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Ana Amari – Interactions and Skins Lore

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Ana Amari - Interactions and Skins Lore

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In this thread I will cover Ana Amari – former Captain and second-in-command of Overwatch, veteran sniper, mother and badass healer. Her story and abilities have been covered by
FailCraft - Ana Amari - Interactions and Skins Lore

/u/FailCraft here. This thread will be dedicated to her interactions, other quotes and skin themes.


Previous lore threads here


Monster hero: ”You remind me of the monsters in Reinhardt’s Halloween stories.” / “Oh, so you can talk. That’s unfortunate.” Ana was referring to
, a comic depicting Reinhardt telling a scary story that formed the basis of the Halloween brawl Junkenstein’s Revenge.
Murky: “A talking fish? And I thought Overwatch had its share of oddities…” / “How adorable.” Overwatch, in its heyday, had a gorilla scientist, two super soldiers (one in Blackwatch but still), a girl disassociated from time, a giant man dressed like a knight, and so on. But Murky just takes the cake. And of course Ana is not immune to squee-ing at Murky’s cuteness :’)
Night Elf hero: “You live for how long? Do you ever get to retire? / There are some who say immortality is a curse. These days, I’m inclined to believe them.” Night Elves are long lived by nature, and the World Tree Nordrassil granted them immortality with Nozdormu’s blessing prior to its destruction to defeat the demon Archimonde. Being long-lived sucks when you’re Illidan, for example.
Nova: “Come, I’ll teach you a thing or two about being a sniper.” / Perhaps they thought you needed a role model.” Nova became a Ghost agent at the age of 18. Ana, at the time of the game, is 60 and had spent decades in action with sniper rifles comparing to Nova. That’s not to say Nova isn’t a good sniper however – Stone stated in the first mission of Nova Covert Ops that she had always been a good shot.
Widowmaker Nova: “Amelie, is that you? No… just a pretender.” / “Amelie? There’s something different about you. Same attitude, though.” Widowmaker/Amelie Lacroix was the ballerina wife of Overwatch agent Gerard Lacroix before she was brainwashed into a sleeper agent to kill her husband, then converted into a sniper by the terrorist organization Talon. Amelie lacks human emotions other than the satisfaction of a kill, and Nova, being a Ghost, has very little in the ways of expressing emotions – hence Ana’s comment on their similar attitude.
Terran heroes: “Ah, good. Someone with military experience.” / “For someone from the future, your technology seems quite primitive.” All Terran characters introduced in Heroes of the Storm so far have been members of various fighting forces, and thus come with years of combat experience. The Overwatch universe features pulse weapons using energy ammunition, while the Terrans of Koprulu Sector still use good ol’ metal bullets and explosives (or in the case of Blaze, flamethrowers).
Old heroes: “Think you can keep up with me, old timer?” / “Come, let’s show these children how it’s done.” Heroes of the Storm has a considerable portion of elderly heroes, Ana among them. She’s definitely not the eldest in the group of human or formerly human heroes though – Uther was 65 when he died, Deckard was an old man in Diablo II and 20 years later in Diablo III, and Stukov was pushing 60 in the epilogue Into The Void. And that’s not counting heroes belonging to naturally long-lived species like Alexstrasza, Auriel, Tyrael, the Night Elves etc etc.
Overwatch heroes: “They’re going to throw everything they have at us. But it won’t be enough.” / “I may have left Overwatch, but I’ll never abandon a teammate.” She is quite loyal to her ideals and teammates even after her “death” – enough to come out of hiding to help Jack (Soldier: 76) storm Hakim’s compound in
ana old soldiers - Ana Amari - Interactions and Skins LoreOld Soldiers
. Ana joined Jack in his quest for vengeance after it became clear that he needed her help.
Old heroes: ”Come, let’s show these children how it’s done.” One of her end-of-game voting quotes when she gets 5 votes on her card is ”Someone needs to show how it’s done.”.
Young heroes: “You’re quite young to be in this fight. Are you sure you’re ready for it?” / “Ah, to be young again.” Ana is 60 at the time of the game. As a mother herself, she acts quite motherly to younger heroes and likes to reminisce about her younger days during the golden years of Overwatch.
Undead heroes: “Back from the dead? I can relate.” Ana lost her cybernetic eye and suffered from amnesia after Widowmaker shot out her eye during Legacy, and she was declared dead by Overwatch. She still continued to operate in secret as the mercenary Shrike, and later Bastet.
Undead/Infested heroes: “Will my healing darts even work on you? I guess we’re about to find out.” Undead heroes (souls bound to a rotting corpse with the undead curse) and infested heroes (Terrans mutated by the Zerg evolutionary virus) have drastically different biology comparing to normal Overwatch humans, which is what Ana’s healing darts were developed for. Gameplay-wise though they are healed by her just fine (would suck if she couldn’t).
Generic positive: ”(laughs) Such a charmer.” Her response to McCree asking how she was doing in Overwatch is ”You always were a charmer.”.
”When I was younger, we’d call this routine.” Her response if she gets 5 votes on her card at the end of an Overwatch game.
”I will get us home safe.” One of her pre-games line in Overwatch is “Look after yourselves out there, I will get us home safe.”.


