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HeroesoftheStorm 6 - About Anduin's talents

Lightboy just got released a week ago and I'm having the most fun with him! Already got him at level 20 after seventy-something games and checking his winrate on HotsLogs I've been thinking about tweaks that could be implemented to boost his winrate ever so slightly and make less-favoured talents more appealing.

Baseline/Level 1:

This is arguably Anduin's biggest issue. Bold Strategy is simply the best option, no doubt about it. However, its winrate is decent, so my idea for a fix would be to make Flash Heal a 0.5s cast time instead of 0.75s baseline and Bold Strategy would increase it back to 0.75s. This way, its winrate would remain the same, but the other two talents would provide slightly safer gameplay and burstier heals.

Baseline I would also make Chastise root every enemy hero in its path. It's a very slow projectile and realistically you're not aiming for more than one enemy. It would just feel satisfying to get that oh-so rare 2-man root.

Level 13:

The issue I see on this tier is that all three talents do the same thing (arguably Speed of the Pious is the outlier) so it comes down to math or preference to figure out your pick. Other than that, Talent tiers are supposed to be power spikes, and this one is simply underwhelming.

What I'd suggest is additional functionalities to each of the three talents that fit their already-existing bonuses.


Speed of the Pious: Also decreases Divine Star's cooldown by 1s per enemy hero hit. (which means more heals, but also bursts of speed more often at the cost of more mana)

Enchanted Boots – Lion's Speed: As long as the Leap of Faith target is alive, Leap of Faith cools down 100% faster. (This doesn't provide any additional healing, but it does mean saving allies more often and it could synergise well with Glyph of Faith)

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Push Forward!: Damaging an enemy Hero also grants 3% Spell Power for 6 seconds, up to 15%. (Again, increased healing and this time, instead of more consistent movement speed, slightly increased damage)

Level 16:

Here I just feel that Holy Nova is a bit counter-intuitive as all the damage portion of it does is slightly help with waveclear. I think the damage nova should be at the apex and only the healing around Anduin.

Level 20:

Simply put, Light of Stormwind is boring. But I guess that's nitpicky, especially since I didn't come up with anything for it.

How do you guys feel about Anduin's talents? Do they need any tweaks or are they fine as is?

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