Heroes of the Storm

An anomaly proposal

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - An anomaly proposal

This is probably an anomaly that will attempt to hit 3 birds with 1 stone.

First bird: An anomaly that isn't going to be as devisive as previous ones due to a nullifying effect

Second bird: Should fix the ongoing stale state of the sololane that blizz to this day are still criticised for

Third bird: Will truly shake up the strats and comps and will bring back to the spotlight certain elements of the game.

My proposal is based around every character getting a baseline aura (with a specific radius) that seriously empowers minions when they do siege damage only. The damage they do to other minions or to enemy players does not change.

In addition to that, if at least 1 enemy player is present within the aura, the enemy player's own aura will nullify the friendly player's aura. This is to ensure that if someone is present to defend a siege attack from enemy minions, then they will just attack as they normally do in all of our current games.

A number of exceptions are The vikings, Samuro, Rexxar, Abathur, Cho'gall and Zagara.

Each individual viking will only benefit from 33% of the aura effectiveness. If all three are stacked, then they can provide to their minions the entire 100% of the effectiveness. Same principle applies to Samuro's clones.

In rexxar's case, if Misha is the only one that is close enough to the minion wave, then only 50% of the effectiveness is granted to friendly minions. (We all know how rexxar sometimes stands very far from Misha in order to react to a gank when overpushing a lane).


As to Abathur, if he is hiding in a bush then chances are his aura would be too far for it to affect his waves. Therefore, he can be alot closer to them, thus probably revealing his body on the minimap but can choose to do so in order to pick up the xp orbs (without symbioting) and empower his minions. Previously the xp orbs themselves weren't a good enough incentive.

Chogall on the other hand gets 200% aura effectiveness.

Zagara's lvl 1 talent > is probably embodying the idea of this except that it is still too different from my proposal. I suggest that Zagara's lvl 1 talent gets removed and replaced by a brand new talent fit for her.

Hopefully, this will bring back some of the unorthodox split pushing strategies and brand new comps and rotation orders. This should also breath back some much needed life into the sololane, and if a sololaner is losing his lane then he will really really feel it when he dies. So many of us or our teammates sometimes ignore a lane that's pushed and I think this will teach in a intuitive manner the importance of defending structures and will also be reinforcing the importance of being there when minions die to soak xp.

The aura benefit does not go past 100%. 5 friendly players near a wave does not grant 500%.

PS: Plz Blizz remove the medallions. ok ty bye.

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