Heroes of the Storm

Another thread complaining about the massive amount of CC in this game

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Another thread complaining about the massive amount of CC in this game

I'll keep it short and just use an example: Tassadar.

Tassadar in his current iteration is a long(ish) range backline mage. The appropriate response is to dive him (as melee) or juke his Shock Ray and return fire (as range). As a backline ranged assassin (yet another one), do you think it makes sense for him to have > at 4, > on 13 and his Black Hole & Force Wall upgrades at 20? Considering he already has slow built into his ranged attacks? Shouldn't the job of peel be for the tank & Bruiser?

Why do so many heroes in this game have self peel? Why do so many heroes in this game have silence, root, slow, displacement, stun, blind – every form of CC imaginable? Its not fun and its not fair. These days, tanking isn't even about staying in front of your team and preventing them getting dived on. Its about hiding in a bush and blowing your cooldowns on a pick to kill someone… Basically your role as a tank now is to prevent fights. If you go into a fight, there's just so much CC dumped on you and its such a pain to slog through it. That's why ETC, Jo, Garrosh are premium. They get picks and have a high kill pressure without sacrificing much sustain.

I seriously cannot be the only one frustrated with this? I get into a fight and I feel like I can't move or do anything half the time. Meanwhile, I'm watching all the ranged assassins on both teams doing whatever the hell they want. Its infuriating and its contributing to my generally hatred of people who play mainly ranged heroes. All those fucking Li Mings who go orb build when the team needed her to grow some balls, pick calamity and actually secure a kill.


Then we get to melee assassins, the most disrespected role in the game. Its already a challenge to even pick a melee assassin because you either have to lose a dedicated solo laner/bruiser, or a ranged flex. So what happens when you pick a melee assassin that is not Alarak (he's a combo mage, not a melee assassin) and he just gets shat on with CC every fight? You've completely wasted a draft slot. We get the predictable and banal arguments "oh look Kerrigan has 55% winrate, melee assassins are fine!", forgetting that they are only being picked last in the draft and where they have a lot of support. I've done it before. I've picked Tyrael when I saw my draft was going Kerrigan + double heal. Ok we need to carry Kerrigan, let me pick Tyrael with some extra shields, movespeed and sanc. Of course Kerrigan "solod" the entire game. I've also been on the receiving end where I was Butcher and the enemy team put all their efforts into stopping me, forgetting that they had 4 other heroes to deal with and the plan was to just set me up to secure kills. Heroes like the Butcher are are not hyper carries. They just secure kills and make sure that fights/games are closed out. My opinion is that melee assassins in their current state are shit and frustrating to play. Its too much risk for the reward I would have gotten had I just played Raynor and right-clicked. This is heavily due to the insane amount of CC in the game such that there is a stark contrast between being useless, or rolling your face in a nutty 15min game because the enemy team fucked the draft.

What are your opinions for real?

EDIT: What is the point in downvoting threads that encourage discourse about actually playing the game?

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