Takedown quotes

Fast heroes i.e. Tracer, Lucio, Genji: “(laughs) Speed isn’t everything.” This is Ana’s response to killing one of the speedy heroes in Overwatch.
Nova: “You still have much to learn about sniping.” As mentioned above, Ana has been in action longer than Nova has been alive.
Widowmaker Nova: “One shot, one kill.” This is Widowmaker’s line when she spawns in Overwatch. If Ana kills an enemy Widowmaker, she will mock Amelie with her own line.
Old hero: “Settle down, old man.” This is Ana’s kill quote for Soldier: 76, Torbjorn or Reinhardt in Overwatch. She just got a lot more targets to use it on here.
Young female hero: “Age and beauty, I have you on both.” Ana is one of the eldest human heroes and is also quite beautiful, both young and old.
Other healer heroes: “More than one way to stop your healing.” If you play a healer against Ana – especially ones with large burst healing like Rehgar, Alexstrasza or Stukov – you’ll learn to hate Ana’s grenade. Killing the healer also stops them from healing, too.
Generic takedowns: “No scope needed.” A reference to the “420 no scope” meme, and also the fact that Ana’s biotic rifle doesn’t really change anything other than zoom and slightly larger allied hitbox. You can kill enemies using the unscoped biotic rifle just fine.
”You disappoint me.” She’s both a literal mother to Pharah and a mother figure to Overwatch at large. Ana sounded like a mother disappointed at her kid getting a bad grade, instead of an enemy she just took down.



Poke quotes

”Having faked my own death, I can never return to Overwatch. You have no idea how serious they are about insurance fraud.” Perhaps Ana was talking about life insurance fraud? Since she was declared dead, but not really.
”Watch it. I’ve got my eye on you.” Ana is a sniper; if she has you in her eye, you’re dead. Or not.
”It was foolish of me to think I could stay retired. If only I’d put more into my 401k.” 401k) is the American retirement fund.
”Healing people by shooting them. Ha! The wonders of modern medicine.” “The wonders of modern medicine” is a respawn quote from Mercy, who is the leading expert in nanobiology in the Overwatch world and one of Ana’s former teammate. The biotic rifle was a cooperative work between Mercy and Overwatch’s resident weapon experts Torbjorn; Ana lacked field medicine training and thus she can only heal people by shooting them up with biotics.
”I’m one of the best snipers in the world. Of course I can land headshots. I simply choose not to.” Referring to how Ana cannot headshot in Overwatch. In her younger years Ana was the best, after Widowmaker shot out her cybernetic eye she’s still one of the best by virtue of skill alone.
”Be honest with me. Do you think I’m boring? I keep putting people to sleep.” Referring to Ana’s sleep darts. She definitely didn’t put people to sleep out of pure boredom like Deckard, however.
”I just love this photo of Fareeha and me with the original Overwatch team. It brings back memories of times with Jack and Gabriel, and . Oh, and I could never forget .” Ana was referring to the photo she took with Fareeha, several members of Overwatch and Blackwatch, and two unknown people in
her origin story video. The two other guys got their names bleeped out, as current lore has not yet revealed who they are.
”For an organization called “Overwatch”, I was the only one who provided an actual overwatch.” Referring to her position as a sniper, and her role to watch over team members during a fight.
”You can learn a lot by listening to your elders. You should stay a while, and listen.” From her fellow healer Deckard.
”When she was young, Fareeha asked for a toy rifle. I told her she’d shoot her eye out. I regret that.” Referring to how Ana had her own eye shot out.



