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Another Butcher QoL + Balance Changes. Please Discuss Instead of just Downvoting

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Another Butcher QoL + Balance Changes. Please Discuss Instead of just Downvoting

The numbers I used are not of course not set in stone, but they are more to convey the idea of the change.

QoL Changes

  • Fix the bugs on his > and just make the ability smoother and responsive. Sometimes he reaches his target and the target doesn't get stunned. Sometimes you can't cancel Ruthless Onslaught even though you are mashing E. Sometimes he knocked out of charge when he is meant to be unstoppable. Its his most important ability yet either gets him killed or just doesn't secure kills when it needs to.

  • Fix Butcher's AA animation. The Butcher will often "miss" attacks or will not attack the quarry at at even when you are left clicking on the enemy. Since Butcher's sustain and ability to secure kills is tied to his A, this is a very serious bug that should be looked into. Post quest completion, I don't notice this however.

  • Butcher's meat pick up mechanic is outdated and works heavily against him. Diablo gets souls from range, Zul'Jin still gets kill credit for > even if he dies. Butcher can kill a hero, die right next to the hero and not even get the meat – even though he's right next to it. Having to go underneath towers to get meat is silly. Having to walk back to the enemy and get the meat even if you might die, is silly. Let there be some pickup radius for the meat.

  • There is something really off about Butcher's pathing and it needs addressing. He seems to regularly take the most dangerous/nonsensical route in a fight. I find I don't have this issue with other heroes. Furthermore, he seems body blocked by almost everything in the game.

Major Balance Change

Put Butcher's meat back to 30 meat max and make every 1 meat 1%+ attack damage. Butcher's attack damageDPS should still be higher than everyone in the game at max stacks. So adjust accordingly. If he dies, he loses half his meat. Minions give 1 meat, heroes give 5. Or something. Late game hyper carry (especially melee) should not be in HotS. At all. This makes Butcher usable in more situations, not a liability on his team. But doesn't make Butcher completely invincible in disneyland games where there is no CC and he somehow gets 350+ meat.

The way Butcher scales is that he needs to be heavily carried in the early/mid game, then he completely stomps in the late game. That's the theory. In reality, he gets his meat around the 11/12 minute mark in higher level games (Plat+, yes, at plat people are drafting enough CC and coordinating to neuter Butcher). By the 12 minute mark, the game could have already been won or lost on the macro scale and a 200+ meat Butcher is typically not enough to turn it around. This was one of the reasons why I started playing Butcher in the solo lane. I'd get my meat around that 12 minutes, but I wouldn't sacrifice the macro for it.

Having a hero that is useful only when the stars align is just wrong. Hence the return back to ganker and not fabled hyper carry.

Balance Changes Level 1

  • Remove > and replace it with >. New talent functionality "every 1 meat gives Butcher 1 permanent physical armour. If Butcher has 30 meat, using > grants 50 spell armour during it's charge and 2 seconds after if a hero was stunned"

  • Changed functionality for > "if Hamstring hits a hero, refund all of the mana cost and halve the cooldown".


Balance Changes Level 4

  • > made baseline. 15 seconds cooldown base for a choreographed engage is very bad. Its also one of the last point and click CC's left in the game, but its tied to a hard engage. It just shouldn't have such a high cooldown.

  • New talent: Blood Frenzy. Every 1 meat raises Butcher's attack speed by 1%. The Butcher should have 3 viable build paths. AA-build, burst build and poke (Q) build. Just like in the old days.

Balance Changes Level 7

  • Moved > from level 13 and change it back to 1 AA +50% atk damage if Hamstring is used on a hero. This talent was nerfed and then moved to level 13. I'm reverting that change. This makes the talent more useful in a burst orientated build, but weaker to blinds that are used just as the Butcher is attacking.

  • > additional functionality "if a nearby hero dies, Butcher heals 15% of his total HP". This gives Butcher infight sustain if he can't reliably stick to his target with Brand – without simply giving him free health. He has to not be hitting anything for this talent to be useful. If you can reliably hit your enemy, then you'd pick insatiable blade or brutal strike. So I think its balanced.

  • > additional functionality "now increases the healing of > by +75%". The talent is awful in its current iteration.

  • New talent: "No Escape". Ruthless Onslaught continues for 2 secs longer (Butcher still gains speed), can be casted within a larger radius and is no longer broken by teleports. This is tech against heroes with large amounts of mobility or dashes/teleports. I guess this would be hard to implement though as some teleports (tracer's recall) act like self-cleanses?

Level 10 Balance Changes

  • > +100 damage.

Level 13 Balance Changes

  • > Buffed to 15%.

  • > Basic attacks now do 45% damage in a larger area around The Butcher.

  • New talent "The beast of Lazarus": Butcher moves 20% faster in bushes/vents and cannot be revealed if hiding in one. This talent is a nod back to Butcher's reveal cinematic and his earlier gameplay where he was never seen unless someone was about to die.

  • New talent "Abattoir" Butcher can extend his maximum meat stacks to 40. This theoretically gives him 40% attack damage and 40% attack speed.

Level 16 Balance Changes

  • Crippling Slam slow increased to 2 seconds.

Level 20 Balance Changes

  • > removed. Replaced with new talent "Final Assault": Butcher now loses 30% of his HP and deals it as damage whenever Ruthless Onslaught stuns a hero. If Butcher charges an enemy 3 times without adequate healing, he will die. This is a massive risk vs reward talent. There is ample opportunity to leverage this talent for a level 20 wipe, or defend against it and neutralize the Butcher (Medivh/Zarya Shields).

Discussions are welcome.

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