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Anduin is nice and fun but he has issues

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Anduin is nice and fun but he has issues

For as interesting of a 'choice' his lvl 1 tree poses, and the fact that we haven't really seen a similar approach done by them before (I think so… ?), if a talent has >80% pickrate from the get-go, even including the PTR,
math of the storm anduin - Anduin is nice and fun but he has issues
and has already been proven to be superior by ChaosOS, then there's something clearly wrong with it. If they were going solely for the wow factor, well, as far as I'm concerned – it worked, at least on me.

However, if Bold Strategy is always and unequivocally the pick on this tier, then why are the other 2 talents even there to begin with?

Here are some of Anduin's issues:

  • There is no lvl 1 talent choice.
  • There is a painful lack of (E)-related options.
  • Some talents feel quazi-mandatory and playing without them feels uggh (e.g. Inner Fire), while some feel unnecessary (e.g. Enchant Boots).

So what can be done with Anduin to alleviate these issues? Let's start with Bold Strategy and the lvl 1 fiasco.

  • Scrap both Renew and Pursued by Grace and imbue them together into Bold Strategy – now we have a single lvl 1 Talent.
  • Voila – we're left with 2 free talent choices that haven't even been designed yet! Open up some options for (E), because he only has a single talent for it, Holy Reach, at lvl 4. A fully-fledged (E) build probably won't come out of this (it's a rare case that a Hero gets to do a build around after their longest cooldown ability), but it'd allow for choices. Everyone likes options and choices, as long as they're meaningful and/or impactful enough to be considered.

One could even consider offering two (E)-related talents at lvl 1, just because there's the least of them there. The 2nd least supported ability via talents is his (W), and his (Q) has the most support, being the lowest cooldown ability.

Given the lack of (E)-related talents, perhaps give him a Questing (E) talent at lvl 1 that could compete with Bold Strategy, atlhough it'd be difficult to do. Here's an idea:

  • Hit 10 and then 20 Heroes with (E).
  • 1st Reward: projectile speed is increased by either 25% and range by 15%.
  • 2nd Reward: ability to cast a 2nd (E) off of the first (E) within 1 or 2s, assuming the first lands and stuns, for half the damage and half the stun time but full Mana cost. Think Kel'Thuzad's Chains & Ice Pillar mechanic.
  • This would synergize with Holy Reach at 4, for double the 'burst' damage cough

Another (E) talent idea for lvl 1 could be:

  • Hit 15 Heroes with (E).
  • Reward: chastized enemies radiate Light for 3s. Allies who hit enlightened target are healed (only via Basic Attacks) and Melee Heroes heal for more than Ranged ones.
  • This could pair well later on with Holy Nova at 16, which is already fairly niche as it is, being very rarely picked and all.


Inner Fire feels so good that his basic AA and range is sluggish by comparison. Why not baseline this talent and instead balance every other AA-based related healing talents around it? That'd be Pursued by Grace and Varian's Legacy.

As far as lvl 13 is concerned, Push Forward is the best choice here, both due to how long it lasts (description doesn't mention it still…) and how easy it is to stack, both via AAs and Abilities, and renew its duration by applying another isntance of damage to an enemy, prolonging the duration for nearly unhealthy periods…

Speed of the Pious is nice for the big base 30%, even if it is picked less often, but is also ultimately available less often, due to (W)'s heft 9s cooldown.

Enchant Boots feels like a waste of a talent slot among those and should be scrapped for something more interesting. Oh look, and just like that we've made room for another (E)-related talent!

Holy Nova is an interesting mechanic that doesn't quite play out the way devs intended it to – for Anduin to be on the frontlines, both healing Allies and damaging Enemies with this talent. Outside of truly niche mostly-melee team compositions with an additional Healer to keep Anduin alive, this talent is too weak to hold a lvl 16 spot. What could be done to improve it? Well, here's one idea:

  • Increase its Healing radius by 15-25%, so that it gains some usability outside of those unicorn 4-melee compositions.
  • Double the damage radius but halve the damage.
  • Make it reduce (W)'s cooldown by 0.5s for each ally healed and enemy damaged, excluding Anduin. Assuming a best case scenario, you could lower (W)'s cooldown by a total of 4.5s (base is 9s), so havling it. Most of time time it won't ever go that high, averaging out at like 2-3s, which should be attractive enough and allow for some more fun shenanigans with Moral Compass and Speed of the Pious.

Inner Focus does not need a 10s cooldown reduction per hitting a single enemy with a single (W). Hitting 3 enemies on average with one (W) is too common of a occurence, meaning that Inner Focus is 100% off cooldown and has either a permanent or a near-permanent uptime, which is just an overkill. Reduce this to 5s per enemy hit and it'll still be worth picking.

And lastly, why in the heck does Power Word: Shield grant a Shield? It should obviously draw a card, which would finally make sense for his 'Out of Cards' voiceline to exist. /s

Really though, how are you guys finding Anduin, which issues or talents stand out to you and how would you propose the devs handle them?

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