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Anduin Wrynn – Abilities, Quotes, and Skins Lore

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Anduin Wrynn – Abilities, Quotes, and Skins Lore

Since Anduin launches today, here's the promised followup to last week's
bg7ufb - Anduin Wrynn – Abilities, Quotes, and Skins Lore

Anduin lore thread where I go through and explain all the lore and references I could find. Enjoy.

Previous "Lore of" episodes can be found here.


Most of Anduin's abilities and talents are based on spells used by the Holy specialization for the priest class in World of Warcraft, with a few taken from the Discipline ("Disc") and Shadow specs as well:

  • D: Leap of Faith – A Disc and Holy spell which works much like the HotS version, pulling an ally directly to the priest with holy magic manifesting as angelic wings.

  • Q: Flash Heal – A simple healing spell and one of the signature Holy priest abilities. Compared to the similar Heal spell, Flash Heal is faster but also weaker and more expensive, meaning it's generally only used in emergencies.

  • W: Divine Star – A high-level talent for Disc and Holy which sends out a projectile of holy energy that returns to the priest, healing allies and damaging enemies. The HotS version differs in that it only damages on its forward path and only heals on its return path.

  • E: Chastise – Chastise was originally an ability exclusive to draenei and dwarf priests which damaged and rooted a target enemy. In Cataclysm it was redesigned as Holy Word: Chastise, which is available to all priests and has a disorientation effect (breakable by damage) instead of a root.

  • R1: Holy Word: Salvation – Several priest spells in WoW have the prefix "Holy Word" (for Holy priests), "Power Word" (mostly Disc), or "Shadow Word" (mostly Shadow) in their name. While there's no WoW spell called Holy Word: Salvation, this ability is a reference to the

    , in which Anduin calls on the Light and conjures a massive dome of holy magic to heal and bolster his soldiers during the Battle for Lordaeron. The symbol seen on the ground when Holy Word: Salvation is cast resembles Anduin's distinctive lion helmet. Also, protected btw.
  • R2: Lightbomb – Lightbomb is a priest spell in Hearthstone, added in the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion, that deals damage to each minion on the board equal to that minion's Attack value.

  • Level 1: Renew – A Holy spell which places a heal-over-time effect on a target ally.

  • Level 4: Holy Reach – A Holy talent which passively increased the range of some of the priest's damage and healing abilities. It was removed in Cataclysm.

  • Level 4: Inner Fire – Inner Fire first appeared in Warcraft III as an ability for the Priest unit that increases an ally's damage and armor. The WC3 manual describes it as having been discovered by the mages of Dalaran and that it works by shrouding a warrior in their own spiritual energies. In WoW, Inner Fire was a priest spell which increased the priest's own armor and spell power, but it was removed in Warlords of Draenor.

  • Level 7: Binding Heal – A Holy talent which quickly heals the priest and two nearby allies for a decent amount.

  • Level 7: Power Word: Shield – One of the more iconic priest spells, available to Disc and Shadow. It places a protective shield on the priest or a target ally for 15 seconds, absorbing a significant amount of incoming damage. Anduin himself is known for using Power Word: Shield on several occasions, particularly to save his father from assassins in the short story Blood of Our Fathers and the Cataclysm quest "A Villain Unmasked".

  • Level 7: Blessed Recovery – A passive Holy talent which triggered whenever the priest was hit by a critical strike, healing them for a portion of the damage taken. It was removed in Cataclysm.

  • Level 13: Speed of the Pious – An artifact trait available to Disc priests during Legion which caused the priest to move faster for a few seconds after using their Penance ability.

  • Level 13: Enchant Boots – Lion's Speed – Enchanting is a WoW profession which allows players to apply permanent bonuses to gear. There's no WoW enchantment called "Lion's Speed", but this talent follows the naming pattern of most footwear enchantments: "Enchant Boots – ".

  • Level 13: Push Forward! – Reference to a line yelled by Anduin in the Battle for Azeroth opening cinematic.

