Heroes of the Storm

Abathur Pro Gamer Skin + Toxic Nest Ideas

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Abathur Pro Gamer Skin + Toxic Nest Ideas

Gamer skin sketch! Also sketched a 'Jail-Breaker' skin for my Locust idea thread.

Rather fits Abathur as a multitasking perfectionist with apathetic dialogue, who loves to judge and boast but avoids personal contact. Thanks to local wireless and his portable gaming station, he can instantly join his friends as player 2, either with his own avatar or by digitally copying them. If they're too lame, he can always depend on his pal Monstrosity!

Now for the Nest suggestions! Also, here's Abathur statistics after and before rework.

Core Nest Suggestions: Buff and De-Cheese

· Now slows by 10/15/20% for 2 seconds. (Whatever's balanced against below nerfs)

Nests that slow chasers or fleeing heroes are more strategic and benefit less from stacking/spam. Should be baseline.

· Damage now occurs over 4 seconds.

Time to react = less blow-up cheese. Could also require them to be placed further apart.

· No longer dismounts heroes.

This might sound deranged, but hear me out. More de-cheese as players can't know whether to re-mount after hitting a Nest as more may be ahead, and following the optimal path to (re)join fights can be punished. Keep in mind Nest revealing and damage already counter rotation, and Abathur insta-rotates. Rotation isn't his weakness, but cc is.


'Cheese' doesn't mean 'strong', but situational, unfun to play with/against, or encouraging bad gameplay. Stacked Nests fill all criteria. Moving power from these to a baseline slow would make Abathur healthier and more universally useful.

Talent Suggestions

Lvl1 Envenomed Nest (W) – Merged with Vile Nest

· Added Functionality: Also increases Toxic Nest slow by 10%.

Adding both damage and cc fits the ability and tier’s theme. Lvl1 you choose between dps, sustain, PvE and map control.

New Lvl7 Talent: Biotic Leech

· Symbiote’s host Hero or Monstrosity is healed for 75% of the damage dealt to Enemy Heroes by Toxic Nests and Locusts.

New way of healing based on planning ahead, might be too weird but also has Locust synergy (see previous thread).

New Lvl20 Talent: Ballistospores (W)

· Toxic Nests gain 50% explosion radius and affected enemies receive 50% bonus damage from Stab and Spike Burst. Additionally, Toxic Nests can be cast during Symbiote within a certain range of the host, regardless of base range.

A Storm Toxic Nest talent with a PvP focus, as it’s castable during Symbiote wherever your allies may be. The bonus damage needs you to interact with enemies and benefits from non-Nest talents, which promotes diversity.

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