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HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Alternative Heroes Ideas

Heroes of the Storm – Alternative Heroes

This is mainly created for fun, and more of a thought experiment then actual idea that SHOULD be added.

The Idea is to have Heroes that play similar to heroes currently implemented into the game, but are different via talents and some skills. Got the idea from Smash Bros, and this way we can have more Heroes with similar units (Dark Templar, Siege Tank, Sniper) but allows for a different way to play the style of hero. Got the idea when creating Aldaris as Tassadar's Support Role.

General Duke (Echo of Sgt. Hammer)

Differences – No Z Rocket Boost, Heavier Armor and Talents are based around Tank Mode instead of Siege Mode.


Trait : Siege Mode (Same as Sgt. Hammer)

Q – Launch Cerberus Mine – One mine that is "burrowed" till triggered, which can do heavy damage in a large splash radius. Stays on the field for a Long time, allowing you to build up a small minefield. (Up to 5 Mines on the Field at a Time)

W – Concussion Blast – (Same as Sgt. Hammer)

E – Activate Jump Jet – Allows General Duke to jump the siege tank to a point in a radius, even in Siege Mode, this also is able to jump over Walls in order to get a tactical position or escape.

R1 – Blunt Force Gun – (Same as Sgt. Hammer)

R2 – Norad II – (Same As Raynor)

Vorazun (Echo of Zeratul)

Differences – Instead of Focusing on Burst Damage, Vorazun focuses on sustain damage and higher HP. Less Mobility, but Higher Armor in the forms of shield. Talents will be focused on Auto Attacks VS Burst Abilities.

Trait – Permanent Cloak – (Same as Zeratul)

Q – Cleave (Does Far less Damage, and has a smaller radius then Zeratul's, but has a baseline slow that allows Vorazun to have more Auto attack follow up.

W – Malstorm (Stuns Enemy Heroes, Minions and mercenaries in a small Radius for x amount of seconds. (Like generally one hero, but can get lucky if its placed just right and they are really close together)

E – Blink (Same as Zeratul)


R1 – Warp in Dark Pylon – Warps in a High HP Dark Pylon that creates a power (Synergies with Probius Photon Cannon and his recharge) that Cloaks all allies with-in the radius for x seconds or destroyed. Allies cloaked can not be uncloaked unless revealed effect. (Eye of Kilrogg, Flare, Keep Detection, etc etc….)

R2 – Might Of The Nerazim (Same As Zeratul)

Widowmaker – Echo of Nova

Differences – No Stealth, more Mobility, more sustain damage less burst and slightly higher HP.

Trait : Weapon Mode Switch (Similar to that of Fenix, allows Short Range sustain dps, or Longer Range but slower attack)

Q – Snipe (Same as Nova)

W – Venom Mine – Drops a Stealthed Mine in a Radius that when activated, minor damage and slows enemies by X amount. (Similar to that of Abathurs)

E – Grappling Hook – Allows Widowmaker to escape out of damager(Same as Qhira's)

R1 – Triple Tap – (Same as Nova, except fires slightly quicker but does less damage)

R2 – Infra-Sight detects near by Heroes (Including in Bushes or on other side of walls) in a large cone directly in front of her. 90 second cooldown, lasts x- amount of seconds)

Niadra (Echo Of Zagara)

Differences – Far less Focus on Pushing with Summons, and more on Auto Attacks / Healing. Does not Spread Creep For Balancing Reasons.

Trait : Bio-Mass (Acts like Butcher's Fresh Meat Trait to increase Auto Attack Damage, but scales at a much slower rate)

Q – Regeneration Aura (Acts Like Lúcio's Healing Crossfade for x amount of time, healing all allies for x amount)

W – Summon Hydralisks – Similar to Hunter Killer, but does less damage, but summons two Hydralisks instead of one spread out from each other, to go down the lane and attack anything nearby, prioritizing Heroes. (Great at blocking enemy Skill shots)

E – Transfusion – Instantly heals an ally for X amount of HP. Higher Healing, Large Mana Cost.

R1 – Devouring Maw – Same as Zagara

R2 – Nydus Network – Same As Zagara (Doesn't Require Creep, but does require to be spawned in a radius NEAR Niadra.)

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