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Ancient of War | Hero Concept

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Ancient of War | Hero Concept

Now I know what your thinking, "Ancient of War as a hero? that's silly, your silly, this is silly" and you're right! I like to make hero concepts of characters that would be a challenge to integrate into the game and I have made several very weird and unique concepts but would probably never work in game but are fun to think about. If people like this i may release more down the road.

Please read and enjoy

The Ancient of War
WarCraft 3

  • Spirit of the Forest
    When dying you become an invulnerable wisp with 150% movement. In order to revive you must reconstruct the Ancient of War at any location of your choosing. Build time is half the time of respawn. (enemies can attack the AofW while constructing

  • I am a Tree
    Passive: You are considered a structure rather than a hero
    Passive: +50% healing received
    Passive: 80% base movement, cannot be reduced further
    Your attack every 10 seconds deals 50% more damage. Taking damage reduces this cooldown by 1 second.
    After not being attacked for 5 seconds, increase movement by 30%.

  • Boulder Throw (8 seconds)
    Throw a boulder that lands dealing high damage and slowing enemies by 90% for 1 second.
    (Short ranged throws are instant speed)
    Boulder Throw now lowers armor by 15 for 4 seconds
    A short ranged Boulder throw stuns for 1 second, the slow follows after.
    Boulder Throw deals 100% more damage to non-heroes and stuns them for 3 seconds (Including structures)

  • Thorns (20cd)
    Deal damage around you. Taking damage lowers the cooldown of thorns by 1 second.
    Thorns now grants 3 charges of block (75)
    Damaging heroes with Thorns reduces its cooldown by 3 seconds.
    Thorns slows by 35%

  • Nourish (12cd)
    Heal all friendly allies around you for a small amount over 10 seconds. Additionally, heal for 50% of the amount of healing given. (works on non-heroic allies)
    Lowers the duration of Nourish to 5 seconds and takedowns reset the cooldown.
    When Nourish’s healing expires you heal an additional 100 health.

  • Ancient Protector
    Root yourself to the ground becoming unstoppable and gaining 25 armor and heal by 2.5% per second. Boulder Throws cooldown is reduced to 2 seconds. Lasts until cancelled.
    Any structure near you while Ancient Protector is active causes the structure to become invulnerable.

  • Tree of Life
    Each time you are healed, heal allies around you for 50% of the amount. Lasts 8 seconds
    Passive: Increase healing effects by an additional 50% (total 100% more healing)
    Tree of Life increases healing effects to you by an additional 100% for the duration

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