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An Idea on Hots EXP distribution

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - An Idea on Hots EXP distribution

Team experience and exact same level shared across all players on the same team is a center idea of Hots, which enhances team efforts and hurts personal performance when teammates are bad. A player could be carried to get an equal game experience if he gets good teammates, while it feels bad to play against enemy bad players who get higher levels than you simply because your teammates do not get XP (although in Hots scenario, it is kind of fights should be avoided). Maybe your team gets overwhelmed by 5 heroic abilities from enemies while your team get 0 heroics simply because that enemy team hits level 10 about 3 seconds earlier than you.

We may discuss about if the following change is meaningful. Team experience is still shared across all players on the same team, but differs a little bit based on the amount provided by the XP contributors. Suppose player A and player B are on the same team, while A contributes more XP (from soak lanes, destroy towers, get mercs or secure takedowns ) than B, say this team hits level 7, player A has a +1 on level, which is at level 8, while player B has -1 on level, which is at level 6. It is still different from individual experience on other MOBAs, as extra experience contributed from A will still carry B up in levels, but less than current Hots team experience.


Although it is still a burden for a good player to carry his bad teammates, it will be easier for the good player to hit critical level faster than his teammate. For example, instead of a hard-to-win 5 level-18 players fight against 5 level-20 enemies, the scenario could be 3 level-18 players, 1 level 16 player and 1 level 20 player against 5 level20 enemies. In this sense, level-18 team get 1 storm-tier talent, instead of 0 storm-tier talent in previous case.

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This may benefits split-pusher a little bit more than other roles in team. However, most split-pushers are relatively weak in team fights than other roles as well. In this sense, extra level advantages may compensate for the weakness of their team fight performance. Healers may be a role that suffers from this. However, healer is a frequently part of rotating team to get takedowns, they could get benefits from these (all members participate, kill or assist, in takedown evenly share the takedown XP).

The extent on how much difference allowed could be tested.

What do you think about this?

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