Heroes of the Storm

All Storm League maps info/rotation guide/heroes and talents for increasing your chances of winning. (HOGGER PATCH)

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - All Storm League maps info/rotation guide/heroes and talents for increasing your chances of winning. (HOGGER PATCH)

heroesofthestorm - All Storm League maps info/rotation guide/heroes and talents for increasing your chances of winning. (HOGGER PATCH)


Most of the time I'm playing Storm League alone because I tend to get more fun out of it (feels fairer), but I've noticed that most player base doesn't know what or when to do stuff on all these maps that we have. So I thought: "You know what? Maybe they've never saw/learned how to do it correctly so I'll try to show these people how to. Why not?"

First of all, I am no pro player. I'm just a long-time HotS player and likes to strategize, and managed to achieve Masters with 230 points (I'm Diamond again now) playing with heroes that are not meta (see: Zagara, Nazeebo, Hammer) because I simply enjoy playing them, but still hit Masters because I tend to win my games by playing with strategy rather than raw hero strength (see: Gazlowe, Dva, Tassadar) + tons of teamfighting.

Secondly, most of the time you'll want to pick in synergy with your team rather than straight up picking a meta pick (but if possible go for it, because, after all, it's meta for a reason). When I say synergy, it's not exactly that tank-bruiser-mage-rdps-healer composition, but a more flexible one – still, you can go for this usual formula, it tends to work out just fine too.

Enemy team picked two squishy, high damage dealers (e.g Valla + Tassadar)? Zeratul/Alarak looks like a good choice. But they got an Uther to help their squishy back-line. Maybe someone from your team can get another diver like Tyrael to help you dive in!

There's even some wild scenarios where the enemy team has a beefy front-line but simply doesn't have a good access to your team's backline and you've got a huge damage dealing hero by your side (e.g Tychus) – you could pick a second healer and increase your team's dps capability (by making Tychus survive longer, easier).

Rounding it up: be flexible.

I'll try to indicate best heroes for each individual map, as well as their talents linked in their name (remember, you don't need to pick them, it's just an indication that said hero can perform better on said map, but overall, any pick is worth it, as long as it fits your team's composition), and then, I'll try to describe priorities with some valuable info. Anyways, lets start:

Overall Info:

  1. All Mercenary Camps spawn at 1:00 minute mark. Bosses spawns at 5:00.
  2. Respawn time (there is exceptions like Hanamura and Towers of Doom, will explain later):
    1. Siege: 3 minutes
    2. Bruiser: 4 minutes
    3. Boss: 5 minutes
  3. Heroes takedowns grants 300 exp. This exp is influenced by the level gap between both teams. If both team's levels are equal, the exp stays normal, but if team A is one (up to four) level behind, they get extra exp per takedown. Inversely, if team B is one (also up to four) level ahead, they'll get less exp per takedown.
  4. Minion waves spawns every 30 seconds and grants 480 exp (except for Hanamura that has a weird scaling but is something close to that range), scaling every minute, therefor, minion waves at the beginning of the game is worth more than hero takedowns, take this at your advantage.
  5. Your best bet is focusing down the CC'd target. Burst him down, rinse and repeat.
  6. USE CHOKE POINTS EFFECTIVELY. Say you've got Deathwing and Mei. If Mei uses her Blizzard correctly, she can effectively make DW' use all of his Q power and shred the entire enemy team easily.
  7. DON'T DIE. Most of the time, you'll prefer soaking rather than fighting (in the early game).
  8. Special Note: Cho'gall excels in two-lane maps so if the enemy composition doesn't has %hp damage and you're duoing with a friend + both of you know how to play it, it is a solid pick.

Alterac Pass


  • Once the first wave arrived mid, one should go top and another one should go bot (1-3-1). Mid should stay 1 dps, healer and tank.


  • As soon as siege camp spawns (1:00), dps and healer should quickly go there and clear as fast as they can while tank stays in lane soaking.


  • You should cap these mercs (kill them every time they're alive, unless there's a bigger priority at the moment).
  • These Armored Gnolls apply an armor debuff that shouldn't be underestimated, so follow these mercs into lane and try to damage enemy's gate and if possible, destroy its fountain.


  • Rinse and repeat until objective spawns.
  • Once it does, one of the solo laners should try to double soak both mid and the other furthest lane. The rest of the team goes to the other furthest lane that's close from the objective. Stay there and siege their fort.


  • If the solo laner can't double soak fast (e.g it's Thrall), you should rush the objective, else, stall the game by defending yours and grab lv10 first.
  • Once you have exp advantage, go for their objective and try to snowball from there.
  • Always try to cap those bosses with healer/tank/dps when the objective gets announced. Don't push it too hard tho, you can get ganked and lose it.

Battlefield of Eternity

u0gu85nmqt261 - All Storm League maps info/rotation guide/heroes and talents for increasing your chances of winning. (HOGGER PATCH)

  • If their solo-laner doesn't has good escaping tools (e.g Varian) I highly advise ganking top with all the damage you've got, as soon as the game starts, leaving just the healer bot lane, so he can soak xp. Most of the time, this cheesy strategy works if your team works together. And if it doesn't work, you've lost nothing.


  • If your team tried this strategy, you all should go straight down bot again and try to pick off a kill. If you succeed, zone the enemy team away from the Impalers while your team hires them.


  • Now if your team didn't succeeded on getting a kill and can't hire the Impalers, one of your damage dealers should go top with your solo laner and try to get those Impalers.


  • After that you can either:
    • A – Follow Impalers and siege down their gates if you have a good siege damage (e.g Crona)
    • B – Swap lanes with your solo laner for a brief moment so you can get top Impalers (if you didn't already)
    • C – Skip this step (safest option)
  • After that, go straight to your bruisers and clear it as it grants a whooping 450exp and it'll push the lane while you fight for the immortal. You gotta clear it fast tho, because the immortal will probably spawn soon, so you'll want all the dps you can have. Healer can soak meanwhile.


  • If your team has some good immortal damage (e.g Raynor + Li-Ming), focus down their immortal instead of defending yours.
    • If your team has some good pick-off capability (e.g Garrosh, E.T.C.) follow the immortal.
    • Else, go the opposite lane.
  • If your team doesn't has a good immortal damage, try to stall the game by defending your immortal while soaking exp.
    • Once you have exp advantage, group up as 5 and seek down kills when objective is close to spawning.
    • This strategy also favors scaling heroes such as Zul'jin.
  • Make use of those fogs/smoke/bushes to gank and abuse mispositioned enemies.

Heavily WIP! I'll update it frequently.

As a reminder, I'm no pro-player. If you think there's a logical flaw on any of these "tips", please tell me your best decision for said situation. I'll gladly appreciate it.

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