Heroes of the Storm

An open Rant! Warning! Extra Long

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - An open Rant! Warning! Extra Long

To avoid starting OT right from the start, let's start with HotS (and from there we'll get to a topic I've been talking about since ~2004)

To this end, I would like to start less with all the smaller construction sites, which we have probably all criticized more than enough ^^But rather on the circumstance which many of us probably still have something in our bones.Namely the abolition of the HGC

As most people probably know, there were many different reasons for this.

One of them was clearly profitability.

There were several attempts to make the game more attractive. One supported streamers (and later the HGC) by displaying them in the launcher and when people had found their way to the twitch platform and were willing to invest additional money there, it was possible to support the teams and the game via cheers and bits.No offense to the idea itself …The only difference was that you could already see very well where the real problem lies.Most people log into the game and there were and are just too many people who either had never heard of it, or didn't care because it was just badly promoted to them.

The main page of the HGC was an absolute impudence.(About which I could probably write an article myself)

There was absolutely no invitation to stay there. To take news with you. Or also to win new generation for itself.

In general there seems to be a massive lack of pages …Just take our current forum for an example

Why isn't there a simple drop-down menu to switch between the forums or to open them in a new tab?

(Yes I know, it's just a little quality of life thing)

Another thing that bothers me is how the heroes are presented to you!!!For example, if you are in the discussion forum and want to have a look about the abilities (because maybe the name of the Q-talent has been dropped) …You have to do a half world trip by going to the HotS main page before you can find the tab for the heroes.

And then there's the next clutch … The site has recently been reworked.But with heroes like Aba and Valeera who have advanced abilities, you can't actually see them.Likewise, talents can't be displayed.

Seriously?Personally, I find it a bottomless cheek that I have to use third-party sites just to get the most basic data.And this especially in the area that should make the game and the heroes attractive to beginners and newcomers.

Additionally, all pages are dedicated to the individual IPs. The forums and communities are seperated, there is no big exchange in "general" and here we also come across a point, which makes me more or less simply speechless.

There were so many chances and possibilities to connect the game communities with each other.The whole structure, which ended in split forums, merged into one big social media platform.And although there are a lot of people who have been pointing out for over a decade that the best way to bind players is to bring them into contact with as many like-minded people as possible …It is simply ignored …

In Oct. 2017 the patch came after eternal waiting, of which one could hope that now these gloomy days might be over …

So what is it?

It is an excessive disappointment!

One of the best features of all. The implemented voice chat was more than just super necessary and important.But more than that? Yes great … now I can finally read my chat history. Also nice. And i can create groups.

But how is this supposed to stand against programs like Discord as well?Why isn't there a link to all the communities and guild chats you're in?Why can't you set which ones stay silent, which ones you don't want to see at all, when and where you want to be seen as visible and in which ones you like to be a ghost ?

There was and still is so much potential, which is not even rudimentarily exploited, while the customers, in the case we are, of course, looking for other alternatives.

An additional topic in this context are: Profiles … Were also promised in Oct. 2017 …But did you have a look at them at all? Everybody thinks this is a project of the students who did an internship with you.

Is there anything big that can be recognized in it in any form?I've seen that I can adjust which games I have or play from time to time …

What does this profile say, please?

Can I set whether I am an auction farmer in WoW? Or a Mysthic+ Runner?

Can I show for HotS what my favorite position is?

Or am I just looking for a clan / a team?

Can I show my achievements somewhere?


What is it?There you could have let it stay the same.If so, please develop it so that it serves a purpose.So that people can identify with it and walk towards each other.

Use it as a tool to connect the players. Make them known to each other and don't just let everyone brood in their own little puddle.

I think I'm repeating myself … but I could beat my hands over my head again and again when I see how much potential is just left lying there …

Now the next topic, also the launcher, but this time the streaming function

Where to say again.

a.) Years too late

b.) Absolutely not well thought out.

Do you still remember the beginnings of WoW ?

When all those cool music videos and machinema went around the world for the first time?

