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Am I playing Kel’Thuzad properly?

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Am I playing Kel'Thuzad properly?

I've decided to face my fears and go actually play Storm League. I managed to win 9/10 games, and picked only Kel'Thuzad. I believe I was doing fine, however I want your input on what can be improved, here are the scores (I realize they don't mean that much, because I believe I had the luck of enemies being worse than me in general).


I was scared to pick something else because I had no idea when should I do what. With Kel'Thuzad, I'm always in the lane where we are grouped (considering my passive quest), and I have no worries with deciding how and where to lane, where to soak since I'm still uncomfortable with it and don't understand it fully yet. That's why Kel'Thuzad (also I love his gameplay and theme).

The main questions I have is about my talent choices, I did them on a whim, while in some games I felt trapped and had no idea what was the right choice.

On level 1, when I feel like I can keep enemies long enough on my Q, or when they just have some melees that will get in my team's face, I like going The Plaguelands > Accelerated Decay > Arcane Echoes > The Damned Return, with other talents being situational.

On other games when they have mostly ranged squishies, I go Barbed Chains > Chilling Touch > Chain-Link > Power Of Icecrown > Ult Upgrade (sometimes The Damned Return when I need to poke from a really safe distance on some capturing objectives, is that okay?).

However, there are games when I actually take Blighted Frost, it's when I feel that the enemies have some quite slippery heroes, so I want the extended root duration. Is that the right way of thinking? If I take this, then my other talents are relatively random, depending on what I need, but I rarely take Q talents when I don't take The Plaguelands.

At level 4, I take Strip Shields when enemies have a few shield heroes, and Phylactery of the Kel'Thuzad at other times. I can see Armor of the Archlich working when I get focused a lot and having troubles escaping, but so far that hasn't been the case.


Level 7 is either Accelerated Decay when I go the Q build, or when I feel confident enemies will stand in it for a while (rarer). I usually go with Chilling Touch for the wave clear nearly all games. I don't see how Ice Cold works for me, considering that it's rather unreliable to actually proc the Glacial Spike damage, I think it's not for me.

At nearly all games I take Frost Blast, because I find it superior in teamfights, the extra CC is phenomenal and reliable. Besides the games where enemies will probably be split in teamfights (where I won't be able to catch multiple people with Frost Blast), I don't see when I should take Shadow Fissure. Is that how it works?

With level 13, I don't see how is Icy Grasp better than the other two options, I always find it that I already CC the enemy team long enough, and that I don't need anymore. Especially with Chain-Link, they probably won't escape. I prefer Chain-Link to Chains of Ice, but I can see how that extra slow can help me land Frost Nova more easily.

Level 16 confuses me. Arcane Echoes when I take my Q build, but I have no idea which of the other two options are better. I assume that Power of Icecrown works really well with Chain-Link, so I think that I shouldn't take it if I don't have Chain-Link with it. Hungering Cold is more reliable, and also works with Frost Blast, so I take it whenever I don't take the other two.

At level 20 the other options I understand, but I have no idea when should I take Shifting Malice. Is that just another talent to take when enemies hard focus me and I have trouble staying away so I can run? That's how I understand it.

Anyways sorry for the long post, but I love this hero and I want to see are my thought about his talents and general gameplay (stay grouped) okay or not, and how can I improve. Thanks for reading!

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