Heroes of the Storm

An Open Letter to The Developers

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - An Open Letter to The Developers

I want to preface that I am not angry or hating on the developers, this is merely me venting my grievances.

Starcraft was one of the first games I had alongside Half-Life, it holds a close personal attachment to me, and is the reason I love RTS games to this day. And had it not been for the free Artanis with Legacy of the Void, I very well would have never even tried this game to begin with. Characters like Tassadar and Raynor were my favorites as a child, and today I still look at them fondly, though Alarak and some others have joined their company. So obviously I want to see more Starcraft heroes.

We are almost 2 years, and 7 months since Fenix entered the Nexus. He was the last hero from the Starcraft franchise. Since Fenix we have gotten 5 Warcraft heroes, 3 Diablo heroes, 2 Nexus heroes, and one Overwatch hero. At this point Overwatch has had more new hero additions since the game left beta than Starcraft(Unless you count Tassadar rework, which puts them even). To say we are overdue would be an understatement.

And looking back at the ones we do have, and the state of the game today, there are many bittersweet notes to be found. For instance: Sgt. Hammer. While she has carved her space in the Nexus(And snuck into a co-op map), it is undeniable to say she has ensured we are very much unlikely to ever see Edmund Duke as a Battlecruiser hero is, while possible, unlikely with how many other big names still need to make their way to the Nexus. General Warfield at least can fight with his gun arm and steal some Marauder powers.


And what of music? All these Warcraft heroes enter the Nexus with amazing musical themes, remixes and covers that bring who they are with them and add to the wonderful soundtrack Heroes of the Storm has. But of all the Starcraft 2 heroes that released, there are only 4 musical tracks. Dehaka brought the Zerg 4 theme from Broodwar, unmodified(Though admittedly it could be hard to add more nexus guitar to what is already quite guitar heavy), Stukov brought an awesome corruption of the UED theme befitting who he is. And Blaze brought an awesome version of Wings of Liberty terran music. But then what happened? Why have Morales, Artanis, Alarak, Probius, and Fenix all shared an unmodified version of the Legacy of the Void theme? I truly was hopeful Fenix would have had a remix of music from the first game, or Tassadar’s rework would bring a new version of his sacrifice music. But instead the same tired music is recycled.

And of the characters we have, the most villainous ones we have are Kerrigan and Alarak, who don’t have quite the same villainous weight compared to the big names of Arcturus Mengsk, The Overmind, Duran, or hell even Amon. But honestly I get it, Starcraft heroes are not easy to design, there is a lack of boss fights, RPG skill trees, and cinematics to draw from to create kits for Starcraft heroes. Hell, Blaze had to be created from a unit that only had flame AAs and stimpack. There is a lot of effort in capturing a Starcraft unit or hero’s fantasy, and some of you have been on Starcraft so perhaps a break is wanted from that kind of universe.But really, I just want more Starcraft, and I want to feel like it is on the same level as the other franchises. Thrall was fixed early in development from being a healer, but it took til this year for Tassadar to become a mage. And with Starcraft 2’s development team leaving and thus the game’s development sunsetting, it is sad times for a Starcraft fan. The Heroes dev team is an amazing family, and I know everything they do has passion behind it. Thank you for these many years of Heroes of the Storm, hopefully it can march on many more before we see the final hero.Thank you for reading my rambling letter, go vote early for Emperor Arcturus Mengsk 2020.Also sorry if this thing is disorganized, I suck at writing.

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