  • Level 16: Holy Nova – A Holy spell which releases an explosion of light around the priest, damaging nearby enemies.

  • Level 16: Inner Focus – A Holy honor talent which makes the priest immune to Silence and Interrupt effects and causes several of their damage and healing spells to do guaranteed critical strikes for 5 seconds.

  • Level 16: Lightwell – A Holy spell which summoned a Lightwell on the ground to heal nearby allies. The ability became infamous for its original design, which required players to actively click on the well in order to receive the healing effect and caused a lot of frustration among priest players when their allies failed to do so. The ability was eventually redesigned to instead give out automatic heals every second (like how it works in HotS), but it was removed altogether in Legion.

  • Level 20: Light of Stormwind – The Kingdom of Stormwind is the southernmost of the seven human kingdoms and the nation that Anduin rules over. Though razed by the orcish Horde during the First War and later ravaged by corruption and internal strife, Stormwind arose as the leading nation of the Alliance and one of the last bastions of humanity after most of the other kingdoms fell to ruin in various wars.

  • Level 20: Glyph of Faith – Glyphs are World of Warcraft items created through the Inscription profession that can be applied to spells to alter their effects. Before the Legion expansion they could majorly change combat abilities, but nowadays they are mostly cosmetic. Glyph of Faith's name is probably a reference to the removed Glyph of Leap of Faith, which caused Leap of Faith to remove movement-impairing effects from the target (similar to the baseline functionality of the trait in HotS).

  • Level 20: Varian's Legacy – Varian Wrynn was Anduin's father as well as his predecessor as King of Stormwind and High King of the Alliance. The bond between father and son ultimately shaped both of their lives, with Anduin teaching his father the value of peace while Varian instilled in Anduin the lesson that one must fight in order to preserve it. After Varian was killed by the Burning Legion on the Broken Shore, Anduin at first despaired at not being able to uphold his father's legacy, but was ultimately filled with new resolve after

    (which he also wields in the Nexus).
  • Level 20: Desperate Prayer – A Holy spell which instantly heals the priest for a significant amount and temporarily increases their max health.

Poke quotes

"Greetings, friend." / "A king is only as noble as the cause he serves." – Two of Anduin's poke quotes from WoW (specifically his appearances from Legion onwards).

"Please, now is not the time for that. Also, it will never be the time for that." – One of Anduin's "irritated" (triggering from being repeatedly clicked) poke quotes in WoW is "Now is not the time for that."

"The Light will abolish the Shadow in all its forms! I personally would never resort to its dark methods." – The Light and the Shadow (AKA the Void) are the two main cosmic forces of the Warcraft universe, manifesting in the physical world as holy magic and shadow magic, respectively. Wielders of holy magic usually distrust the dark, vampiric shadow magic as evil and unholy, but while the two forces are archenemies, one cannot exist without the other.

"Except when playing Hearthstone. Sometimes that game brings out the worst in me." – Canonically, Anduin has almost always exclusively used the Light. However, in Hearthstone (where Anduin is the default priest hero), the priest class has access to a number of Void-themed abilities used by Shadow priests in WoW. The non-canon Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion (a "what-if" scenario exploring what would happen if the heroes of Warcraft became death knights) takes this a step further with Shadowreaper Anduin, a death knight version of Anduin that has fully embraced the power of the Void.

"A lot of people don't realize how difficult and awkward it is to grow up in the spotlight. Your every success and every failure laid bare in front of the entire world… of Warcraft." – Obvious pun on World of Warcraft, and also probably a joke about how WoW players have watched Anduin grow up over the years, going from a 10-year-old boy king in classic WoW, to an idealistic teenage prince in Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria, and finally the 18-year-old High King he is today.

"Hm? Oh, actually, I AM still wearing the helmet, it's just transmogrified to hidden." – Anduin normally wears a distinctive lion helmet in battle, but it's notably absent from his HotS model. Transmogrification is a cosmetic system in WoW in which players can pay gold to change the appearance of their armor and weapons to look like other items of the same type, or hide them from view altogether.

