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Am I missing something about Ming?

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Am I missing something about Ming?

Every so often I see people complaining about how strong she is, often comparing her favorably to the likes of Jaina and Kael'thas and even a well-played Orphea, but I have 371 games on Ming with a 5.2 KDA ratio and yet my winrate (in quick match granted) has slowly crept down from about 55% to 49.9%

Now I know Li-Ming has a long history regarding her nerfs, even after her arcane orb changes, and her reset mechanic is (to use the word I see frequently) "oppressive" (she's often compared to Butcher in this regard, even though I feel someone feeding Butcher is a far different QM-driven beast).

But before Hotslogs went down she was sitting at a 42.5% to 45% winrate across all her games, and now that it's back up her performance varies wildly (she's in a better place now since hotslogs started tracking again however, this is not meant to say she's as underpowered as she was 6+ months ago).

My winrate is starting to enter an upward trend again with her; but outside of pub stomp quickmatch (where her winrate is best outside of the very upper ranked leagues) she actually has a below 47.5% winrate in regular storm league and barely breaks even (50%) in unranked.

At a time when "burst damage" (as sorted on hotlogs) actually underperforms placement for placement with the other roles, and even more unreliable heroes (Orphea and Kel'thuzad) outperform her in unranked… How are you supposed to play her now? I mean I obviously get her kit, but it feels one-dimensional.


I basically feel stuck in the same Calamity loop unless I'm getting potatoes eating my orbs, missiles is fun and all, but losing Calamity and Diamond Skin for it really hurts, especially considering her health to be that close (and how her shortest cooldown benefits less from her resets) and I'm starting to get tired of hoping I don't eat a stun or wind up near the ever-popular Zul'jin or get my face stomped by an angry dragon, and that Deathwing/Zul'jin/Samuro/Xul are popping up a lot more lately…

I dunno, I just feel like Ming isn't as dynamic, she cleans up really well after everyone is low, but she doesn't feel as bursty as even Kael'thas anymore, and I don't even like missiles as an ability that much anymore (charged blast + force armor + seeker + cannoneer + fireflies feels like a lot of work for a squishy staying in 3-hit range at 2-second intervals, after all).

How would you really play her in the current "meta" landscape?

Quick edit: I'm aware Ming still has her pubstomp matchups, but for the love of everything she doesn't even has a positive QM winrate against Murky (-2.6%), and only barely against Hammer (+1.4%) and Nazeeo/Butcher/DW crush her, as well as other popular QM picks with high popularity.

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