Heroes of the Storm

Am I the problem? I just don’t know anymore

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Am I the problem? I just don't know anymore

Hey reddit!

Not a native english speaker here!

I'm writing something here because… I just don't know what else to do and if I do nothing, I will probably totally stop playing what this game is becoming.

Background : I just played 3-4 ranked games at low platinum (my level). First one was a win, three next game are losses. Then quitted the game.

  • First game was a stomp
  • Second game : playing Thrall
    • enormous amount of toxicity in game because apparently I picked a solo laner eventhough we already had one.
    • Reported for "non participation" in draft by a mate (told me in chat).
  • Third game : playing Malfurion
    • Reported for non participation because i was soaking a lane (my team stayed as 4 the entire game)
    • At the end, blamed for having "half the heal of Anduin"… Really?
  • Final game (aka the worst) : playing falstad on cursed hollow with a Jaina, Johanna, Medivh and bw.
    • Terrible comp, said it in draft that we couldn't pick this, but we needed to pick medivh and bw, otherwise, world would have probably collapsed. Apparently one mate thought I was flaming because he said "reported for flaming".
    • We didn't even win a 4v5 at the beginning of the game when we were fighting for a tribute. I am beeing blamed because i only had 8k hero damage… as a comparison, our jaina had 14k and the enemy KT had around 28k.
    • Near the end of the game : tribute spawning, 1 red hard camp pushing towards us mid tearing down our keep, 1 easy coming bot. Flew mid to defend our keep, been LITERALLY pinged 30 times by my team. Johanna said : "One more report for you, you already lost us last game"


So… can someone tell me? Am I doing something wrong? Am I the problem?

What about all these reports? I know I sometimes swear in chat, I've already paid for that. Are all these reports taken seriously?

What has changed? Why is this game… so… toxic and full of people trying to find someone to trashtalk?

I needed to write this… because I'm very disappointed of what I've just seen. Really. Disgusted. And now I'm scared my account will get banned (as I said, I already paid because I used to swear in game (last punition was 7 days ban). But I started playing since the very beginning of the public release of the game and things have changed now.)

Thank you for your time stranger <3


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