"You know, those shadow priests are a bad influence. If one mind controlled you and asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? The answer is yes, by the way. Yuck." – One of the more notable Shadow priest abilities in WoW is Mind Control, which allows them to control the actions of a hostile creature for 30 seconds. It's especially useful in PvP combat to force pesky enemy players to jump off cliffs or bridges to their deaths. This quote is slightly ironic since Anduin himself is known for having once used Mind Control to escape SI:7 agents in Pandaria.

"Oh crud, I forgot to cast Fortitude on the group. Eh, I'm sure one of the other priests on the battleground will get it." – Refers to Power Word: Fortitude, a WoW priest spell which originally increased a friendly target's Stamina for an hour. Like with similar buffs, if Power Word: Fortitude was cast while in a group (such as a raid or PvP battleground), all members would receive the buff, regardless of which priest cast it. (Power Word: Fortitude was drastically redesigned in Legion, so this joke doesn't really apply to the version of the spell seen in current-day WoW.)

"When you really think about it, isn't EVERY race in the Alliance an 'allied race'?" – Allied races are special playable races in WoW that can only be unlocked after completing certain max-level requirements and mostly consist of alternate "subraces" of existing playable races. More generically, the term "allied" can obviously also be used for all members of the Alliance since they are allied together.

"In pandaren board games, the goal is for both players to win. In Hearthstone, the goal is for me to beat you to death. With your own minions." – The first part of this is a reference to the Mists of Pandaria legendary quest line, specifically a conversation between Anduin and the Black Prince Wrathion over the pandaren board game jihui. Anduin explained that "It's a Pandaren board game. The object is for both players to win", a concept Wrathion found ridiculous. In Hearthstone, many priest cards revolve around taking control of or copying the opponent's deck, cards, or minions to use their own arsenal against them.

"There will be peace. One day. At least I think there will. How many WoW expansions are left again? Oh. Oh? Oh. Well. Well then.""There will be peace. One day" is one of Anduin's signature quotes. The nature of WoW's storytelling means that Azeroth is constantly threatened by new enemies or new conflicts between the Alliance and Horde, plunging it into war once again and making Anduin's goal of world peace seem a bit… unrealistic at times.

"Why did the priesthood call it a Leap of Faith? No one leaps, and it certainly doesn't require faith. I've always thought 'Life Grip' would be more accurate." – A reference to Death Grip, a WoW death knight ability which instantly pulls a target enemy to the player, similar to how Leap of Faith pulls an ally. Leap of Faith is sometimes nicknamed "Life Grip" by WoW players for this reason.

"A paladin, a medic, a DJ, the Archangel of Hope, and a priest walk into a bar. The bartender stops them and says 'Hey, no support groups!'" – Unfortunately this joke doesn't make much sense anymore since in the curent role system, Uther, Lt. Morales, Lúcio, Auriel, and Anduin are all classed as Healers, not Supports. Ah well.

"My father once said that everywhere the light touches is our kingdom. But not Deadwind Pass. We don't go there." – A reference to the 1994 Disney film The Lion King, where Mufasa tells his son Simba the same thing about an elephant graveyard. Deadwind Pass is a region on the eastern outskirts of Stormwind that notably houses Medivh's tower of Karazhan, and fulfills a role similar to the elephant graveyard in The Lion King by being a shadowy place outside the borders of a land ruled by "lions" (House Wrynn).

Interaction quotes

Note that Anduin has unique interactions with more heroes than those listed here, but since a lot of them are pretty bland I won't comment on them. See

if you want to hear them all.

(Generic angry response) Anduin: "You know I'm king now, right?" – One of Anduin's irritated poke quotes in Legion.