Move: “Understood.” / “Acknowledged.” / “Uʻlim wa yunafadh. (Acknowledged and executed.)” These are her acknowledge responses in Overwatch.
”Ugh. I will feel this tomorrow.” Being in action really doesn’t agree with old age.
”This is much better than retirement.” Ana’s voice line from Summer Games 2017, which was shortly before she was released in Heroes of the Storm.
Attack: ”Enemy contact!” Her quote upon seeing an enemy in Overwatch.
”I’ll make quick work of them.” Her quote when she gets boosted by a friendly Mercy.
Eye of Horus: ”The ghost watches.” This is a rare case of a quote from Heroes of the Storm getting ported back to its home game. The quote first appeared in September 2017 with Ana’s release, before making its way back into Overwatch with the 2018 Archives event.
Viewed in shop (locked): ”My shots find their marks.” Her quote when she is on fire in Overwatch (no, not burned by Ashe. That other on fire).
Waiting in shop (locked): ”Need someone to tuck you in?” One of her Overwatch voice lines. Also refers to Ana being a mother.
Waiting in shop (owned): ”Never stop fighting for what you believe in.” Her spawn quote in Overwatch.
”This is much better than a cabana on the beach.” Her respawn quote in Overwatch.



Lock-in: ”Ana, checking in.” Announced when someone in your team swaps to Ana in Overwatch.
Try Mode: ”Someone needs to show how it’s done.” As said above, it’s also her quote when she receives 5 votes on her card.
Celebrating: ”Keep that up and maybe I will retire.” This is her quote for watching friendly Tracer gets a kill in Overwatch.
Complimenting a kill: ”Mmm, darbat maelm (the shot of an expert)!” This is her generic quote for watching an ally getting a kill.
”Hmph. Not bad.” Her quote for watching a friendly Widowmaker getting a kill.
Healed: ”I’m feeling young again.” Her quote when she gets boosted by a friendly Mercy.
Respawn: ”Huh, I’ve come back from worse.” / “I’m not ready to hang it up.” / “Lisah fī nās lāzim aḥmīhum” (“There are people that I still need to protect”) / “My team still needs me.” / “I’ll rest when the fighting is done.” All of these are also her respawn quotes in Overwatch.
Taunt: ”Isn’t it past your bedtime?” / “So cranky. You need a nap.” Basically Ana is calling her opponent a child that needs to be tucked in by mommy.
Talent selected: ”Correct choice.” / “You won’t regret it.” Ana’s quotes when she gets boosted by a friendly Mercy.



Shrike: ”Recently, Ana has been operating in the Nexus under the alias of “Shrike” and is wanted for espionage, assault, and theft in Luxoria.” Shrike was Ana’s bounty hunter identity. After reuniting with Soldier: 76, she changed her codename to Bastet and operated as a vigilante instead.
Sidewinder: ”As Viper’s deadliest sniper, Sidewinder is personally responsible for killing the organization’s most prominent enemies. Were it not for her, Viper may never have risen to power… a fact that she uses to her advantage whenever she is contested.” The Viper skins are modeled after the terrorist organization Cobra from G.I.Joe. Ana takes up a role similar to Widowmaker in the Viper hierarchy, as Imperator Stukov’s personal sniper and likely second-in-command.



Ana’s home screen music is a remixed version of the Temple of Anubis theme in Overwatch.


Thank you for reading!

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