Heroes of the Storm

After 5 years of HOTS, time to say goodbye to this game.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - After 5 years of HOTS, time to say goodbye to this game.

Do you guys remember the early days of the game when people communicated, joked around, added each other on friend lists and played together? None of that has been around for years already.

The past few weeks or even months have become completely non-enjoyable by all means.

  • Constant afk. Out of past 20 matches, good 10-12 had an AFK/AI person.
  • 18/20 games had its toxicity break all of the world records in any modern gaming scene.
  • Botting in this game has also become fairly common and rather annoying.

Game is no longer about the team work, communication and having fun. It has become all about measuring "your keyboards sizes" (keeping it PG-13 here))

To be honest, I always believed that I was the good representation of the game. No bashing or being toxic, offering advice when asked, never afk'd or rage quit. If IRL hit, I'd always apologize and leave immediately without sitting idle for 2 minutes for AI to take over (which is now horrible btw). I used to be very active on this subreddit first couple of years. I stopped, as the majority of the posts are no longer seem to have any constructive discussions, but rather art concepts, videos, non stop youtube advertisements etc etc etc.

Cumulatively, to eye ball it, I've spent over $1,500 on the game if not more. Before 2.0, I owned every single mount and skin. Now, I own probably about 95% of the skins/mounts/voice lines and I really did love the game, hence I supported the developers by spending $20-30 bucks a month on random stuff and buying all new content skins to complete my collection.


I don't even know if it is dev's fault. I doubt it. They can't control keyboard slamming ragers who think they are better than everyone for landing that final kill or being the top damage dealer because they would focus tanks.

I just wish that the report system was more efficient. Every now and then I see posts about people receiving emails from the team that per their reports someone got banned. With all honesty, all of my reports have always been legit. Never because I was angry or mad or anything of the sort. But legit issues that caused bad games – purposeful throwing, toxicity etc. And yet, I never got anything. But maybe tho

Thank you HOTS dev team.

Sincerely. HOTS has been the only moba game that I have ever enjoyed. You guys are great and I wish Actizzard would have really invested more into you and the quality you bring.

I wish everyone all the best. I just feel like I've played enough of this game. I do see myself coming back to HOTS once every month to play my main (Anduin), but I doubt I will ever invest as I used to.

Here are my statistics on the account:
https://imgur.com/a/7OLWEq1 and my win rate is just a little under 52%. Just right above the average.

I am by no means a professional. Standard plat player, who enjoys weekly brawls and QM, unranked, occasional ranked.

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