(To Alliance characters) Anduin: "Champions of the Alliance, our time has come! We march to victory!" / "For Stormwind! For the Alliance!" – Anduin is the High King of the Alliance and King of Stormwind. His line in the first interaction is a reference to the quest "Hour of Reckoning", in which he says "Champions of the Alliance, the time has come for us to claim what is rightfully ours!" when calling Alliance players to the Battle for Lordaeron.

(Response to angels) Anduin: "An angel? By the Light! I've read texts about your kind. I thought they were apocryphal!" – This is a reference to Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, in which the humans' religion contained explicit references to archangels, God, Hell, and other Judeo-Christian concepts. This was drastically toned down and retconned in later games in favor of the humans instead having a nontheistic faith based around the Holy Light (though it's still pretty heavily Christian-themed). There are still references to angels in WoW every now and then, but they're little more than easter eggs. Of course, in Diablo, angels are very much real and present.

(To Arthas) Anduin: "Arthas… that's not possible. We defeated you! What is this place?" – From Anduin's point in the timeline, Arthas has already been dead for about 6 years. Of course, the Nexus doesn't care about the timelines of the various universes or if it makes sense for a hero to be alive or not.

Auriel: "Embrace your hope. It shall lead us to victory in the end." Anduin: "Never lose hope.""Never lose hope" is one of Anduin's farewell quotes in WoW.

(Response to Burning Legion characters) Anduin: "No world will bow to your foul Crusade again. The Army of the Light has seen to it." – The Burning Crusade is the name for the Burning Legion's millennia-long war to scour life from the cosmos. The Army of the Light is an immortal golden army which was created to battle the Legion and ultimately defeated the demons on their capital world of Argus with help from Azeroth's heroes.

(To Chromie) Anduin: "Chronormu! Oh, wait… I hope this doesn't mean the time stream is out of sorts." – As a bronze dragon, Chronormu's (Chromie's) job is to keep the timeways in order. Anduin met and fought alongside her during Garrosh's trial, in which she and her fellow dragon Kairozdormu had the job of using the Vision of Time to show visions of past events.

(To dead characters) Anduin: "I'm sorry, but aren't you supposed to be dead?" – Many heroes who are alive and well in the Nexus are long dead in their original franchises. Deceased Warcraft heroes include characters like Anub'arak, Cho'gall, Kael'thas, and Zul'jin.

Diablo: "This world will be consumed." Anduin: "All new demons, same old mindset." – While different in many ways, most Diablo and Warcraft have similar ambitions of invading, corrupting, and destroying worlds.

(To E.T.C.) Anduin: "A-are you real? You're nothing like any tauren I've met." – As a peaceful tribal race in tune with the earth and nature, most tauren aren't exactly known for being avatars of rock music, unlike Elite Tauren Chieftain who is semi-unique to HotS and more of a joke character.

Anduin: "Garrosh Hellscream. I should never have wasted my words on you." Garrosh: "Your people are weak and fragile. Do not become a liability in this fight!" / Garrosh: "Treacherous Alliance dog! Get in my way and I'll cut you down!" Anduin: "No, Garrosh, I'm afraid YOU'RE the one who gets cut down to size." – Anduin had a few run-ins with Garrosh, most notably when trying to stop him from using the mogu artifact called the Divine Bell. During Garrosh's trial in Pandaria, Anduin (on the orc's request) began regularly visiting him in his cell in the hopes of convincing him to change his evil ways. However, this proved futile, as at the end of the trial Garrosh gleefully declared that he regretted nothing before escaping with the help of Kairozdormu.

Anduin: "Genn, ready to step into the breach once more, my friend?" Greymane: "You're one of the few around here I trust, you know." / Greymane: "If I am to accept help, then I am glad it comes from you." Anduin: "And as long as I live, I shall gladly give it." – Genn Greymane was a close friend of Varian and began acting as an advisor and almost surrogate father figure to Anduin after Varian's death (Genn had previously lost his own son, Liam, during the fall of Gilneas).

