Heroes of the Storm

All the leaked images we have up to now

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - All the leaked images we have up to now

I've gathered all the leaked info from 4chan and twitter

There is an event where Void and Light are fighting to summon the new hero, who have been once a warden and later a destroyer, so each force is trying to bring him from a different time. To do so the player must pick 5 from 10 heroes to aid by doing quests; the final reward will be either a Void or Light themed tint for the new hero.

Tassadar takes Skull of Gul'dan to use it's powers against the void; Illidan, without the skull, seeks the Soul Stone to gain power; Malthael without the Soul Stone goes for the Helm of Domination but fights for the Light; Arthas without the LK powers receives the Azurewath from Tyrael. Proof:
CY9eRFT - All the leaked images we have up to now


on the other side, Y'Shaarj reaches Azmodan and they fuse, spreading the void. G'hun corrupts Abathur; N'zoth corrupts Probius; YoggSaron casts the curse of flesh in Fenix making him alive once again in a hideous spider-like body; Cho'Gall receives the powers of C'thun. Proof: https://imgur.com/E2zftf9

Earthquakes will become more frequent and intense until the release. When the cataclysm happens the Dark Nexus will break free again. The game interface will be changed for a home screen showing a map art and the last played hero, interface will be a lot less blueish than now. No proof.

WC3 reforged Spoils of war will also award Deathguard Meatwagon tint and Crowned Arthas skin. Proof: https://imgur.com/pkEfQR8

A bundle with dozens of heroes and loot boxes will award a Nexus Whale mount in HoTS and a Dreadlord Jaina skin in WC3 Reforged. Proof: https://imgur.com/8NubzYB


There will be a huge gold sink mount named Golden Nexus Whale. Proof: https://imgur.com/ZQQvjhb

Next Storm League mount will be a goose. No proof.

Heores of the Storm IP will be extended so other games will share the assets, decreasing the costs of productions of each game and making the achievments cross-game!!

Figthing game.

Battle Royale Mode:

Fightning Mode:
7vAvnBg - All the leaked images we have up to now


There is Race Game that is a mix of rock'n roll racing and mario kart, for each lap players will get a talent to pick. No proof.

Battle Chess game.
Home: https://imgur.com/FUG2NOd

Adventure Map: https://imgur.com/r53ySHy

Battle: https://imgur.com/PEskfUz

The leaks does not mention who is the new hero but is pretty obvious right now. If it is a powerful hero who once was a warden and later a destroyer, and also has the light and void fighting for, it can be no one but Terokk.
Terokk was once a warrior of the light, fighting under the sun and being the savior of the Arakoa. However, later he fell into darkness, becoming evil and tainted.

TL;DR: https://imgur.com/a/Isq7e5F

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