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Absolute failure of management and communication. How the way the bad news were delivered is a bad news of its own.

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Absolute failure of management and communication. How the way the bad news were delivered is a bad news of its own.

Here's the deal slowing down development and shutting down HGC are bad news. But the way they were delivered just made them much worse and made the harm bigger.

Destroying player good will

Let's be honest here. How many of the pro players and educational content creators that have been screwed up by this are ever going to give their time to a blizzard game? These were some of Blizzard's most loyal players. They gave this game a chance even after all that it went through.

And I am not talking about HGC shutting down. I am talking about Blizzard waiting until December 13-th to mention it. The lack of communication and radio silence did more harm to the game than shutting down HGC ever did.

I am completely serious in saying that the right time to mention this was at Blizzcon. Some people point out that maybe this decision wasn't made at Blizzcon. Well, I have plenty of reason to believe that the higher ups were at least considering this decision back then. At the very least, pro players deserved to know that HGC 2019 was not guaranteed to happen and that an official announcement on whether or not there was going to be an HGC wouldn't come until December 14-th.

It's a complete lack of respect to people who did work for AcitiBlizzard to have kept such a secret from them.

Though the Candence will change

I will just say it : This is not remotely the right way to communicate the future of the game to your players. We were told there will be still be content updates for the game. But we have no word on what the actual new frequency will be. Just that the frequency will change.


I don't know if we are going to have one hero every 4 months. Or 1 hero every year. Or 1 hero every 2 years.

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Last year the announcement that hero release rate was getting halved was very sad but it was accurate because it told us exactly what to expect. With "the cadence will change" I do not know what to expect from the game. This uncertainty is very bad. This makes my estimate of the future of the game to be pessimistic.

If Blizzard told us that the hero release rate will be 1 every two years. That would be terrible but it would still be better than what we have right now in which we don't know for sure if there will be a new hero every 4 years or ever again.

My point is: The announcement was unnecessarily cryptic and if blizzard's intention was not to completely shutdown player trust on this game then they should have been much , much more transparent in explaining what this means for the game. What will be the frequency for balance patches? What will be the frequency and scope for content patches (if any)?

We had blue posts in another thread assuring us that they will still work passionately on this game. That's not enough. We need numbers. We need reassurance that this project will be taken seriously. And that's something that needs to happen long before you can even think of us continuing to purchase loot boxes or boosts.

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