Anduin: "Gul'dan, when this is over, you will pay for every life you've taken, all of the anguish you've caused!" Gul'dan: " Such delusion." / Gul'dan: "An eternity of darkness awaits those who challenge me." Anduin: "Try me, warlock. Stormwind will never fear you or your ilk again!" – The main universe's Gul'dan engineered the creation of the original demon-corrupted Horde that destroyed Stormwind in the First War. The alternate Gul'dan was sent to Azeroth by the Burning Legion to usher in the greatest demonic invasion ever, with the warlock personally killing Varian at the Battle for Broken Shore.

(To Horde characters) Anduin: "There are members of the Horde with honor and those without. Let's see which you are." – Though the Horde are the main enemies of the Alliance, Anduin still respects many of their members and hopes to one day create peace between the factions, while also acknowledging that some (like Warchief Sylvanas) will never change their ways and will always be an obstacle to that goal.

(Response to Horde characters) Anduin: "Put your grievances aside. We have a common enemy to deal with. Again." – Pokes fun at how "the Alliance and Horde putting aside their differences to unite against a common threat" is a plot that's been repeated so many times throughout the series since Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos that it's almost become a meme at this point.

Anduin: "Illidan? If you're here, who's watching over Sargeras?" Illidan: "What do you think?" / Dreadlord Jaina: "The boy king. The Legion does not spare children." Anduin: "Strong words from one whose master is now imprisoned. Or were you unaware, demon?" – At the end of the Argus Campaign, Sargeras—ruler of the Burning Legion—was imprisoned by his fellow titans at the Seat of the Pantheon. Illidan volunteered to stay behind and become Sargeras' jailer for eternity.


Theramore Jaina: "Are you ready for this?" Anduin: "I've got your back, Jaina. Always will." – Though not related by blood, Anduin and Jaina have long shared a close bond, with Anduin fondly calling her "Aunt Jaina". Before the destruction of Theramore turned her much more bellicose, Jaina served as a role model for Anduin as they both had a love of peace and diplomacy over violence.

Anduin: "Jaina! Thank the Light you've come! You are sorely needed in this fight." Jaina: "Anduin, you've changed so much. What happened to you?" / Jaina: "Anduin, is that you? I can't believe how much you've grown!" Anduin: "Jaina, is that you? You seem… different. It's like I'm looking through time." – Another example of Nexus anachronisms: the default version of Jaina in HotS is a much younger version than the one Anduin's used to, from a time when she was still known as a woman of peace (and still had blonde hair, not yet bleached white by the mana bomb that destroyed Theramore). Anduin's quote in the first interaction is taken from a line he says to Jaina after she arrives to the Battle for Lordaeron.

Anduin: "You think you can break us through deception. Our Alliance is stronger than that." Dreadlord Jaina: "Still just a child." – Nathrezim like Dreadlord Jaina usually rely on manipulation and deception to destroy mortal civilizations.

Johanna: "Think you can keep up, paladin?" Anduin: "Uh, priest, actually. Despite the armor and… sword… Eh, you know what, it's fine." – Ever since Anduin started wearing plate armor and carrying Shalamayne into battle at the start of Battle for Azeroth, fans have wondered if this means he's gone from being a priest (who are typically cloth-wearing casters) to a paladin (since "melee priest in plate armor" basically describes what the typical paladin is). However, Blizzard insists that Anduin still counts as a priest, since hero characters aren't bound by the same restrictions as players.

Anduin: "Ah, the wizard! I've never seen arcane spells like those before. Absolutely fascinating!" Li-Ming: "Naturally." – Since she hails from a different franchise, the arcane magic used by Li-Ming is different from the arcane used by the Warcraft mages Anduin is used to.

Anduin: "Well met, archdruid. May Elune grant us strength." Malfurion: "Come, friend. The field of battle lies before us!" / Malfurion: "Greetings, friend!" Anduin: "The Light is with us, archdruid. We will not falter." – As co-ruler of the night elves, Malfurion is one of Anduin's fellow Alliance leaders. Elune is a moon goddess worshipped by the night elves, and "May Elune grant us strength" is one of Malfurion's poke quotes in Cataclysm.

