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Anomaly Proposal: Pendants

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Anomaly Proposal: Pendants

Hey all!

I have read a few discussions recently that often come down to the same things: Some heroes are unable to deal with certain conditions that may be present in a game, and that leads to frustration. Be it getting all-inned by Genji, poopslung by Chromie, one-shot by Imperius or brutally camped by Valeera. These issues are more prevalent in QM where there’s little control over your composition, but they happen in draft formats as well. The talent system in HOTS is fantastic in its simplicity and how much identity and replayability it adds to each hero, but it does leave players with a limited scope of options.

I wish to introduce to you the Pendant anomaly, which is best summarized as a slimmed down version of the Item Shop. I envision this as follows: In the Altar, there will be 6 items available. Each player can carry one of these items, and duplicates are available (so if we all want Item X, we can all have item X). These items will roughly have the strength of a level 1 or 4 non-scaling talent, and their primary benefit will be to provide heroes with the option to, through very generalist means, provide the tools to ‘tech’ against the opposing team.

Proposed Items:

  1. Pendant of Restoration. This increases the hero’s passive regeneration by 0.5% of their maximum health. Activate to regenerate 10% of maximum health over 5 seconds. (60s CD). (Comparisons: Laws of Hope; Stoneform; Regeneration Master)
  2. Pendant of Protection. The hero can cast a protective shield on the target, protecting them for 10% of their maximum health for 3 seconds (60s CD). (Comparisons: Lightning Shield; Protective Shield)
  3. Pendant of Clarity. Activatable: The hero can reveal a nearby area for 3 seconds. Reveals enemy heroes. (60s CD). (Comparisons: Flare, Farsight)
  4. Pendant of Endurance. Activatable: The hero can remove slows from themselves, and for the 2 seconds after activation, crowd control applications have their duration reduced by 50%. (60s CD). (Comparisons: Relentless; Voodoo Shuffle).
  5. Pendant of Willpower. Gain 1 additional passive Mana per second. Activate this to gain 5% Spell Power for 5 seconds. (60s CD).
  6. Pendant of Authority. Gain 20% more damage against Structures. Activate to deal 20% more damage to Minions and Mercenaries for 10 seconds. (60s CD). (Comparisons: Amateur Opponent, Mercenary King)

As you see, most of these are not very potent. They cannot be, because the roster of heroes is so diverse, it is risky to give a lot of power through these tools that may negatively affect the solo lane, or the burst potential of some heroes. The primary use is let heroes cover their own weaknesses, either inherent or composition-related, to a small extend. I think that, in scope and impact, they fit roughly in the established pattern of the Weather Anomaly, the Tower Anomaly and the EXP Anomaly.

Practically speaking, the abilities would just take up an Activatable slot, as no hero currently uses all of them. I envision a casting range of roughly what Cleanse currently has. With a 60 second cooldown and fairly short windows of activation, there’s a skill intensive component for players who can manage that, but plenty of simple and passive effects to choose from as well for players that just want decent benefits without attention cost.

There are many other passive abilities, like Battle Momentum, or even activatables like Benediction, that could be tuned down and form another Pendant, and I greatly encourage you all to join me in coming up with some nice ones!

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