When everyone was still deeply impressed by the inventive creativity of the community?

It was again missed to create something there to bring people together.

And the awesome streaming tool?


It came years too late and it also failed to bind and support people from the very beginning.Instead you just watched how people relied on third party providers, how you got cheap advertising … and lost sight of the fact that you missed building a foundation that could have been one of the biggest products in the gaming industry.

Blizzard once had the chance to build a social multimedia platform with the Battle.net, which would have united FB, Twitch and Discord and forums into one.The people had everything from one source.Even if they had tried other games, they would still have stayed because they were too networked.

And it just worms me …People have been talking their mouths off for years.And when the mentioned changes finally come, they are decades too late and often a total joke.

Furthermore, it will hardly surprise anyone if I say that I criticize the communication.

Alone for this there were and are probably thousands of threads, memes and what else do I know.

Continuously we become told:"We hear you" … is all well and good.The problem is just that:Cat and dog hear me too … But they don't understand me !

One of the biggest, if not the biggest problem at the moment is communication. And in this sense I don't even want to blame the forum team in the official Blizzard forums. I'm pretty sure they read along as well … Even if their presence and the **active** participation would still be seen gladly. So (there I can unfortunately only speculate) it will have with certainty nevertheless so its reasons that there is in general only quite little contact.And in this context I don't mean that they should be used as chatbots or even as our entertainment. It is much more about strengthening the community and giving it a feeling that they are really being taken seriously.

"Every voice matters."

Because let's see it realistically.Many problems from the past years would not have arisen if they had really understood what they were told instead of just listening.

As many a guy likes to nod his head while his girlfriend chatters in his ear for half an hour … Only to stumble over the question of what she actually meant. (To exaggerate it a bit and to bring a touch of irony with one)

And here is a point that I seriously wonder where the priorities are at the moment.

Because while the area of the support and the direct contact are always further adjusted, you can see how the communities in general start to crumble.

And from a personal point of view, I can only say that the current direction will even accelerate this development. As I said before. If you want to keep your fanbase and the community. Then you should offer them something that connects them and that they can look forward to.

The big bunch of people who once grew up with the first games are now between 30 and 50, have family and in general much less time left to play for a long time or even to fight all night long.

Those who came later are now involved with other social media, groups and communities, against which YOU need to get uncomfortable to bind these people to you in the long run.

Where we would be on the topic again.

Communication has never been the best advertisement of this company: (Soon TM)

But I can make sure:

If you don't learn it now, you'll lose one of the last few chances before the core is reoriented.

Another topic that depresses me is the depth of the games.

Sure … Rock´n Roll Racing and Diablo 1 were based on a relatively simple basic complex.

Nevertheless, it seems that the quality in general was flattening out while trying to achieve something for a short time.

Which partly even stands in contradiction to the previous topic.

Because although certain changes sometimes take place too slowly, there are some areas where you can see how it has been pushed.

( For example, look at WoW where almost everyone thinks that since the end of WotlK there has only been a decline and finally with Dreanor there was a mass flight of subscribers).

Let's take a look at Diablo 3, where there were already some concerns in advance … and another addon was already classified as unlucrative before RoS came on the market, although this hit like a bomb.

Mass is not class.

This is exactly what this company should know.

And yet they try to push something at all corners and ends.

Theme: Microtransactions

I can quite understand that this is regarded as the Holy Grail.

Only I ask myself again and again:

What happened to the good AAA games ?

If I want to have gambling, then I go to the casino and do not sit down in front of the computer !!!

I want to buy a good, thoughtful game for a fixed price, spend some nice hours in it and see what the programmers for great and partly absurd things have built us in there !

What I don't want, however, is that I buy a game and 2-3 months after the release of 4-7 more Paiwalls set up, which I all have to pay individually.

Be it to keep up with the others or even to really enjoy every aspect of the game.

Seriously ?

Then I'd rather dig up an emulator again and play a round of "Breath of Fire" or "Terranigma" …

Because there was still value on a thought-out and interesting world.


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