(Response to Murky) Anduin: "Hearing that sound come from my ally is a surreal experience." – The iconic murloc attack noise, "

", is feared by many WoW players as it's usually associated with being ganged up on and killed by swarms of the little fish men.

(To Nazeebo) Anduin: "A human witch doctor? Interesting! Well, may the loa protect you, my friend." – Unlike Diablo, Warcraft witch doctors are almost exclusively found among trolls and not humans. "Loa" is the collective term for the various gods and spirits worshipped by the troll tribes.

(To Nova) Anduin: "Nova, so, uh… N-nice weather today, isn't it?" – There's a bit of a running joke in the WoW community about Anduin having crushes on various women (he is only 18, after all). As far as I know, this mostly stems from the novel The Shattering, in which Anduin forms a close bond with the pretty dwarf warrior Aerin and, in one scene, is briefly enraptured by the beauty of an unnamed draenei shaman.

(Response to Nova) Anduin: "L-look, I'm not Valerian. Or Stormwind Valerian, whatever that means." – Valerian Mengsk is a character from StarCraft who is similar to Anduin to an almost silly degree: they're both human princes with benevolent personalities and blond hair that they inherited from their mothers (in contrast to their dark-haired, aggressive fathers), they both become rulers after the deaths of both their parents, and they both even have the same same voice actor, Josh Keaton. And yeah, I'm not sure what "Stormwind Valerian" is about, either.

(To Probius) Anduin: "Aww, aren't you a curious automaton? Where's your artificer at?" – Possibly a reference to draenei artificers, the engineers and craftsmen of that race's society.

(Response to protoss) Anduin: "And… you. I-I'm sorry, but are you a draenei? Maybe with some extreme mutation?" – The protoss of StarCraft and draenei of Warcraft share many similarities, from their appearance and story themes to their culture and technology. Anduin isn't the first to make this mistake, either; in one his HotS interactions, Fenix mistakes Yrel for a protoss. It's worth mentioning that Anduin has a particularly close ties with the draenei after having lived and studied with their leader Velen for months.

Anduin: "Sylvanas, you will answer for your crimes." Sylvanas: "I think not." / Sylvanas: "I thought I was done suffering fools!" Anduin: "Better to be a fool than an honorless monster." – As Warchief of the Horde, Sylvanas serves as Anduin's main opponent in the ongoing Blood War, and he has sworn to bring her to justice for crimes like burning the World Tree Teldrassil and all the night elves in it. Anduin's first line is a reference to "Hour of Reckoning", in which he says "The Horde and their Warchief must answer for their crimes!", as well as the later Battle for Lordaeron during which he states "Sylvanas will finally answer for her crimes."

Tyrande: "It gladdens my heart to see once you more, friend." Anduin: "And mine as well, Tyrande. I know I failed your people. That will not happen again." – As the other co-ruler of the night elves, Tyrande is another of Anduin's fellow Alliance leaders. During the War of the Thorns, Anduin and the Alliance were unable to stop Sylvanas from burning Teldrassil, destroying the night elf homeland and committing genocide against the race.

(Response to undead) Anduin: "The Scourge… Mark my words, you will never corrupt Azeroth again!" – The Scourge refers to the vast undead army ruled by the Lich King which has repeatedly tried to destroy all life on Azeroth.

Anduin: "Lord Uther! The Alliance has gained a powerful ally this day!" Uther: "Glory to the Alliance!" / Uther: "Always proud to serve alongside another soldier of the Alliance." Anduin: "Hear, hear! For the Alliance!" – Despite his death during the Third War, Uther is remembered to this day as a great hero of the Alliance.

Anduin: "Valeera, you served my father faithfully for many years. Thank you for that." Valeera: "My alliances are personal." – Valeera was a close friend of Varian, having fought with him on many adventures and later becoming one of his advisors. She also has a close bond with Anduin, having taught him to throw daggers and later serving him as a secret spy and messenger.

