rehgar than vs Sonya + Abathur on levels 1-6. Also, Abathur can enhance the shield amount by 40% with commonly taken level 1 talent. The continous effects of this ability, connected with its short cooldown and global reach are creating unfair disadvantage.

Can we discuss if Abathur needs this healing at all?

Or, possibly, can we talk about destroyable hat – let's give Abathur 300 shield baseline (or whatever makes sense), but when it's removed to 0 the hat disappears from the host? Similarly as when the target is killed now?


2nd thing, and the most oppresive in my opinion, level 4 attack speed with symbionte. With "Adrenal Overload" symbiote hosts gains 25% increased Attack Speed. To compare this talent with others:

– Auriel's "Will of Heaven" gives 20% Attack Speed. It's 5 points less than Abathur's and it's on level 16 (!).

– Tyrael's "Swift Retribution" gives also 25% attack speed but only for 2 s.

I just can't find justification for this talent it this form no longer. The attack speed buff needs to end when the shield is destroyed or to last only set amount of the time. Alternatively, it could provide lesser amount of extra attack speed (10% or 15%) passively. The 3rd suggestion from my side to this talent could be mixing both solutions: Symbionte hosts gains 10% attack speed, doubled when the shield from Carapace is active.

What is your opinion on this, Reddit?

The last thing that is mildy annoying is the rest of Abathur's kit: invisible mines, mule, deep tunnel to keep cheese strategy – this things are annoying, but in a good way. I don't mind them, they have counterplay, they require planning and experience. I believe that despite being hard to play against or around they should still be part of Abathur's kit and his playstyle, even if they get buffed to compensate for suggested nerfs for other parts of his kit.

Thank you for reading and participating in the discussion.

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