Heroes of the Storm

Abathur, QM Matchmaking & Roles

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Abathur, QM Matchmaking & Roles

I'm a player who solely plays QM (lvl 1150) I Just have some feedback for the developers going forward with QM.

If you're going to continue the Quick Match structure where tanks & healers are not guaranteed on both teams, can you at least for games that DON'T have tanks & healers – at least consider limiting certain Heroes to be on the same team together?

I've seen Abathur make a hefty return to S Tier recently when coupled with heroes like:
>> Artanis, Imperious, Illidan, Zera (and most tanks/bruisers)

Games without healers or tanks are just becoming 'cheese-fests' where a single Abathur + Artanis due to their insane shield & survivability are soloing entire teams. (no exaggeration) So basically without any tanks to try and disrupt/absorb some of the damage and no healers to actually heal, it means having to play an extremely boring game style that doesn't really reflect the true gameplay of Heroes, it's like going back to the Alpha days where if you could play Abathur & Illidan, you pretty much had rank 1 confirmed 😀


Also, a bit more of a rant into the QM matchmaking system:

I appreciate the mode is called 'Quick Match' and therefore should be quick but some of the match ups are so one-sided that it's not even funny, there just needs to be a bit more structure. Most Quick Match matches feel more like 'Brawls' in the way that they are there for some quick silly fun rather than an actual match of Heroes, you know?


Now you've sorted the role system with the latest patch, it would make a lot of sense if you added a way in QM that players could choose to wait longer to ensure they get tanks & healers on both teams as this insanely improves the quality of games. I can't stress enough how much better QM is with tanks & healers on both sides.

The majority of games I play without Tanks and Healers are probably around 75% of the time completely dominated by one team (usually the ones with the hero killer (Nova, Zera, Butcher, Valera, etc.) however, every game I play in QM with Tanks & Healers is normally much more enjoyable with good back & forth gameplay and meaningful team fights.


Also, in before "this is what ranked play is for"

Sadly ranked isn't for me as it isn't for a lot of people, it's normally a very toxic environment, very stressful, I feel demoralized every season watching my rank go lower and lower, it just makes me feel like shite to be honest when I play it. I play QM because it means I can play the hero I want without screwing over the team, people seem to be a bit more understanding in QM and well yeah, you get the point.

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