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An age old Valla bug

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - An age old Valla bug
  • (Q) Hungering Arrow's AI is borked.

If you've ever played Valla, chances are you've noticed how Hungering Arrow can behave in a weird way sometimes.

It's a 3-segment skillshot that, to the best of my understanding, hits the first target, then immediatelly searches for another to bounce off of, then for the third to finally land on and finish its animation.

What's the issue, then? If the pre-selected target for Valla's (Q) first or second "bounce" dies before Hungering Arrow can reach it, Hungering Arrow ceases to exist completely, and depending on which "bounce" it was on, it means a flat third or two thirds of its damage being negated completely.

This ability requires a fundamental rework to its seeking mechanism when there are several valid targets in its range. I believe the developers wanted it to bounce when in groups and reward smart players by allowing it to focus a single target when used on an isolated enemy, and that's fine; that is one of the things that allows a great Valla player to elevate themselves from a mediocre one.


That doesn't change the fact that it's seeking mechanism is flawed when several targets are presented. I can only assume, but believe the issue lies in how the ability was programmed to work – as soon as it hits the target, it immediatelly searches the next target and hard-focuses on it no matter what, meaning it does not take into account if that target dies before the arrow manages to actually reach it. And if the target dies, the Arrow has nothing to bounce off of, so it ceases to exist, and here's the issue. Please consider updating Hungry Arrow's AI mechanism so that it CONSTANTLY searches for valid targets whilst in the air, allowing it to change its target if its initial target has just died.

Idk if people have vastly opposite opinions on this ability from mine, but I don't quite see how it is "fair" that one character's skillshot either always lands in full or doesn't (e.g. Li Ming's Arcane Orb) while another can lose a third or a two thirds of its damage due to RNG. Even Li Ming's Magic Missiles (Q), which consists of 3 separate projectiles, allows for far greater control and isn't random, unlike Valla's Hungry Arrow. You can miss some of the Magic Missiles, but that's either totally up to you or your enemy's dodging ability and is fine, while Valla's Hungering Arrow is wholly submitting to the RNG of a situation evolving within miliseconds as the arrow is in flight.

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