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After coming back, Gold feels worse than ever

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - After coming back, Gold feels worse than ever

I came back to a suite of quests, missions, and event goals to complete, earned more gold than I had in a year in under a week, and all in all it felt good. All of that ended, and right now it feels like a dry waste playing this game.

I'm sure everybody reading this already knows, but earning gold is a son of a bitch. I'm not saying this needs to be doubled, or anything… they want to push boosters, and hero sales, and I get that. It's absolutely cancer, and this kind of monetization has undeniably played a part in the long struggle of this game; there's nothing worse than the long hill to climb over weeks and weeks and weeks of play just to get to buy one new character.

But, there are a host of problems with earning and using gold in this game. Right now it just feels like hot garbage.

1) 20 gold per game: Or I guess 30, if you're lucky. It's just… so low. There's no reason for this. I mean, it's better than zero gold, infinitely so, but would even 100 break the bank? Especially since that already means you'd need to play 15 games minimum to get a single cheap reroll on any chest.

2) The long wait between quests: This is hair-pullingly frustrating. I get that it's every day, but why? This isn't a mobile game. It would be one thing if there was just a general, repeating quest for winning or playing a certain number of games… something to work towards when you aren't being goaded into playing an Assassin or a StarCraft character, but that's not the case. Sometimes you get one for winning or playing, but not alongside more specific quests unless you wait another day. A good quest can still get you more than you'd get from ten wins, but it really sucks logging on on your day off to play for ten games without getting a new quest.

In fact, maybe that could be a way to get a second quest? Play a certain amount of games overall, like the random ten I threw out, and get a new quest. Could work.


But, I think one of the main problems here is:

3) The gold cost of heroes: This is easily one of the worst reasons why this system feels like it blows ass. For example, Sylvanas came out five years ago nearly to this day, and she costs 7,000 gold still. Dehaka came out four years ago, and he's still 10k.

I know there's an argument to be made about bullshit like keeping Vikings and Abathur 10,000 gold, but there's no legitimate reason to do this. Everything about the gold system makes sense from a business standpoint–overcharging 15,000 gold for brand new characters to cash in on hype (and doing so for Deathwing for… what, three months now?), sticking with a majority of characters at top price for as long as possible, trickling in gold and raising the need to spend it elsewhere… it's all a heavy page out of the playbook of any major company like this. Like, Riot Games for instance.

I'm not saying the money needs to flow like water, or that everything in the game needs to be as cheap as water. But it feels horrible spending a long day playing extremely rough games that feel like a roll of the dice at best, and I complete my one and only quest less than halfway into it with nothing else but pocket change to really make playing worthwhile.

And then when I go to get a new player into the game, same deal; a scant few hundred gold for a week of playing, with a majority of the game's roster seeming like a half-year investment of time to unlock.

Would it be too much to ask for even just a boost to 50 gold per match or a sweeping price adjustment for at least a handful of characters?

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