Anduin: "Are you sure you're a demon hunter? Don't you need a blindfold or… something?" Valla: "Foolish is the hunter who consorts with prey."Diablo demon hunters differ drastically from Warcraft demon hunters, who are typically elves that bind their spirits to a demon. The process causes the elves to see visions of the Burning Legion so horrific that they rip out their own eyes, after which they usually wear blindfolds, but in the process they also gain a magical ability called spectral sight.

Anduin: "…Father? How is this possible? We've— I've had to endure so much without you." Varian: "I will always watch over you, my son. No matter what." – This one speaks for itself, I think. Also, I want to know who started cutting onions in here.

Varian: "Anduin, my son. You've grown." Anduin: "Father…? It's really you! I don't believe this!" – Dammit I had just recovered from the first one now I gotta go cry in the corner for like 5 more minutes.

Anduin: "End this myopic crusade of yours, Whitemane! Come back to the Light!" Whitemane: "I do not answer to you." / Whitemane: "Hm. You are unworthy of the Scarlet Crusade." Anduin: "And I consider it an honor." – While the Scarlet Crusade wield the Light and consider their cause to be righteous, most others—including the Alliance—see them as dangerous, corrupted extremists.

Anduin: "Xul, when this is over, I'd love to learn more about the Balance! Good necromancers are such a strange concept." Xul: "Come, we will uphold the Balance together." – Xul's order—the Priests of Rathma—seek to maintain a Balance between light and darkness, believing that if either side ever defeats the other, it'll mean the doom of humanity. Diablo necromancers stand in sharp contrast to Warcraft necromancers, who are almost always evil and sadistic.

Anduin: "Come, Exarch, we have a battle to win! For the Alliance!" Yrel: "For the Alliance!" / Yrel: "My people owe the Alliance a great debt. Today I repay it." Anduin: "Through unity our Alliance grows stronger. We ARE one in the Light, after all." – Yrel's people, the draenei of an alternate universe Draenor, were saved from the rampaging Iron Horde by Alliance adventurers from the main universe. "Exarch" is one of Yrel's titles, denoting her position on the ruling Council of Exarchs. Anduin's second line is a reference to "In the Light, we are one", a quote usually associated with Yrel.

(To zerg) Anduin: "The silithid of the Nexus look very strange. Further Old God corruption, perhaps." – The silithid are a vicious insectoid race that inhabit southern Kalimdor and act as some of the many servants of the eldritch Old Gods. They come in a wide variety of forms, some of which look kinda like zerg. It's worth mentioning that Cho'gall also mistakes zerg characters for silithid in one of his HotS interactions.

Kill quotes

Alliance character: "A regrettable outcome." – As High King of the Alliance, it obviously doesn't sit right with Anduin to kill members of his own faction.

Garrosh: "You had every chance to change! This was your doing." – Another reference to Anduin's attempts at redeeming Garrosh during his trial (see above).

Ghost character: "Be cleansed, spirit." – Reference to the Mists of Pandaria quest "Rest in Peace", in which Anduin says this when putting Tortured Spirits to rest.

Horde character: "For the Alliance!" – The Horde is the great rival of the Alliance, and as of the time of writing, the two factions are currently locked in a global war.

Jaina: "Aunt Jaina, if you're holding back for my sake, don't." – Jaina and Anduin are not biologically related, but they still fondly consider each other "Aunt" and "Nephew".

Machine-using character: "Anything made can be broken!" – Anduin says this during the Battle for Lordaeron when Sylvanas unleashes an Azerite War Machine on the Alliance forces.

Sylvanas: "It's over, Sylvanas." – When confronting Sylvanas in her throne room during the Battle for Lordaeron, Anduin tells her "Sylvanas Windrunner, you have led the Horde to a place without honor. Lordaeron is ours. It's over."

