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Advice / Content for getting from d5 to Masters?

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Advice / Content for getting from d5 to Masters?

I'm looking for advice to help with the climb at the top of the ladder. I've climbed my own way up to d5, mostly by playing a lot and by reading stuff here and icyviens/tth for hero specific advice. I have several former Master/GM players on my FL and they enjoy playing with me, they think I am a solid player. But I solo queue primarily even though I do enjoy playing with others when possible. I feel like I've somewhat stalled out around d5, I started pre-season plat 2 and climbed up to d5 but I have been pretty much in this rank for a while now and I'm floating a 51% WR.

How I play: If I had to declare a main hero I would say it's Azmodan he's my highest level hero (by quite a lot) and I have around a 60% WR on him in over 100games this season. I like playing Azmodan because I feel that he allows me to control map macro and soak advantage while also being able to drop FU level nukes in teamfights and eventually just basically 2 shotting the entire enemy team after level 20. I am also comfortable playing him with any build (dunk build, push build, lazer build, AA build).

My other top heroes are Slyvanas, Lunara, Jaina, KT, Lucio, Lili, Johanna and Muradin with a bit of Tychus and Leoric thrown in when the matchup/comp fits them.


I would say I am capable of playing the Carry DPS, 2nd DPS, Maintank (on Joh/Mura) and offtank (on leoric) as well as healer (on lucio, lili and uther) very comfortably and excelling at this level in those roles. Where I'm absolutely the weakest is playing finisher heroes (zeratul, tracer, genji etc.) and solo lane bruisers. However, I don't know if it is worth spending my limited resources (play time / research / practice time) improving on my weaknesses rather than just honing my strengths. In a pinch I can play Thrall in the solo lane, although I would prefer not to do it.

I've been trying to find advice to help me climb the last 5 ranks up to masters but unfortunately what I'm finding is mostly fluff / advice that I already knew back when I was in Silver. Take this TTH article as an example, super basic stuff that I would expect everyone to know in an article titled ("how to get to grandmaster")
heroes of the storm how to reach rank 1 in hero league - Advice / Content for getting from d5 to Masters?

http://www.tentonhammer.com/guides/heroes-of-the-storm-how-to-reach-rank-1-in-hero-league .

So can anyone help me out or point me towards the right content for my own consumption? I can provide more info about my playstyle or replays or w/e if you ask for them in a comment.

Any help is appreciated.

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