Thrall: "A leader cannot abandon the fight for peace." – Likely a poke at how Thrall, once known for promoting diplomacy between the Alliance and Horde, has (so far) been absent from most recent world events, even as the world was threatened by the Burning Legion and the Horde he himself founded ended up getting involved in a new, brutal war against the Alliance.

Varian: "You almost had me there, father! Let's duel again!" / Whitemane: "We must take caution not to become the monsters we face." – Nothing to say about these two I didn't already mention above.

Announcer quotes

"All units, forward!" / "Victory for the Alliance!" (battle begins) – Early on in the Battle for Lordaeron, Anduin yells "All units, to the gates! Victory for the Alliance!"

"That hero looks exactly like… me! Is this one of Onyxia's tricks, or am I imagining things?" (if the player is using Anduin as their hero) – Onyxia, daughter of Deathwing, was a black dragon who tried to destroy Stormwind from within by magically splitting King Varian into two separate beings embodying different parts of his personality, with the intention of using his passive side as a puppet ruler. Eventually, the deception was unraveled, Varian's two halves were reunited, and Onyxia was killed by the king, saving Anduin (who had been kidnapped by the dragon) and the kingdom.

"The Alliance will endure." (player slain) – A quote from the quest "From the Ashes…" after Anduin hears of the Burning of Teldrassil.

Other quotes

"By the Light!" (attack) / "I won't let you down." (Try Mode) / "I'm out of cards!" / "Light smiles upon the just!" (voice lines) / "Not quite what was planned." (AI quote) / "The Light shall burn you!" (Lightbomb) / "The Light shall bring victory!" (voice line) / "Well played." / "Wow!" (complimenting takedowns) / "You have… bested me." (death) – References to some of Anduin's quotes in Hearthstone. "Wow" in particular is infamous for being a very sarcastic-sounding emote well suited to


"For the Alliance above all!" (lock-in) / "Greetings, friend." (shop) / "Stormwind will endure." (revived at the Hall of Storms) – References to Anduin's poke quotes in Legion.

"Gather quickly! We stand as one!" / "We stand as one! FOR THE ALLIANCE!" (Power Word: Salvation) – Another reference to the BfA cinematic, where Anduin yells "Stand as one! For the Alliance!" after calling down a dome of Light (the moment that Power Word: Salvation is based on).

"Greetings, citizen." (shop) – One of Anduin's poke quotes in both classic WoW and Cataclysm.

"Hm, what ARE you plotting?" (talent picked) – Probably a reference to the quest "The Crown of Heaven", in which Anduin asked Wrathion and the player character "What are you two plotting?"

"My father never surrendered, and neither will I!" (shop) – A reference to the

cinematic, in which Anduin visits the place where Varian died and says "Father… You never surrendered. Even here, at the very end."

"So… enjoying your stay in the Nexus?" (shop) – In classic WoW, one of Anduin's poke quotes was "Enjoying your stay in Stormwind?" It returned in Cataclysm as "I hope you're enjoying your stay in Stormwind."

"The Banshee Queen's reign will end." (taunt) – Reference to another quote from "From the Ashes…": "The Banshee Queen's insidious reign will be ended."

"There is no honor in this!" (voice line) – Anduin says this to Varok Saurfang during the Battle for Lordaeron.

"We must fight for what we believe in. Now would be a good time to start." (shop) – One of Anduin's poke quotes in Legion is "Sometimes we must fight for what we believe in."

"What are you trying to pull?" (voice line) – During the quest "Heart of the Thunder King", Anduin asked this of Wrathion after the Black Prince

of the mogu emperor Lei Shen and briefly went into a strange trance.

and most of the music in his

are based on the many variations of his

from Legion.

There's some miscellaneous stuff I couldn't fit in the main post, which I'll stick in the comments instead. Aside from that, that's all for this week. As usual, feel free to point out anything I missed. I'll hopefully be back with another lore thread soon. Maybe. No promises.

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